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So I got an FXPak Pro recently, works great in my Super NT, but if I want to use my 8bitdo wireless controller, I can't boot it with the receiver plugged in.

I have to unplug the receiver, boot the console, THEN plug the receiver in. Otherwise it won't boot at all. Of course, zero issues with wired controllers.

I contacted Analogue, they told me to make sure I had the newest firmware on console, and the cart, which I do.

As an interesting side note, my friend has an older SD2SNES and that works just fine with the controller receiver plugged in for boot up.

EDIT: I tried changing the boot timing from 0-10 and anything in between, boot to cart, boot to menu, boot logo etc. I also verified, the console, controller, receiver, and cart are all on the newest firmwares.

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