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EverDrive GB / Re: Deleting save files using OS menu
« on: June 21, 2021, 01:36 PM »
Is it possible/could a feature be added to allow deleting save files from within the OS menu?
The GBA X5 mini has a feature that allows deleting any files on the SD card from and it's super handy for cleaning up saves when I'm just testing out random games.

Sure does wonders on the Disk I0 error when the device remembers too many roms and you have to clear them off to access menus again, now I think of it does the GB everdrive ever reach maximum capacity where it loads a rom up and says the error that it cant open the rom like the EDGB did for GBA.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 20, 2021, 10:40 PM »
Eitherway you still lose screen space. Some will be cropped off...

I'd rather take it unscalled than it being even more squished down could you imagine if the screen looked like how pocketnes did it! Those scaled + sprites always looked fine on NES games but the fact Snesadvance kept the sprites pixel by pixel the same way is likely the best besides all your really getting cut off from the parts is a unused ground that hardly is noticeable and the top above the score board... it may take a while to get used to but even if the torsos go under the screen you'll have a better experience with it that ONE was.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 20, 2021, 02:54 AM »
Here is comparison image for Final Fight SNES, vs emulator version... SNESAdvance on left, and regujlar sceen on right. If you are walking at the bottom fo the screen at the south edge of the road, the charactesr legs get cut off.. If you wlk to the north part of the street/sidewalk then the HUD gets cutt off...

Other weird odity is that you are seeing graphics in the overscan zone, that you wouldn't necessairly see on the TV.... See the bricks above the HUD? Whereas on SNES hud is right up to the edge of the screen.

So basically you can only see roughly 50% of the screen at any given time.... You can't fit a square into a rectangle and keep the original sprites size, without cropping them, or squishing the artwork. I'll send a picture of what squising looks like as a mode in SNES DS emulator.

I recall the controls being reversed on that one so the coverter would classify down and up and up as down, most beat em ups never had that problem so it would be the other way round also this would be the desired angle if you can match it to the same as my screen.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 20, 2021, 02:04 AM »
Roms also work on the Ezflash Omega DE just as well. Same functionality... since SNES advance is only making a 'rom' and converting emulation into it, and formating and sectioning and cropping off sections of the graphics.

Indeed they do, I remember when my project was unacknowledged by Smokemonster when he used to make those packs I was willing to allow my project revival so he could have made a folder for that rom set to work on GBA, obviously he objected it as it was filling up his updates page so I made a separate project on EP years ago and found out the Omega EZ flash was also able to run Super Metroid of course the EDGBA has the lock on it so it cant access the control deck alteration screen but according to someone who tested it they did confirm it worked but as it didn't process on my device I cant do anything on it.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 19, 2021, 11:41 PM »
Give me examples of what is converted and I can show you what was 'cut', zoomed in on, squished, etc. The converter program only works with a handful of games anyways, and its not easy to understand the various settings. Some of it does appear to be related to 'scale' and placement, and how it 'autoscrolls' on an object.

I mean its like trying to fit a rectangle into a square hole... SNES was 'square' and GBA only has "rectangle" half the size. You cant put one into the other without some of it being 'overscanned'... into regions you can't see...Or alternatively 'smooshed' and forced to fit vertically into the same space...

May just be easier if I DM'd you the conversion so you can analyse it as a screen cap off my camera isn't worth what knowledge your so versed about as you know all aspects and dimensions and pretty much pointed out how different stuff that the SNES advance team explained which was too hard to understand but what you mentioned to me about it was easy to follow ^^ Of course you will need a EDGBA to test it any variant or version should work it... if you have it and let me know in a reply I'll send you the [p][g] one.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 18, 2021, 07:47 AM »
Also doesn't seem that SNES Advance even bothered to 'smoosh' the screens (something DSTwo Plus SNES emulator could do in its Mode 0, noticieable with the circular mario coin in the intro of All-Stars, or in Zelda: LTTP if one isn't careful).  The SNES Advance emulator simply cropped the top and bottom of the screens, with some minor 'autoscroll' to keep action focused on main sprite on the screen.

Cropping in middle is something DSTwo+ snes emulator can handle in third mode visual mode.

But cropping cerntainlly removes parts of the artwork like in the case of SMASH TV (see the top of charactersa heads, and their missing feet)

This will better show how much was cropped....

Notice it crops off the HUD section too (just below that statue's knee)!, and half the road... Perhaps some slight squishing too going on (although I can't get exact scale between both photos)...

As for your example of Batman Returns... It's highly cropped...

