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(See Update Below)

Before reading, take these facts into consideration. Both my Sega Genesis Model 1 and Model 2 work perfectly with the Everdrive MD rev 2.4 that I purchased several years ago. Both consoles are in great condition, with working power supplies (tested with a multi-meter). The cartridge connectors have perfect connectivity.

When I first received the Mega Everdrive Pro, I only tested it in my 1989 Sega Genesis Model 1. In that system it works fine.  All roms work. All Sega CD games work.

However, I recently tested the Pro in my Sega Genesis Model 2.  Unlike the EverDrive MD, the Pro DOES NOT work properly in this console. It throws address errors and returns many problems.  Yet, the older EverDrive MD works perfectly in the same console.

This is very puzzling because the Pro DOES work in my model 1 and with no problems. The Model 1 is actually in worse condition than the Model 2. Does anyone have any insights about this?

Now this is weird. When I connect the Sega CD Model 2 (with no power brick) to the Sega Genesis Model 2, the EverDrive Pro then works perfectly with no problems and does not throw errors. If I disconnect the Sega CD, then it throws all kinds of errors (especially with larger Roms). 

What on Earth?

Yep. Just tested again. With no Sega CD connected I get address errors in large games (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2, etc). With the unpowered Sega CD connected, the same games work just fine.  It seems the Sega CD is terminating some connection that needs to be closed for the Pro to work properly.

(Recently Updated 21 Aug 2021)

This is a partial list of working NES games (Mega Everdrive Pro), none of which have been extensively tested. A few required special patches.

Adventure Island 1
Adventure Island 2
Adventures of Dino Riki
Adventures of Lolo (not 100% certain)
Athena (you have to hit start for the game to boot for some reason)
Balloon Fight
Blades of Steel
Blaster Master
Bionic Commando*** (Japanese Only - Can be patched to US text). Hittorā no Fukkatsu: Toppu Shīkuretto
Bomberman II
Bubble Bath Babes
Bubble Bobble 2
California Raisens
Castle of Dragon
Castlevania II
Championship Bowling
Chip'N'Dale 2
Circus Charlie
Clu Clu Land
Commando (this game has graphical glitches, but I'm including it because the original cart has similar glitches on my real NES)
Super Contra
Darkwing Duck
Defender II
Dig Dug (Japanese)
Dig Dug II
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong Math
Double Dragon 1*** (requires MMC3 patch)
Double Dragon 2 (has a lot of glitches)
Double Dribble
Dr. Chaos
Dr. Mario (Japan)
Dragon Buster II (Japan)
Dragon Fighter
Elevator Action
Exed Eyes
Fester's Quest (some graphical issues)
Fist of the Northstar
Galaga (Arcade Attract Mode hack)
Galaxian*** (Only the over dumped 24 kb version will run)
Galaxian (Arcade Attract Mode hack of above version)
Gargoyles Quest II
Ghosts'N Goblins
Goonies II
Gun Smoke
Hokuto No Ken 2 (Japanese)
Ice Climber
Ice Hockey
Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors 2
Image Fight
Jeopardy 25th
Journey to Silius
Kid Icarus*** (requires MMC3 patch)
Kid Niki
King's Knight
Krion Conquest (Mega Man Clone)
Kung Fu
Lee Travino Golf
Legend of Kage
Legendary Wings
Little Samson
Lode Runner
Lunar Pool
Mappy Land
Mario Bros.
Mega man 1 (some dumps will not play)
Mega man 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 3
Metal Gear
Metal Storm
Mighty Bomb Jack
Milon's Secret Castle
Ms. Pacman
Mystery Quest
NARC (uncertain about this one)
Ninja Crusaders
Nuts & Milk
Pro Wrestling
River City Ransom
Robo Warrior
Section Z
Side Pocket
Sky Kid
Solomon's Key
Space Invaders
Stack Up
Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros 2
Tecmo Baseball
Terra Cresta
Tetris (the Nintendo one, not the Tengen/Atari one)
Tiger Heli
Trojan (same graphical errors)
Twin Cobra
Twin Bee
Uncanny X-Men (unsure about this one)
Volley Ball
Whomp'em (some graphical errors)
Willow (some graphical errors)
Winter Games
Wrecking Crew
Yie Ar King Fun (only revision 1.4).
Zelda I (minimal scrolling issues)
Zelda II
Zippy Race

Most of these games play fine and this expands the Genesis library by a sizeable amount. Most notably, a lot of the earlier NES games were very close ports of classic arcade games that were never -faithfully- ported to other platforms.

