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Hello Guys so ive decided to make a Thread for the CCP Enhanced Project wich stands for like the title implies Console Compatibility Project Enhanced!

CCPE is basically a Defentive Version of playing SM64 Rom Hacks on Console due to Decomp allowing us to have higher Framerates n stuff! :D
I even got a new Mod to start this Project offcalled SM64 Green Stars it runs mostly at around 20 to 30FPS

but its not feature complete but if yall wanan download a bps patch of it heres the Video! :D

The Description of it btw states what i still have todo but ye with dat said hope yall like it! :D

Really impressive! Green Stars looks like it runs quite a bit better in your video than my attempts at fixing it ever did. And the Bowser 2 warp pipe doesn't freeze anymore! ;D I know next to nothing about decomp, but would frame skipping be an option?

frameskipping is currently not an option due to bugs wuth frameskip and newer decomp versions :( but i hope i can fix it soon! and Thank You so much for the Feedback i am thinkin bout fixing more hack via decomp :3

Kerr Avon:
Thanks for this, JustDariaGaming, but is it right that the SM64 Green Stars rom, made with the patch that you linked to in the first post, is only 14.8 MB, when the prior fixed version (from Conker, I think) is 41 MB?

The CCP Enhanced Project sounds great, please keep us informed of it's progress.

Haha Ill defently keep yall up to date! :D tho id def recomenned subscribing to Retro-Hax aswell i am barely active in this Forum :P but anyways just wanted to mention i got frameskip to work and i even optimized Mario even more by using Smash 64 Mario bc hes around 200Polys compared to the Mario Model wich is currently 375Polys! Now to the Reason why the CCP Enhanced Version is smaller (14.8MB) compared to previous console versions. basically i extracted all custom assets from Green Stars wich is around 25MB and merged em with Decomp wich allows for a compression method wich can make the  Game alot smaller plus Binary SM64 Hacking Tools are alot more bloatier than using Decomp wich is another reason the Rom is smaller :3 hopefully i could answer yalls question!


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