It crops out part of the lower part of the screen, and it crops out the dead space 'black line' at the top (the game has a kind of 'wide screen' like look to it, and that part is cropped out) down to the knee of the statue... Of course lots of other missing materials in the screenshot like well the road graphics, the HUD, and foreground fence...

This will better show how much was cropped....

Notice it crops off much of the HUD's area too!, and half the road... Perhaps some slight squishing too going on (notice that the stairs look to be a little shorter in the emulator than in the SNES screenshot, although I can't get exact scale between both photos, so it might just be a fluke)...

The road graphic may be missing in the emulator because it appears to be a mode-7 element, and emulator might not be able to handle most or all Mode 7's features. The foreground fence is tied to one of the other 'Mode' and its abilities to do layers which also seems to be missing from the emulator's compatibility.

Yeah I see that, but it is still weird that later games that were converted never did that in fact that was the only game that did that to the emulator it ran on, shmups are pretty much identical but would need quite a lot of settings changing to look almost identical but its worth trying out the Final Fight conversion from SNES to GBA (Not referring to the Final Fight GBA official game) and you'll see what I mean... as it never looked anything like their 1st project game that gets mentioned a lot on their page.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 18, 2021, 12:45 AM »
LOZ seems to do a number of things. First it cuts off the bottom of ther display, again largely just a row blocks. Link will also be cut off if he walks to lower part of the room to move into another. This doesn't really affect gameplay at all. Secondly the hud seems to be modified and squished itself (this continues into the menu if you lower it, which all seems more squished), but main playfield area doesn't appear to be squished. Link's sprite seems to be consistant to how he looks on tv dispaly. The title screen, all elements seem to be more squished with some cut off from the bottom. There are some other changes like the copyright and dates.

To me it seems by doing that it always gives me a really bad eye ache as the sprites are the same size but the map is the wrong ratio kind of like how you can have scale without the sprites and it makes stuff bigger while the background is still compressed and small. I tended to think this was used to be unscaled as I tend to prefer my games when playing on a GBA to be, but was suprised it resembled the way the PocketNES did it back then if not worse a bit... the normally unscaled feature always keeps the normal ratio as well as the sprite size at the cost of the screen being half the size that sometimes can be corrected by making the camera follow the sprite to access the top area. As Nintendo didn't do it like this and made the screen fit into the window having sprites bigger than how they would normally look like looks nauseating and off to me...

It's also very easy to see the difference they did with Final Fight... It zooms heavily in on the character, and the game scrolls both up and down in relation to where he is on the screen, where as in the original there is no up and down scrolling and you simply see the entire "street" (area you can move around), and the background on the same screen. The hud has been changed and moved around to compensate, for the fact that not everything is viewable on screen at once, unlike the original.

Here are comparison videos for 48 of the ports (most of the time its 'zoom and crop'):

Of course I meant to say that I referred the SNESAdvance version and not the GBA port, their is hardly any differences between the screens... most were however put off by how Batman Returns did it for the application but as said many games never got changed actually a whole lot of SNES games didn't get changed, of course as you mentioned the GBA one was a whole remake of the SNES game but a SNES games normally graphics looked amazing on a AGS-101 screen without that tint and more.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 17, 2021, 10:43 PM »
They would have to squash or cut the screen at least. If the game doesn't use the whole generated video area, cutting it off might not hurt anything.
The SNES can use "windows" to crop the screen on all sides and still have scrolling work. Shadowrun seems to do something like this.

Batman was the only game that did that stuff like the Final Fight series is frame by frame the way the SNES showed it same goes for any other game only the modified ones done by the developers would change stuff by making sprites too big and making the map become a small map grid that is impossible to make out what is going on.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 17, 2021, 08:41 PM »
I don't think the SNES emulation on GBA ever resized stuff aside from their mainline title Batman Returns which changed the hud and stuff to fit into a GBA screen. As games like the EMIT series for example really showed how well a GBA displayed real time stuff happening in a animated screen some was a bit broken and choppy but it must have been mindblowing at the time of the SP era.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 17, 2021, 01:11 AM »
You must have tiny hands, PSP is very comfortable to hold onto. DS lites aren't bad either. Of course there is always the possibility of running it 'GB Macro" style as well with a modded DS or Lite.

Also I recommend playing any GBA game, or emulated single screen game on the lower screen instead of the top screen....then just push the top screen to its maximum position back, and ignore it....

Actually their is a way to keep the sprites the same size it just needed to have a way of making the camera follow the sprite to avoid this issue, as for making the sprites smaller I don't think I have seen that method used on the GBA version of SNES conversions normally sprites are the same size as the actual game itself with the exception of the scale method not being used can change it scale + obj squishing the screen to pixelate it as you said. Also my hands are pretty normal sized but the way the buttons are too far apart is the major issue, your likely going to get marks in the palms the way the directional pad and the normal buttons are so far apart at least with the SP they were near enough so it was easier to hold it when playing on it.