This list includes nearly every game on the NES I ever played or rented up until around 1989. Unfortunately, there are a few gems that wouldn't work, like Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania 3, and Mario 3. The mappers on those are just too elaborate.

I found that at least 160 games appeared to play with minimal glitches, but the games above are some of the older classics that are most likely to work properly.  If anyone wants to chime in with insights, fixes, or a more complete list, feel free.

Mega EverDrive / Mega Everdrive Pro Unrom NES compatibillity?
« on: April 20, 2021, 11:49 PM »
Does anyone know if unrom games like Castlevania & Contra work on NES portion of the Mega Everdrive Pro?

I have several Everdrives that I've purchased over the years.  This post is NOT a criticism, but seems to suggest an advantage over real cartridges in some situations.

An issue I've noticed is that some cartridges that will NOT play on one of my clones WILL PLAY as ROM images on exactly the same consoles through the Everdrive.

For example, my Castlevania 3 cartridge will not play correctly on my Retro Duo (revision 3), but it will play on my Everdrive as a ROM image on the exact same console. There is nothing wrong the Castlevania 3 cart. It plays fine on a real NES and some clones that were modified with an additional IC to support it.

Another example is that my copy of Super Street Fighter 2 for the Genesis has graphical errors on my Sega Genesis clone, but again will play perfectly as a ROM image on the everdrive using the exact same clone. Again, nothing wrong with the original cart. It plays fine on three real Genesis consoles. Only has issues on the clone.

To be clear, what I'm saying is that on some of my clone consoles, the games that do not work properly as real cartridges will play perfectly on the Everdrive.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? It isn't a criticism, but it is weird.

I've tried every version of Commando I could find on a real NES and they all freeze within the first level.

Someone else please confirm if this does or does not work.

Also tell us what version you are using (no intro, goodset, random find, etc).

Turbo EverDrive / Turbo Everdrive Region Free issue
« on: March 30, 2013, 09:20 PM »
The NEO PC-E 128M Flash Cart will not allow you to play US Roms on a Japanese PC Engine. Unless you have a region switch modification, it just doesn't work.

The Turbo Everdrive is completely region free. I can play all US Roms on an unmodified Core Grafx.

My question is:

Is the Turbo Everdrive managing this by modifying the Roms on the fly, or through hardware built into the card?

The reason I'd like to know is if it is somehow patching these US roms to work on the Japanese PC Engine, I'm wondering what process it is using to do this and if a US patched ROM could be dumped somehow.


Quote from the developer :
"We are going to put out the best possible picture that the CPU (singular) can provide".

The Retron 5 appears to actually be a Linux-based PC inside of a console shell, with a custom GUI, that uses emulators to play actual cartridges, instead of roms like PC emulators do. This means that there will be no cloned 16-bit or 8-bit hardware. No discrete logic chips. No 8-bit CPUs. No 16-bit CPUs. No cloned hardware. At all.

Emulation has been around forever and is free. For instance, I can play every Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Neo Geo, and PC Engine game in existence on my 32 inch LCD via HDMI from my PC. Each console will even have filters and scanlines to look as authentic as possible. All games are compatible. I've been able to do this since 1998 (mid 2000's for HDMI). Seriously. (In fact I can also play them from my Netbook)

However, because it is not the real hardware (or a clone approximate) none of the games quite look correct, sound correct, or play correct. Most people can't tell the difference. But the majority of consumers who would buy an Everdrive to play the games on the real hardware CAN tell the difference, that is why they buy the Everdrive instead of using their roms on an emulator.

Off Topic / I want one of these. Micro-Genius NES Clone
« on: March 19, 2013, 11:09 PM »

It's an early NES clone, but unlike today's clones it uses discrete chips and duplicated all of the capabilities of the original Nintendo and Famicom hardware (at least in regard to playing cartridges). So the tint would not be off, and all games would work.

