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Title: SD2SNES on Clone SNES Hardware?
Post by: Jonny0r on May 06, 2021, 03:03 PM
Hello guys,

I buyed on Aliexpress one of this Clone Famicoms from RETROAD.
Saw some Videos of it and it really looked promising as you are able to use the original controller and HDMi :P

I just wanted to ask if somebody has also this kind of console and got his SD2SNES (or FXPAK) working?

I use the latest Firmware 1.10.3 on an non Pro Flash Cart (for sure original, not a clone).

But when i put it in, i always get some glitches and this only stops with holding down the reset button.
On Youtube several people are using this console with Everdrive or SD2SNES (but here i for sure doesnt know if its a clone card).

Does somebody has experience with that? Normal PAL Hardware is working like normal. PAL Games aswell, but problems to get my baby running. :)

If somebody would have some tips or knowledge except "dont buy shit from china", this would be cool :)

Thanks in Advance,