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EverDrive N8 / N8 Everdrive works on AV Famicom, but not NES
« on: March 28, 2015, 08:57 AM »
Hi. I bought my N8 Everdrive from StoneAge Gamer in Spring 2013. It is a "Deluxe Edition" in a gold Famicom Shell, serial #007.

Well, I bought an AV Famicom around the same time frame and it's awesome.

I've tried both a 3rd party adapter from Venezuela and an official "Gyromite" adapter with the Everdrive N8, and it works flawlessly in the AV Famicom, it never worked in my NES deck. My NES deck has numerous mods, including the expansion audio mod (using a grounded 10k audio volume pot operating as a true voltage divider, instead of the usual series 47kohm resistor), a CopyNES addon board for USB dumping, a blue power LED, and lockout disable (cut pin 4 on the lockout chip).

I can't seem to get the Everdrive to work using a Famicom adapter on the NES deck, even though it works flawlessly on the NES side my Super Retro Trio using the same adapters. Never had any issues with the Powerpak on my NES deck, or any other original or homebrew game.

Powerpak works on the AV Famicom using an adapter, and the Everdrive runs on my AV Famicom and Super Retro Trio using daisy chained adapters (ie NES <-> Famicom <-> NES <-> Famicom) but obviously not the NES.

My only thought is the CopyNES is somehow interfering with proper operation of the Everdrive on my NES deck. The NES CPU is socketed to the CopyNES USB board which is socketed to the NES. I have not attempted to uninstall the CopyUSB mod yet but the addon board can be uninstalled easily and the NES CPU reinstalled in the socket.

Just wierd the Everdrive N8 works on the AV Famicom natively and the Retrobit Super Retro Trio clone (with adapter) but not my NES. And I have no plans to buy an NES version of the Everdrive N8 for testing. I also do not have a second NES control deck handy for testing...


EverDrive 64 / Re: list of emulators for ed64 v3
« on: December 02, 2014, 08:45 AM »
Hi. I recently bought an Everdrive 64 v3 and am ecstatic to learn that I can run NES games on it! ;D

Is there a list of iNES mappers that are supported on the Neon 64 emulator, or whatever the Everdrive v3 uses? Some Famicom games don't work. I Googled Neon 64, but the results dated back to last updated in 2004. ::)

Thanks to Krikzz for making this awesome tech. I currently have 5 everdrives, Famicom N8, Everdrive MD v3, SNES ED v2, Turbo ED, and Everdrive 64 v3...

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