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Hmm, interesting discovery... So apparently the ODE has been tested up to 128gb micro SDs. This larger than you probably need, unless you are putting in every game hack, and doing multiple types of categorizations and keeping a back up of no intros in some folder...

Apparently the X5 (original) doesn't like 128gb memory cards. (though I'm sure I"m using the correct 'fat' file system, same I use on my SD2SNES Pro too, since i just swapped that card over to my GBA since my 16 gb wasn't cutting it, when I wanted to add full no intro set into the cart).. So I can't just move 128gb back and forth between them both, depending on which I want to use...

I have no idea what max tested size is? Anyone know?

Now the ODE doesn't like certainly large file name sizes or maybe its too many "parenthesies" in a file name... it seems to go crazy and can't read them as gba files, and shows the files without an icon...

Also the ODE can't read more than 512 files per folder. The excess just show up as an unusable file at the end of the 512 useable files in the folder. It doesn't seem to have any issues with multi-nested sub folders though, I've gone at least 4-5 levels in.

Tthe GBA X5 on the other hand sees to have no issues with long file names, and I've thrown practically every file name at it form No-intro sets with no problems (with all the region, language info, and rom source info (in case of virtual console rips) in parenthesis included). I also think it goes up to 1024 files with no problem (maybe more), IIRC? But I could be wrong. Again no issues with nested folders and subfolders.

The ODE though does have some features that really put it ahead of the GBA in that it can handle those large 512mb GBA Video files in the NOR (not the Fram)... even of those roms are kinda pointless!

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: MicroSD card card sizes.
« on: June 04, 2021, 05:55 AM »
I have a Sandisk 400 GB micro sd card in my sd2snes pro it works without problem

Thank you! Nice to know!

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: MicroSD card card sizes.
« on: June 03, 2021, 07:48 PM »
I've never seen a 512GB standard SD. I've seen them mostly up to 32 and 64, maybe 128 in the stores. I'll take your word for it. 

Did a search on amazon, surprised to see PNY has put out a 1tb standard SD card. Doesn't seem to be many companies doing the larger size standard cards, PNY only, from what I could see. I usually stick with sandisk because of its recommended for maximum compatibility with devices.

Most of the Micro SD cards I have are sandisk, so the adapters that come with many of them are sanddisk as well I've had them break down over time as well.

The main reason I have to 'switch' out micro sd and adapters, is because I have multiple flashcards, and need to use the adapter for multiple Micro-Sds.

I still find the adaptors to be a 'weak point' in the chain.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: MicroSD card card sizes.
« on: June 03, 2021, 05:02 PM »
I have sd2snes pro. I was just wondering if people had success testing larger sizes.

Out of trivia sake the original was said to be tested only to 32 or 64gb iirc.

My big issue with the larger sd cards and adaptors is first adaptors are cheaply made and flimsy and subject to wear more than a spring is. So many times where I’ve had bad contact because of them, they easy to bump, don’t have good contact to begin with, something inside adapter is already wearing out. I’ve had weird crashes on my Everdrivd 64 because of those issues, luckily hasn’t lead to unstable or corrupted micro-DS file structure yet as far as I know but I’ve formatted a few times to be sure...

I suppose using a actual Sd card itself would be a bit more stable but they also don’t have larger size capacity since the technology is largely obselete. It’s actually a problem that’s making me look into upgrading to the 64 pro for micro Sd slot in future to avoid all the problems altogether.

EverDrive 64 / Re: Yakouchuu II N64 Translation
« on: June 03, 2021, 03:33 AM »
Great stuff... WIshes there were someone who could get aroudn to translating the Visual NOvels on the GBA too! Was sorting through the no intro set for japanese games found like 10-20 different visual novels for the system altogether! I think only Silent Hill, LOve Hina, and Ace Attorney 3 have fan translations... and Riviera had an official release.

Thanks for confirming that. I think it's 128kB FLASH.

I mean roughly in sense that in Windows the file was showing up with an extra decimal point for example 64.4 or some such.
If the file is 65536 bytes Windows should display 64kB without any decimals because Windows always displays in kibi not kilo. If it's bigger I think it's a save file from an emulator or something. You can check the exact size in bytes by opening the properties of the file like above.

Oh sure windows certainly 'rounds' it off on the right side to 8 KB, 64 KB, 128 KB, etc. But if you right click on a file and load properties, you'll get a better idea of the actual size of the file... For example one of those weird SRM files says 69 KB when rounded (which is larger than generally standard 64 KB), but if you look at it through properties its closer to "68.4  KB (70,130 bytes)".

Beyond that I think it actually takes up more space on the sd card depending on chosen cluster size or such, but I could be wrong. But under properties it lists the size as both:

Size: 68.4  KB (70,130 bytes)
Size on disk: 128 kb (131,072 bytes)

The other file in 'fla' says

Dize 128 KB on the right side.

Then under properties it says...

Size: 128 kb (131,072 bytes)
Size on disk: 128 kb (131,072 bytes)

As for if the file is something left over from an emulator? Possible I was testing out save editor for Super Mario Advance 3 in order to add in extra content like inventory items, and stuff.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: MicroSD card card sizes.
« on: June 03, 2021, 01:52 AM »
WTH are you talking about? Removing the mSD is easy, I love the micro-sd. It sticks in nice and flush and clean (safely and snugly in place). I've never had an issue...

Now the Terra Onion products those are 'hard to remove'...

