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I have good and bad news for you guys. ^^
The bad one is, i'm going to stop working on that menu, but the good one is... you'll maybe hear from me in conjuction with a new mystical retrogaming project. :D

Young minds, fresh ideas!
If you are interested in improving that menu, feel free to download the source and do whatever you want with it. ^^
Here's a tutorial sanni made if you need some help to get started.

Tutorial + virtual machines
Learn C The Hard Way

Hello everyone,

here is my menu for the ED64, it's based on libdragon, Neo64Menu, ED64IO, nrage-plugin, lib-hkz, libmikmod and some great help of Krikzz. ^^

-no official support on that from krikzz! don't blame him on that :D
use it on your own risk

Download 27 Aug 2015:
ALT64 Version (for ED64v1 and ED64v2 only)

Source v0.1.8.6:

Installation hints:
Make sure you have created all neccessary folders by hand

For the Mempak default save dir, it's possible to change the name in ALT64.ini

Key settings;
L brings up the mempak menu
      B abort
      A backup
      R format
      Z view controller pak
Z about screen
A start rom/directory/mempak
B back/cancel
START start last rom
C-left rom info / mempak content view
C-right rom config  screen
C-up view full filename
C-down Toplist 15

Configuration comments:

--- Code: ---[ed64] ; Menu config
This is the so called section.
All keys after the section declaration are associated with that
section, until a new one
is defined.

border_color_1=FFFFFFFF ; 0x00000080 RGBT
border_color_2=3F3F3FFF ; 0x3F3F3FFF RGBT 00000060 w light
The border colors are for the thin line around the boxes.

box_color=000000B6 ; 0x00000080 RGBT
This box color is used for the main filelist. The last byte is the
alpha value (transparency level).

selection_color=80008070 ; 80008070 RGBT 6495ED60
This color is used for the cursor line in the fileliste.

list_font_color=CDC9C940 ; 80008070 RGBT 6495ED60
The filelist font color for normal files.

list_dir_font_color=FFFFE040 ; 80008070 RGBT 6495ED60
The filelist font color for directory entries.

selection_font_color=FFB90FFF ; 80008070 RGBT 6495ED60
The color for the font on to of the cursor line.

text_offset=0 ; shift menu horizontal e.g. -1
This key shifts the screen contet to the left or the right, not only
text, even the boxes.

cd_behaviour=1 ; 0=first entry 1=last entry
You can configure what happens if you leave a directory. The default setting
lets you return with the cursor over the just left directory.

scroll_behaviour=0 ; 0=page-system 1=classic
The scroll behaviour lets you switch between page-wise brwosing and a
pageless filelist.

quick_boot=1 ; 'START' boots last rom
If you disable that key 'START' boots roms like the 'A' button.

sound_on=1 ; sounds 1=on 0=off
If you disable the sound, you might be able to navigate a bit faster.

page_display=1 ; display page - 1=on 0=off
The e.g. '1/4' in front of SD:// on top of the filelist

tv_mode=0 ; 1=ntsc 2=pal 3=mpal 0=force_off
This is the key where you can force the menu to 60Hz if you are on PAL.
It's very useful if you have a RGB modded n64.

enable_colored_list=1 ; 1=enable 0=disalbe
This is the on/off switch for the rating colors in the filelist.
If you have rated a lot of games and have performance issues, try to disable it.

ext_type=0 ; 0=classic 1=OS64
ALT64 classics: e4k,e16,srm,128,fla
 OS64 settings: eep,eep,sra,sra,fla

sd_speed=2 ; 1=25MHz 2=50MHz
50/60Hz SDCard settings just like in the original menu

background_image=background.png ; backgrund png image 320x240 32bit
The name of the wallpaper in '/ED64/WALLPAPER'. ; pixelfont file
font file

hide_sysfolder=0 ; 1=hide 0=don't hide
With this setting you decide if, you want to hide 'ED64' from the fileliste.

mempak_path=/MEMPAKS/ ; surround with slashes
The default save path for new mempak-backups (when you enter the filename).

save_path=SDSAVE ; save directory inside ED64
If you decide to use your old savegames you could change this to 'SAVE' and
'ext_type' to '1', instead of renaming the files. :>

name = saturnu        ; Username
Maybe it's useful for further customization, but now it's just a leftover
of a example ini. ^^

save_path=/ED64/SDSAVE/ ; save directory surround with slashes
tv_mode=0 ; 1=ntsc 2=pal 3=mpal 0=force_off
The gblite version auf gnuboy64 uses this two entries.
With the 'tv_mode' key you can force 60Hz like the setting for the menu itself.

--- End code ---

Working features:
gameshark cheats (parasyte)
Aleck64 conversion games
64DD conversion games
mempak restore
mempak backup - with filename input screen
savetyp detection based on a cart-id list
sd speed 25/50MHz
tv-type force
save force
cic force
boot_region force
crc fix
can run gameboy games (Colnes gnuboy64 port)
can run nes games (neon64)
can play gamegear roms
can maybe play msx2 roms
mpk file view
controller pak view
toplist of best rated roms
rom rating


cic 6102/7101 std cic
cic 6103/7103
cic 6105/7105 without crypto stream
cic 6106/7106
cic 6101/7102
cic 5167 64dd conv
cic 5101 aleck64

png background loading from the sd card
pixel font support (
color settings for the menu
horizontal menu shift
hide sysfolder


Great work, I love the idea of mods from teh community.

What the dif with this mod?

Yeah, good job, I love that you put effort into this. A feature list of what this alternative menu does would be great.

wow nice release! i love it here on the ED forum :)


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