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Title: which cards to use
Post by: nonifeyi on September 01, 2020, 08:19 PM
Well, first of all, great work on the Everdrive. I'm quite happy with my ED64, and it works wonderfully.

Now, what I want to know, is if there's any list of SD/SDHC Cards that can be used on the Everdrive, and whether the Roman numeral I SDs is of any matter?

"Stop complaining and get on the bus!" snapped the cheerleading coach. Anne looked down the crowded aisle and felt her heart flutter. On the way to a shared meet between an important football game out of state and a cheerleader competition in the same area—the cheer team's bus had broken down. Thirty miles outside of any known town and even more miles over a hilly pass to their destination.

Her teammate behind her prodded Anne in the small of her back, trying to move her along. "Just go to the back."

"Everyone will have to squeeze in," said the coach. "It's just another hour or so of discomfort and then we will be at the hotel."

"This has to be illegal," muttered Anne. She was shy and the idea of snuggling up to the football players—most off which were looking far too pleased to be squeezed in with the cheerleaders—made her both excited and anxious. They were all so... strong. And big.

"Anne, come sit here!" Her heart skipped a beat. It was Ben, the quarterback sitting in the very back of the bus in a corner.

"Oooo, Anne!" hissed her teammate June. "If you pass up this chance to sit on his lap you are never going to hear the end of it."

Yes, Ben was handsome, single, and the rumors were he was a shoe-in for the pros.
So Anne went to the back of the bus, intending to squeeze in between two beefy football players. But when she got there the young men slid together, and Ben, grinning, patted his hands on his lap.

"Come'n Anne, travel in style."

Blushing Anne did as he asked. Her friend June was squished in back next to the opposite window. He was wearing light gym shorts and a t-shirt. She was in her cheer uniform. Luckily their cheer skirts were not short—hitting just above her knees. It was enough to cover her lap at least!

Everyone crammed in together—on laps, squeezed in four to a seat—the bus started up again whining and jerking with the increased load. And leaded into the hills.

As the bus jerked to a start Ben's thick forearm wrapped around Anne's waist. Her heart sped up but she thought, that's kind of sweet. She leaned back against him, very aware of the muscles and... other things through his thin clothing.

As the bus whined up the mountain the excitement of being packed in over-capacity increased the rowdiness and noise in the bus. The exasperated coaches yelled once or twice for the teams to settle down, but as the bus bounced over potholes and leaned around corners they were forced to sit or lose their balance.

Ben's breath was hot in Anne's ear, which sent a shiver down her spine. "This is nice, isn't it?" he purred under his breath right in his year.

She turned her cheek to respond, her cheek almost touching his lips. "Oh, yes!" She laughed nervously.

The bus hit a big pothole, bumping the back of the bus up to cheers and laughter from the cheerleaders and players. Anne was bounced up but Ben's firm arm around her prevented her from being tossed—thankfully. Unfortunately, the movement bunched her skirt up behind her against Ben's stomach, making her sit back down with only her thin cotton thong separating her from Ben's lap. But thankfully the fan of the rest of her skirt covered them both, so only Ben and her knew.

And she could feel that Ben certainly knew, because her unintended shifting and rubbing against him was causing a reaction. His cock was getting hard.

Anne felt herself blushing. She was a virgin, but living in the sorority house she was no stranger to what the other college students were doing around her all the time. Her last boyfriend had worked her up to aggressive and uncomfortable fingering before they separated because she wasn't "going fast enough for a hot cheerleader." His words. It had left her curious but wary of men.

Now she could feel the pressure on her pussy from Ben's growing cock. It was making her body respond. Ben's arm around her waist was not slackening. She squirmed, which only served to grind her pussy into Ben's clothed cock further.

"Just ignore it," Ben whispered, "I can't control it because you're so hot."

Anne shivered with delight. It was wonderful to hear that the hot quarterback thought she was hot.

But Ben must not have been wearing underwear, because his dick was now bent down between his legs at an angle, resisting the tug of his loose gym shorts and rubbing against the inside of her thighs.

He grunted softly behind her. "Uncomfortable. Need to shift things."

Before she could protest the arm the rested against the corner of the bus slid under her skirt and into his shorts. Good, she thought, he can adjust it so that he does not keep rubbing against my thighs and we can laugh about this later...

She spread her thighs, hoping to assist his shifting them both to a more comfortable position. His cock seemed unwilling to slide up, and Ben's hand trailed across her bare thigh as he reached for the band of his shorts. She shivered spread a little more and twisted in his arm that was still wrapped against her.
His dick had to angle down to stay between her thighs. The bus hit another pothole and swayed around a corner at that moment, and given the chance Ben's hard dick jumped up her thigh until it went as far as it could.

It couldn't have hit hard, but she felt his shaft slap up right along her pussy. His bare, naked, unbelievably hot, shaft. Anne jerked as though she'd been hit.

"Oops." Ben said softly in her ear. He chuckled as though pulling down the elastic band of his gym shorts underneath the curtain of her skirt was an amusing joke.

Now as Ben pulled her ass snuggly into his rock hard abs, his dick rubbed against her pussy and inner thighs. Only her thin cotton thong separated them. She closed her thighs, but that only made the pressure worse as the ridge of his thick dick dead rubbed against her clitoris.

And Anne could feel her pussy growing slippery against her will. Worse, she could feel the sticky warmth of Ben's pre-cum soaking her panties.

Embarrassed she looked around, but all the other people on the bus were distracted and paying them no attention. With her thighs squeezed together she tried to shift herself away from him.

Anne could feel his cock resisting her, not yielding space to her squeeze, stiff but soft, and so warm. Each breath moved her just so against it, at first slightly abrasive but getting slicker by the moment as her body soaked through her panties.
Adjusting it, however, would require another dangerous amount of motion that might draw attention or make things worse. Right now things were okay. She could survive this with just her panties intact between them. It's not like Ben would actually try and have sex with her right here in plain sight of everyone, right?

"Mmm," sighed Ben, his breath quickening in her ear.
Title: Re: which cards to use
Post by: supersign on September 01, 2020, 08:47 PM
Partial stolen post?
Well, first of all, great work on the Everdrive. I'm quite happy with my ED64, and it works wonderfully.

Now, what I want to know, is if there's any list of SD/SDHC Cards that can be used on the Everdrive, and whether the Roman numeral I SDs is of any matter? Will my Everdrive still work with such a card inserted to it even if I reset the device multiple times?

If there's no definite list, could anyone provide any info on the SD cards everybody else around here uses?
Title: Re: which cards to use
Post by: rlstine on September 01, 2020, 08:56 PM
Hm, that is definitely bizarre. But in case this is a genuine question I use a Sandisk MicroSD card on my v2.5. Everdrive.me recommended the Sandisk brand to me and I've had a good experience with it so far.