Plus I've had more luck with the SD adapters wearing out over time than any micro-sd slot. Those things are cheaply made as hell.... but cost a few dollars to replace every time it happens...

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: MicroSD card card sizes.
« on: June 02, 2021, 11:56 PM »
128GB would be the absolute limit that you'd need, and I don't believe you even need that. 64GB should be more than enough for a full SNES ROM set and any worthwhile MSU1 hacks.

I use a 64GB card. Full ROM set including translations and hacks etc., every SPC set, full Game Boy set for Super Game Boy and all compatible GB Color games, 99 separate folders containing MSU1 games... and I still have 18GB left.

I have special categorization method, not just 'alphabetical' but based on genres, and other factors, and lots of subdirectories. Plus a 'favorites' folder, which means I sometimes put same rom in several locations, that can cause space to be used up much faster.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: MicroSD card card sizes.
« on: June 02, 2021, 11:54 PM »
unfortunately sd2snes / fxpak support fat32 only

as long you can format larger size sd card to fat32

sd2snes / fxpak  can read sd card

Partitian magic is brilliant on that front! That's what I used to repartitian 128, which worked great, but after adding quite a few MSU1 hacks it was starting to 'fill up' quite a bit faster than I expected.

The only real issue is larger sizes might make seeking of files, that rely on streaming audio/video to 'lag'.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / MicroSD card card sizes.
« on: June 02, 2021, 11:02 PM »
I’m thinking of upgrading to a larger sandisk micro sd.

Anyone tested anything larger than 128gb? Was thinking of upgrading to 400 or 512 gb sandisk for plenty of extra MSU1 space.

I mean roughly in sense that in Windows the file was showing up with an extra decimal point for example 64.4 or some such.

Ya I think with case of some games there were some with 'batteries' and some without variants. These should show up as 'rev' versions I'd think in the rom file names?

I'm at a loss for why ED GBAX5 was making two different saves, unless at some point I was messing with the 'force' save function settings in order to get some other game to work (there are couple overhead shooters/flight sim style games glitch out unless you force it into a different mode), and it somehow created an alternate file whatever game was 'still in memory' at the time...

For what its worth the SRM, or alternate saves per each game seemed to be much smaller in size than the main saves.

The ones that were giving me two different saves include (after double checking my backups)...

Super Mario Advance 4 Super Mario Bros 3

And my second copy same rom version (but renamed for purpose of Ecard switches back up saves). Both have a "Flash" and 'SRM" for whatever odd reason.

The main save for each is roughly 128kb. While the 'srm' is 32kb on one, and roughly 64kb for the other.

Zero Mission had two saves, but this was on a hacked version (to reinsert the menu feature that lets you turn off/turn on your upgrades in your character menu). So it was creating a fla, which was 128k, and the other srm at 32kb. So maybe its somethign to do with the hack...

Another Zero Mission rom I have the original unhacked one is SRM at 32kb.

And GBA to GC linking functionality in most cases.

Do you have a list of which don't work? Seems any game which has linking accesses from 'within' each games themselves as in a menu within the game seem to work... You have to both choose a menu within the GBA game and also a menu from the GC itself to activate 'comunication' between them.

If there are those that require a check upon booting the machine (as checking upon turning on the machine). Then it probably won't work.

Quite a few GBA to GC linking didn't require a cartridge at all, it simply uploads data into the GBA to use on the screen. So having a flashcart should have no influence on how it works or not.,controller%2C%20or%20transferring%20in-game%20items%20between%20related%20games.

Ya I’m still not sure why a few games have saved for both sram and fla or two or more other types... like eep and something else. This is pretty rare, it seems.

The srm save seems to be much smaller than the flash save. I’m still not clear what the srm is connected too in the game.

Other game that seemed to have two saves are other games in mario advance series so
Shadow might be right it might have somthing to do with the Classic Mario Bros bonus game.

Also seems Metroid Fusion and/or zero mission had two different saves as well.

I’d have to double check my backups of the everdrive saves to know for sure though.

As for ESV that appears to be its save files doe Goomba
Emulator. Which it mixes into the saver folder.

Is there anyway to convert save files from the Ever Drive to work in the Omega Definitive Edition?

The X5 uses 'eep', 'srm', and 'fla' in the "SAVE" folder in the GBASYS folder.

While Omega DE uses SAVER folder and uses what it calls "esv" & "sav" files. Don't know if there are other variations, as I haven't tested across all GBA games or various save type options.

just rename them to .sav

Thanks that seems to fix 80% of the problems...

What about games that X5 splits the saves between two different files? Like for example Super Mario 3 Advance seems to have one save for the main game that's in FLA, and the secondary save for the bonus levels saves (that's in SRM). As both files are the 'same name' you can't just rename the extensions.... 

ODE seems to only make 'one save' for both modes, merging the data into one file.

Is there a way to merge files for games that split saves like this?

Well idk maybe just ignore the arcade mario games on these games?

Don't really care about the arcade mario mode... Was talking about the Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Advance 3 Extra Levels mode. IE, the mode that had extra levels due to 'e-reader' cards, or if you have the Wii-U edition rom, hacked with all the levels already in it... The second save kept track of your finished levels/collectables. Also if you had the p-switches cards turned on, or any extra items you might have added via cards to that mode.

Seems that I'd just have to 'start' over on the mode, but I'd probably be unable to figure out how to 'hack' the items/pswitch effects back into the save file like I had done with original saves.

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