EverDrive N8 / Commando not working
« on: March 19, 2013, 06:44 AM »
Note: During the same few days that I tested Commando, I tested hundreds of other US NTSC Roms. Commando was THE ONLY one that did this. I also researched Commando and found that it is one of the most bug ridden NES games ever made, so it should be no surprise that it did not work. It also appears that on some consoles Commando does work (it doesn't crash on SkinnyV's system).

If I seem a little annoyed in the video, it is because my camera battery kept dying. What you are seeing is about the fifth attempt at shooting the video.

Llet me state here that these roms all have a heading of iNES mapper 2, which is the mapper they are supposed to be using according to the bootgod database.

Here is a link to the bootgod entry:

I just found that Commando is not working. You start the game and it will freeze after playing for a little while. This game just doesn't work on the Everdrive N8 (YET).

I've added this to the bug thread, but thought I'd start a unique thread to get feedback about the issue also.

I've tested about fifty roms today. Fortunately, this is the only one I've run into that is having a problem so far.

This is on a US NTSC NES.

Same thing happens on the FC Twin Famiclone and Retron 1 Famiclone.

I have a Neo PC-E 128M+ Save flash cart.

Here is the scoop.

I know several people that have the PC-E 128M flash cart and it works in ALL of their Turbo Grafx systems.
I know several people that have the PC-E 128M + Save flash cart and it has problems working in some systems, causing freezing or graphics corruption.

I believe the save function is causing the game stored in memory to corrupt in some systems. I would like to convert my cart to a normal 128M flash cart that does not have the Save functionality.

Does anyone know how I would do this?

Turbo EverDrive / How to pre-patch roms with Magic Engine codes?
« on: March 18, 2013, 12:19 AM »
I understand that the Turbo Everdrive is not an emulator. Please don't take the time to explain that to me.

However, Magic Engine codes exist for many Turbo Grafx games.

I am wondering if it would be possible to pre-patch roms with these codes so that the changes will work with the Turbo Everdrive.

Many of the codes can be found on the old site version of Gamehacking(dot)org

What software would I use? Would would the basic process be?

Here is an example, invincibility on Kieth Courage would be F82048:2

How would I modify the rom so that that address change is in the rom?

Thanks in advance.

EverDrive N8 / NSF Support?
« on: March 05, 2013, 03:34 AM »
Someone outside of this site asked me if the Everdrive N8 supports "NSF".

What is NSF?

Does the Everdrive N8 support it, if not is there any plan to support it in the future?

I did Google it before starting the thread. It was not clear to me.

Nintendo Sound Format?

So this person was hoping you could play NES songs in NSF format?

Off Topic / Expansion sound possible on Famiclones?
« on: March 04, 2013, 08:13 AM »

This is relevant because the Everdrive N8 supports Expansion sound in several games, including the Japanese version of Castlevania 3 (Akumajō Densetsu). One of the more common clones is the Retron 1, which uses the same hardware as the RES and Yobo FC (there are different revisions of this hardware, but they can be found across all of these clones).

However, these clones are often missing features, such as expansion sound, accurate audio, and support for Castlevania 3. These features can be enabled and will work with your Everdrive N8. You will still have to connect certain pins on your adapter (as explained in another thread on this site).

ACE, the Famiclone expert, informed me that the expansion sound does work on the FC Twin and can also be made to work on the Retron 1 (RES).

Okay, to enable expansion sound on the Retron 1 or RES, you must connect pins 54 and 55 to the positive side of a capacitor labelled C3. It also is a good idea to add a 1.5k resistor to the same point and ground (this cleans up the audio)

You can also modify your RES or Retron 1 to support Castlevania III (and possibly a few other titles) by adding a 7404 inverter IC like so:

Ace from Sega 16 showed me how to do both of these.

EverDrive N8 / Games Not Working / Bug Reporting Thread
« on: February 27, 2013, 05:11 AM »

SkinnV Compatibility Thread (with link to current table)

Some examples of mappers (source: Retrozone):
#    DESCRIPTION                    GAMES
1    Nintendo MMC1 Chipset    1942, Bomberman II, Mega Man II ...
2    ROM (PRG) Switch             Konami games like CastleVania and Stinger
3    VROM (CHR) Switch             Twin Bee, Q*Bert, and many japanese games.
4    Nintendo MMC3 Chipset    Super Mario Bros 2 & 3 (Most used mapper)
5    Nintendo MMC5 Chipset    CastleVania III: Dracula's Curse
7    32kb ROM (PRG) Switch    Wizards & Warriors, Marble Madness, etc.
9    Nintendo MMC2 Chipset    Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, and Punch-Out!!
10    Nintendo MMC4 Chipset    Japanese Punch-Out!!, and japanese games.
11    Color Dreams Chipset    Crystal Mines, Tagin' Dragon, Babyboom, etc.

