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Hi all,

I still got fail result. Not sure if it did not connect to system or not.
But I think it should be connected to my SFC because the screen will show "No SD card" message if I remove SD card on SD2SNES. 

Thanks a lot

Thank you, FeverDrive.
I will try it after I went home.
Actually, I have a shell and it was separated. Because I would like to see the LED light.
Thanks a lot

Hi all,
I bought a SD2SNES from  junfangames which is dealer from official linkage.
However, when I got SD2SNES, it always show black screen if I insert SD card.
If I did not insert SD card, it will show no SD card found.
Thus I tried sever SD card, included Toshiba, SanDisk...
But all the result is same.
I also use different firmware but symptom is same.
The led light of my SD2SNES is always turn on if I insert the SD card.

I have no idea now so call help here.
I would like to check if someone could give me any suggestion for this symptom.
Thanks a lot

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