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Courtesy of strider1911.

Would it be possible to get this in excel format? I prefer excel as I can sort and search through everything as I please. Looks like a really good list so far.

Kerr Avon:
I agree - this could be a very useful list, but it really needs to be in a more useful format, one where the text itself can be copied and pasted. Could you produce a .txt or .doc file (preferably both), please?

I found this in an old paysite and you could only watch it there. If you wanted to download a PDF you have to pay, so I just printed to PDF.
Here is the link:

If anyone can do better (or pay) that would be great.

PS - That site tricked me into signing up for nothing, so be careful.

Shadow Link:
So! For the past 7 days, I've been manually converting this by hand to Excel format. Attached is the list as true to the original as can be; any typos are intentional/present in the original PDF list. I did fix one or two obvious typos, but it's pretty much the exact same.

The ZIP includes 3 formats: XLS and XLSX (Excel) and ODS (Open/Libre Office)

Nintendo 64 CIC List (View Online)
Nintendo 64 CIC List (Download ZIP)

I've also uploaded a collab version for anyone to edit. Feel free to fix things, or add any missing details!
Nintendo 64 CIC List (Edit Online)

Happy Holidays!


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