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[1] Mega EverDrive PRO themes

[2] Tool to convert sav's between MiSTer & Mega Everdrive

[3] fixes for games working con Everdrive MD but NOT Mega Everdrives ?

[4] Sega Nomad Feature Request - Swap P1 & P2 ports. [Mega EverDrive PRO] - FIXED

[5] Nomad Sega CD Black Screens after firmware 4.08 using simple sound mod - FIXED -

[6] 3.3V chip on 5V console? 【Solved,the author of the rumor is a stupid ass】

[7] MSX games on mega everdrtive v1

[8] SMS Games - Wavy distortion lines

[9] Pier Solar and CD enhanced audio (audio stuttering)


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