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FXPAK (SD2SNES) / SD2SNES Pro goes crazy
« on: December 24, 2019, 06:29 PM »
Hi guys, first post here.

Recently bought a SD2SNES for all those games that don't run on my SNES Powerpak.
So far, I'm quite happy, until it dropped Sync quite often. The SNES is hooked up via a OSSC. To see if the SNES crashes, I plugged the SNES directly to the TV (my TV is that old).

The Picture looks.... interesting? Here is a Video of it:

I tested several games and it some had this issue and some not. To be honest, I didn't test any games without any special chips yet. MSU-1 games work fine. BS-X games sometimes work.

Any of you guys have the same problem or have any suggestions?

I know that the game on video is Wintergold and I'm running it on an NTSC Console. The Game runs fine on my PAL console. The point is, that it behaves like that with other games too.
Another example: Star Fox runs fine, but as soon I let run with FX Speed Fast, it shows the same picture. I don't know if this is an expected behavior or not.

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