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Yes thanks for all input. I have experience with poor quality bootleg hardware and I trust my instincts with this kind of stuff, but I also trust what the general opinion of the product is. Everdrives were also of dubious quality at first, but in my experience they have proven to be of quite good quality in general and have gotten better with time.

If it's really bending pins it's a serious issue though.

It's been my experience that ever drives have gotten worse over time.
When they were a small operation and they were all hand assembled by krikzz and his pals, they were good.

Now they are all mass produced we're seeing a laundry list of issues like random failures after a while, ram not soldered in correctly, SRAM batteries dumping their charge in record time, unreliable compatibility with branded SD cards etc.
The GBA X5 seems to have had more problems than most.
I don't think krikzz cares too much about it now though. He knows the EZ team have handed him his ass on the GBA.

I've never heard of this pin bending issue.
The boards are of the correct thickness and have the correct "ramp" on the edge of the shell.

Lol @ people criticising the Omega menu.
You know pretty much all everdrives use a bog basic plain text menu, right?

I've had the Omega DE since release and have had zero problems.
The losing save data issue was with the previous version.

As for the supposedly superior build quality of the everdrive; look at the list of issue here on just the first page.

I have nothing against krikzz products. I've had many over the years.
But in this case, the Omega Definitive Edition is objectively better in every way, and it costs less.

Sounds like dirty contacts to me.
Try giving the cart connectors and the connectors in the console a clean with isopropyl.

How come you switched over from the DE?

He wanted to spend more money on less features.

EverDrive GBA / Re: REQUEST: Isolated RTC Function for GBA X5
« on: July 17, 2021, 02:16 AM »
As a Boktai player I think it would be a pretty good feature, but I am not sure how hard would be to implement. I wish that at least GBA X5 had an option to change the clock from the OS menu.
The RTC feature on flashcards seems to be really hard. One year ago, the EZ Flash team had released the EZ Flash JR for Gameboy and until now they couldn't figure it out how to make the RTC to work properly.

the RTC works fine here on my EZ-Flash Jr.

Same on EZ Flash ODE

so another thread has this answer:

"If you use the most recent firmware for the device all you’ll need to do is power on the gameboy with the cart inside after a save for it to write the content of SRAM to the SD card and preserve the save. If the save has been moved to the SD card it won’t be lost when the battery runs dry."

So by "power on the gameboy after you save", what does this mean? Like, my gameboy is already powered on when the save happens. Seems vague and counterintuitive to ask someone to tuRn on something that is already running. So am I to interpret this as, I need to power it on immediately after shutting it off whenever I am done playing? Or do I need to shut it off right after I save, and start the system up immediately to back up the save.

How long can the system be powered down before the save is lost? 1 second? 5 seconds?

I am glad there is a solution, but it seems all the details on it are SUPER vague. So some clarification on what to do here, and HOW it works would be wonderful

It means that the save data is written to the sd card on every boot.
So when you power cycle the GBA, the save data is backed up.

I have no idea how long the save data will persist once the battery is dead though.
It's volatile RAM, so theoretically as soon as power is cut, it will lose its data... So yeah..

EverDrive GB / Re: X7 - Cart button doesn't work very often
« on: June 11, 2021, 01:24 AM »
Thank you so much for your comments. They are very useful to me.

Hahaha! I like it 😂

EverDrive GB / Re: Problems with New Everdrive X7 (Everdrive.ME)
« on: June 06, 2021, 11:01 PM »
How are you formatting it?
Operating systems don't always do it correctly.

Try the official sd card formatting tool:

EverDrive GB / Re: X7 - Cart button doesn't work very often
« on: June 06, 2021, 10:58 PM »
yeah keep doing it, you'll eventually break your hardware, lose saves, way to go.
There's a reason manufacturers put locks in the first place, this discussion is absolutely ridiculous.

Plot twist the intention was never to use game saves as various GB/GBC roms would eventually have been patched with hacks so no data can be lost, this allows full functionality with the EDGB to play any boarder with any non enhanced rom also from what I noticed the EDGB is too well made to loose game saves if it always resets to the OS menu but if you have a spare EDGB it's worth using it for a custom boarder set.

Please just stop posting and go away.

(and ffs stop saying "boarder". The word you're looking for is BORDER)

EverDrive GB / Re: X7 - Cart button doesn't work very often
« on: June 01, 2021, 05:52 PM »
All variations of SNES/SFC had a cartridge lock.
The US carts did indeed have a different lock slot, it's sloping and designed to slide the lock backward and switch the power off if you are dumb enough to pull the cart out without powering down first.

Regardless, yanking cartridges in and out with the power on is still a dumb idea.
At best, it will invariably crash your machine.
At worst it may damage something.
It certainly won't do magical things or grant you superpowers or make your dick bigger. And it WON'T magically get you back to the everdrive front end.

Just switch your machine on and off again.

I'll say it again u need a EZ-Flash Omega Defective Edition to do this

Haha! I don't want the defective edition 😂

I recommend next time you get the next one just use the preloaded emulators instead of the GBA roms.

I'd imagine that most sane people who buy a GBA flash cart do so in order to play GBA games.

Your fetish for barely functional emulators is getting out of hand.

EverDrive GBA / Re: Swanadvance
« on: May 27, 2021, 06:46 PM »
The only other gripe is that it runs like shit and doesn't play many games.

Hi everyone. I’m enjoying my new Everdrive GBA 5X. I’m curious, why is an emulator needed for GB and GBC games when the Gameboy Advance supports them natively? I notice a lot of the GBC roms don’t work well using the recommended emulator. Is there a way to play them from the Everdrive on GBA without an emu?  I understand I can buy the GB Everdrive but seems like that shouldn’t be necessary.

The GB/GBC mode of the GBA is triggered by a physical switch in the cartridge slot. GB/GBC cartridges press this switch but GBA carts don't.

This activates the GB/GBC mode on boot and changes the cartridge voltage from 3.3v (for GBA carts) to 5v (for GB)

It is not possible to run the GBA in GB/GBC mode with the GBA everdrive.
You're stuck with emulators or using the GB everdrive.

I was able to find the set. But not a sorted one for everdrive. Sorting the files will be very time consuming.



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