Also that push screen method I have never heard of is that only with a DS itself.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 16, 2021, 09:23 PM »
The best GBA emulator on DS was included in Super DSTwo +. Not perfect but largely playable with many games. It did have sound, and enough buttons to handle the games.

The best emulator though is on PSP as it uses a version of SNES9X as I recall.

I must admit it looks pretty good -

But the sheer size of holding it would be jarring to hold onto and play for a long period of time, I think I'd make do with SNESAdvance when I get around to making stuff work better. I always found the SP model the best easiest comfiest way to play games on, problem with the DS and 3DS is they eventually become obsolete due to how big they are and how complex is to play them continuously.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 16, 2021, 07:18 PM »
As for 'SNES" emulation, ugh get a DS (with certain flashcarts), or PSP and hack it... GBA and emulators for it can do almost nothing.... And usually with no sound... There just isn't enough power for hte overhead needed to run SNES on GBA, without total conversions of the code as done with many of the SNES to GBA ports that came to the system officially...

I did hear that the DS version of the then obsolete version of SNESAdvance/PocketSNES mostly went their ways to make it run a lot better than how it did on the GBA but still had the same issues so in the end they gave up working on it too, it's interesting to mention the development of PocketSNES mainly lasted just a few months as the DS came out shortly in-between of it. Though as the DS cart cannot work on a AGS-101 screen nothing looked more spectacular seeing it run on the device even though it had no sound and as for those SNES to GBA ports that came out they were badly tinted and worst of all the ports were made so the sprites would be bigger than the map design itself is really jarring especially when you compare the Contra Alien Wars version to the GBA port and more.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 16, 2021, 03:35 PM »
You are perhaps a little slow on the uptake, but as pointed out earlier people asking for this option on EZFlash don't want it for Super Gameboy, or old gameboys. They want a card option that fits more snugly in their GBA, GBA-SP, or Gameboy Player... Like the half DS-Lite size Dustcover GBA flashcarts fits snugly into DS-Lite without sticking out (see Omega, EZFlash IV lite, or EzFlash 3in1, etc)....

For those wanting the same card but to fit in a regular gameboy slot then it should have a regular sized case as well for older DMG/Pocket/Light/Color and super gameboy...

It's sort of similar to amount of people even on these forums asking for a GBA Everdrive X5 that's got dual-mode option of both GBA and classic gameboy on the 'same cartridge' via some kind of switching mechanism, but want it so they can have something that's 'slim fitting' with the GBA line, and only having to carry one cartridge around, that's also better than the terrible goomba emulation.

You know what... I used to be against getting a X5 GBA everdrive due to the reason it could never work on a SGB device I mean at the time the GB everdrive was great to play on your TV on your regular SNES you would have all boarders and stuff, could add as many hacks as possible to play through the hardest games or make your directories and play them on your own T.V screen. Even with the ability of the GBA Everdrive playing all sorts of formats via emulation the only reason why I got it was as it played SNES roms other than than I really haven't used it for anything else to this day.

EverDrive GB / Re: Transfer Pak
« on: June 15, 2021, 10:07 PM »
Ya, the dust cover option.

Personally I'm thinking of getting one of the regular Omega's (with the DS Lite dust cover) for use in my DS Lite, will probably use my oversized GBA X5 for use in my Gameboy Player, and the Omega Definitive Edition (which is a size 'inbetween') for most uses (GBA AGS-101 and other GBA in my collection).

I have several options for my Super Gameboy, between original Everdrive GB, and ED X7, as well as FPGA method on the SD2SNES Pro/FXPak Pro, etc... But I'd definitely buy a 'slim' option if it existed for carrying around for my GBA AGS-101, or other GBA's in my collection. It would be so much easier to carry around since it wouldn't stick out, or at least stick out as much (if they were forced to use Boktai or Yoshi's Topsy Turvy form factor).

If they went with the Yoshi Topsy Turvy method on the GB Everdrive their would be no way to pull out the cart in the Super Gameboy also it wouldn't reach the pin connectors as it would need to be twice the length if it was a mini one.

Thank you, for pointing me to that thread. I removed the wires and it works. Do you know why it doesn't work with  the brightness adjustment wiring?

Likely due to the fact the IPS has a name called "Funny Playing" sounds like some knock off brand name that is used in many products of that type, is better to stick with the genuine ones by Nintendo on the AGS-101 variants as refurbished ones tend to vary on that.

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