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This is a list based off my Super Card SD description guide that has changed the gamefaqs PC Engine cheat codes button inputs to be detailed in the style when used on a GBA. For example Run has become Start, button I has become button A and button II has become button B.

This list allows you to make full use of the PC Engine in game codes as the Everdrive GBA X5 isn't compatible with these type of games of any kind except for the ones premade into a list.

It's not flawless as there was already a huge amount of codes that could be injected into the roms themselves but as the Everdrive GBA X5 cannot run RAW roms of either PC Engine or Turbografix-16 this is the best that cane be done for now.

Hopefully someone will find a way to play vanilla roms and I may be able to have no need for this list in the future...

Also had a try at something similar with the Turbografix-16 ones... don't mind the blank spaced ones with nothing in there, it was just a reminder for me on what games I liked in those catagories xD

I hope someday someone finds a way of converting vanilla files so that the added code ones could once again be enjoyed on a AGS-101 screen.

EverDrive GBA / NES Rom Compatability Between PocketNES Versions...
« on: February 11, 2019, 01:08 AM »
It has come to my attention that certain roms only work on different versions of PocketNES while later versions fix certain mappers making unplayable games work but in the result end up making those which were once playable glitchy or unplayable via crashng in game.

The one I have always stuck with using is PocketNES v9.97 as it seems to support those more hard to work mapper games such as Punch Out and those Dragon Ball Z Card game NES series ones.

Among other things if you ran the Everdrive GBA X5 with the included finalized VisualNES variant these games now no longer work or have more issues with mappers...

Cobra Triangle - The once seen boat sprites that moved in motion can no longer be seen as they did on v9.97

Day Dreamin' Davey - This game had odd sprite flickering on v9.97 but at least it could be seen while on the finalised one they are gone

Eliminator Boat Duel - As before the sprites visible on v9.97 are no longer there on the finalized version

Greg Normans Golf Power - On v9.97 the game wont freeze after the course creation screen while on finial version it freezes

Hunt For Red October, The - Though the sprites were a bit glitched on v9.97 they were visible while the final has none

Of course I did research on what worked better on the final version it's only less than a half of them as I went through all games up to where the end of this one goes also there was too many to list so here was what I found out -

So far from what I looked up only these 3 games worked on the final version that the v9.97 one couldn't do - Advanced D&D Hillsfar & Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

But at the cost of loosing or now not working at all - Break Time - The Pool Tour, Days of Thunder, 4 Dragonball themed games and likely many others.

So I wonder why does fixing stuff cause games that used to work now longer work?

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / So was ever the 48MB Star Ocean Rom dumped?
« on: January 24, 2019, 01:10 AM »
That being the non compressed version... I searched everywhere and found a site outside of the goodsnes packs though I presume the packs hold a certain of 5 roms of Star Ocean but none of them go up to 48MB they were...

Star Ocean (J)[!].smc
Star Ocean (J) [h1].smc
Star Ocean (J) [h2].smc
Star Ocean (J) [T+Eng1.0_DeJap].smc
Star Ocean (J) [T+EngBetaR1_DeJap].smc

All 5 have the same filesize of 6,291,456 (6.00MB)

I am aware of the SDD-1 patched one which was 15MB if I recall.

But compared to the smc and the patched one what was really lost and is it worth hunting down the RAW file too?

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Problem With Some Sufami Turbo Games...
« on: January 18, 2019, 05:51 AM »
I cannot for my life seem to get the Gundam Sufami Turbo games to work on my PAL SD2SNES. It seems every time I start the battle it goes right to the Game Over screen and goes back to the menu.

And the Ultra Man Sufami Turbo series also has a weird glitch when the opponent uses a special attack it always crashes the game, I think the only time I managed to beat the final 4th boss before it reset back normally to the 1st opponent is when I used a pre-made trainer which had a hit anywhere code attached to it.

I have tried several roms of these one be it normal ones or the ones with the Bios but neither seem to fix this issue if anyone has a fixture of these and can provide me with the corrected ones it would be much appreciated - Richard

EverDrive GBA / Broken Game Tyrian 2000...
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:34 AM »
I never really understood this but why does Tyrian 2000 not run on an X5 GBA Everdrive?

I have little to no issues with demo roms on the GBA so why does this one only show the Gameboy screen and hangs there. It's about as a bigger mystery as of why RAW PC Engine and Turbografx-16 games hang on the same screen too??

Why is it the GB Everdrive X7 right away take you to a blank screen before the roms appear in about 15 seconds while the GB Everdrive X5 freezes for 15 seconds and loads the folder up correctly displaying all the roms in 1 go?

This also applies to going to another page. It never happened on the X5 as it would process the data of each game before showing what the game titles are and just looks really weird when the folder is blank and the games just appear after some seconds.

Back in the 2000's Flubba made an emulator for GBA which made it possible to play SNES games on a GBA though around 2006 everything went quiet be it the project never finished or it was just forgotten about.

I tried to look up the past of it's development and could only come up with that it came out just 1 year before the DS was showcased and they took the development onto it itself then a few years later they dropped the project on it as well.

The thing that confuses me is there are two different projects that were made around just a few months in a year one was PocketSNES and the other was SNESAdvance… so what I wonder is why the change and why did it fail?

If it interests you I intend to revive this project fixing games along the way and making it possible to play SNES games on a GBA though if the game didn't function on the app it wont work even if it's corrected.

Any help on this question and it's past would be much appreciated and thank you for reading this - Richard

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