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Title: X7 - Phantasy Star save games lost
Post by: Wictorsson on March 16, 2021, 01:01 AM
I'm a new owner of a Master EverDrive X7.
Spent three days playing the lovely Phantasy Star, utilizing the five built-in save slots as well as the Save State feature.
Save State has been working fine, except for when using it in the secret area with the Red Dragon. It started giving graphical glitches.
I then restarted the game via the Up+1+2 menu and tried to load one of the real saves but to my horror, no saves was shown when selecting "Continue". It started the intro instead.
After powering the console off (for the first time in two days) and on again, a two days old set of saves were shown in the Continue-menu.
How is this possible?
Doesn't the in-game save function write the save to the .srm-file immediately when doing the save?
How can I make sure that the game is actually saved before powering off the console?

I totally lost my steam now and want to know how to avoid this in the future, so any help is welcome!
Title: Re: X7 - Phantasy Star save games lost
Post by: nuu on March 16, 2021, 01:20 PM
My best tip is to make backups of all save files regularly to the compuer. My second best tip is to avoid using save states with an RPG that supports saving anyway. In some games it can cause problems with save states and the regular save being out of sync. I remember Super Mario RPG had that problem with older emulators. Saving the old fashioned way is better, although you may need to plan your play sessions more carefully. And you can't cheat like you can with save states, but that is generally a good thing.

No, Everdrives don't immediately store the save on the SD card. It's stored in a separate save memory like on the real game cart. I don't know about the X7, but generally Everdrives updates the SD card when you load up a different game. The EDGBA do it when you load up the OS menu. Keep this in mind when you make a backup of the file. Load up another game from the last one you played before making the backup.
Title: Re: X7 - Phantasy Star save games lost
Post by: Wictorsson on March 16, 2021, 08:44 PM
That is sound advice!
I believe I was too deep into the game to remember making a backup. :-)
I agree that using save state on this particular game is really not necessary! And it introduces an unnecessary risk, since it cannot be expected to work 100% of the times!

Aha, I will make sure to load another game before turning off the console next time!

Thanks for giving your thoughts on this. Much appreciated!