No-Intro NES Header Fix

Based on the information above, you should get a rough idea of potential compatibility.

Please take into consideration that this thread is not intended to criticize the Everdrive product. The purpose of the thread is discuss games with supported mappers that are not working. Hopefully, once we have a list of games on the supported mapper list that are still not working properly, patterns will become obvious to the more advanced users, enabling for improved compatibility in the future.

Obviously, technically advanced users are not obligated to fix non-working games, although it is appreciated if they do. Again, the main purpose of this thread is to make existing problems known. This will save time for trouble shooting purposes and will stop people from thinking that they have bad rom dumps, when a specific game is simply not fully compatible yet.

SkinnyV's list (above) shows which games have supported mappers; it does not state that those games actually work (though one would expect they usually will).

Here is an incomplete list of games that should be supported, but due to whatever idiosyncrasy in the way the code is implemented, they don't work properly:
* Commando (English and Japanese versions): iNES mapper 2 --->Game crashes shortly after starting.-->Reported to work on some consoles and not others.
* Ai Sensei no Oshiete - Watashi no Hoshi - reported not working by other users

Hack available for clone consoles:
* Rad Racer 2: iNES mapper #4 (MMC3B) --->unique implementation distinguishing it from other MMC3B titles (there is a hack available that makes this work (on clones)!!)

Note: List above assumes nesos-s2m3 & n8-bios-v4
Note: There are games that are not on the supported mapper list. They will not be discussed here.

Fixed (or discovered working):
No-Intro NES Header Fix
Gauntlet (Tengen) iNES mapper 206 (according to SkinnyV) - Fixed in s2m4. Will not play in clone consoles.
Rad Racer 2: iNES mapper #4 (MMC3B) ---> Fixed in s2m4. Will not play in clone consoles (patched version I find will play in clones).
Abadox: iNES mapper #1 (MMC1B2) ---> This game DOES work, you just need to enable the reset.
Karnov : iNES mapper #206 (Namcot 109)---> Game starts, then the graphics are corrupt // SkinnyV fixed it
Super Xevious: iNES mapper #206 (Namcot 109)---> Game starts, then the graphics are corrupt // SkinnyV fixed it
Babel no Tou (Japan)   (Incorrect mapper, mapper #4 instead of #206)
Family Jockey (Japan)   (Incorrect mapper, mapper #4 instead of #206)
Family Mahjong (Japan)   (Incorrect mapper, mapper #4 instead of #206)
Family Pinball (Japan)   (Incorrect mapper, mapper #4 instead of #206)
Side Pocket (Japan)   (Incorrect mapper, mapper #4 instead of #206)
Super Chinese (Japan)   (Incorrect mapper, mapper #4 instead of #206)
Super Xevious - Gump no Nazo (Japan)   (Incorrect mapper, mapper #4 instead of #206)
Valkyrie no Bouken - Toki no Kagi Densetsu (Japan)   (Incorrect mapper, mapper #4 instead of #206)

Related threads:
No-Intro NES Header Fix

Tools (hex editors, etc)
NES header repair discussion

Thanks to SkinnyV, Jimmy, and other contributors, for their guidance.

Okay, based on the discussion in the bugs report thread, Star Tropics uses the MMC6 Mapper, but is being included in the similar MMC3 mapper category (MAPPER 4). This results in the game not working because MMC6 doesn't handle wram in the same way (or something like that).

The consensus seems to be that the developer will have to create an exception and augment his mapper system in someway to support these games.

The Star Tropics games were some of the best Action RPGs on the NES and are classic. I think it is important that the Everdrive N8 eventually support them.

I downloaded several versions of both of these games (Star Tropics I & Star Tropics II) and while some versions start, they cannot be played.

This was later verified by a few other users.

It appears they are handled like MMC3 games, but are MMC6 and require an additional 1KB of memory for saves. As that isn't being handled, they can't be played.

I'd really like to see these games supported as they are pretty fantastic NES games.

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