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...As opposed to the ones that came out internationally post after Covid-19. The framerate in this video pretty much sums up how my PC Engine mini ran from day 1 of start up -

I had a feeling once I got the Coregrafx-mini in June they corrected everything... props to M2 for not only fixing the shimmering but that awful frame rate, you can still look back at the intro of Castlevania and notice the shaking in the intro which is absent on the Coregrafx-mini and likely the Turbografx-16 Mini's together... then again maybe the PC Engine mini had more lag due to the extra games it contained when it had its amount shortened possibly it opened up some space to correct the slowdown.

But to me I think all 1st produced products are bad and sadly I wouldn't be able to tell if a new PC Engine mini was distributed unless you know?


PC Engine Mini: Purchased from Amazon Japan

Issues I had: Jittery nauseating frame rate which was so bad it made my PCEAdvance emulation feel like the shimmering was non existant/Really bad heavy lag in some games that had FMV parts where Ricter moved across the screen he wobbled dramatically and screen gets really jittery when the morning star goes across the screen which breaks the skull... gameplay was also really shaky moving just to the right makes the screen shimmer badly also no matter what setting you choose in the options the shimmering is nauseating to say the least/Shmups are also unplayable due to the shimmering some faster than others but I cant hold my stomache to any of the games in the outbreak due to this and lastly Tokimeki Cultures bonus games also suffered heavily from this shimmering.

Overall experience: I preferred using retroarch on my modded classic over this anyday as did a lot of youtube reviews that mentioned it best way to describe how the games were running on the PC Engine mini was like a MSX and MSX2 game especially Gradius II it was unacceptable for sure.

Coregrafx Mini: Purchased from Amazon Europe

Issues that was different: Smooth less nauseating frame rate which was so good it made me want to pass up using my PCEAdvance emulation when I noticed I could see the shimmering on the AGS-101 screen though it ran at such a slow frame rate I wouldn't call it bad but after playing the Coregrafx mini it was not even there/Greatly reduced lag in all games that had FMV parts where Ricter moved across the screen he no longer jittered across the screen moved at the speed I would have expected from a proper FMV intro and when the morning star goes across the screen which breaks the enemy I couldn't even notice a feeling of nausea as it looked like the chain no longer shook when it extended out to break the skull... gameplay was no longer shaky moving just to the right makes the screen move as it would in any castlevania game without the heavy shimmering and just to check what setting I choose in the options the shimmering was not appearing in any screen ratio/Shmups seemed playable due to the smooth scrolling up even some faster than others and I managed to stomach all of the games regular speeds as they no longer bounce up and down due to this and lastly Salamanders bonus games also no longer had any issues with movement.

Overall experience: I preferred using this over retroarch anyday and hope to add most of the games I played before as they just load up without needed to go to so many options to boot up the game.

Final Thoughts: At first when I got the PC Engine mini I thought it may have been the dodgy HDMI cable or the fact the system wasn't compatible with a PAL HDMI TV, I never had a problem playing imports before as long as I have the right adapters so it seemed weird why my first experience was so bad, it was the device that was so bad and I am sure glad they had the extra time to iron out those bugs for the 2nd wave of them.

Edit: In case you wondered how Castlevania Rondo of Blood ran like on the 1st print PC Engine Mini's look no further than this video at time part 8:10 -

Edit 2: As for input lag I can say I couldn't get the button inputs for the Spriggan 2 game along with some others on the Mini to work to bring up their in game menus where you hold multiple button inputs while I managed to with the Coregrafx-mini though I only had a minor time to use it as I didn't expect it to be out in June a few days before I had no acess to my HDMI TV and went back to my CRT one but I will update further on what I find out when I have a good go at them tomorrow.

Edit 3: I managed to confirm that all classic in game button codes that are provided on gamefaqs are compatible via button and controller inputs except for Kung Fu the reason why is because it needed the classic way to reset a game by holding run and then pressing select as the mini is incapable of this despite not really making any sense why it is unable to as it is indeed possible to hold down run and select without bring up the mini menu save and load screen, it cant process the code requiring holding down the run and select buttons then letting go of the run button at the title screen and pressing up once on the directional pad, then letting go of the select button and pressing up 3 more times on the directional pad, and then pressing right on the directional pad 6 times then down 2 times and finally left 2 times so you can get invincibility throughout the game in a extra menu screen. So you would have to make do without any in game code saves for this game until the device gets hacked which you can add games that correct this.
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