Author Topic: Brazilian with problems: Everdrive MD (2010) VS. Mega Drive V3 (Tectoy/PAL-M)  (Read 4268 times)

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I'm Brazilian and I own an official Mega Drive V3 (Tectoy, PAL-M).
I also have an old Everdrive MD (purchased in 2010, not a clone). I'm having trouble loading some roms.
The Secret of Shinobi, Rastan Saga, Kid Chameleon and many others feature red screen. Some of these ROMS work for a while but when I turn it off and turn the console back on, the same ROMs stop working. The console has been completely revised. All capacitors have been changed. The cartridge slot has been replaced. The power supply is official. I already changed the SD card.
I have already tested numerous ROMS of the same games and nothing worked. Can anybody help me?

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If I remember right you can disable the checksum check at startup, I could be wrong tho.