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Joyzz / Joyzz PCB in Original shell ?
« on: January 17, 2020, 07:08 AM »
Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone tried to fit the joyzz PCB in an original 6button MD pad shell ?
Either in the original from way back then (SJ-6000) or in the JPN MD Mini controller ?
I would like maximum authenticity, if possible, using Sega's original rubbers, buttons etc..
Please lmk!

On twitter, Krikzz advertized a better type shell coming for Mega Everdrive:

I wish to know if the MegaED sale here:
is coming with the new shell as displayed on Twitter?
Thanks for the info.

@Krikzz , could you please make it so that when a game is played, it goes back to the top of the list, like on SD2SNES ?

The current behavior:
I play games A, B and C and then A again. In the Recent List, I see from the top

The requested behavior:
Same thing, I play games A, B and C and then A again. In the Recent list, I wish to see the real order:

Just like on SD2SNES, if you replay a game already in the Recent List, it puts it back at the top.
It's handy this way, and would be great on EDGBX as well.

EverDrive GB / EDGB X7 : "Recently played list" mystery, bug?
« on: November 07, 2017, 09:58 AM »
So I was testing a small homebrew ROM, 32kb and then decided to delete it from my microSD card.
But it was still listed in the "Recently played list", so I tried to launch it out of curiosity, and guess what, it actually launched although it was deleted from the microSD.

So I tried to overwrite the full 8mb flash with the biggest ROM: Densha De Go 2.
Went back to recently played list, launched the deleted hombrew ROM again, it worked......
How is that even possible?
How does the "Recently played list" exactly work, how does it point to ROMs? It's not per path, it's impossible since the homebrew rom was deleted, yet it still loaded.

Krikkz please shed some light on this.
Also a function to empty the "Recently played list" completely would be welcome, like holding the SELECT button for 3 seconds while it's displayed, or something.

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