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I am a big an of the Super Famicom primarily, and have begun collecting these games far more than games from other regions. For the past decade I have moved my preference from the Super Nintendo to Super Famicom. And am always collecting cartridges and other hardware.

And have been trying to avoid English patches wherever possible. Opting to use this as an opportunity to better learn Japanese myself. Getting a more 'authentic' Super Famicom experience, and enjoying games in the same way Japanese players would.

To better play games, I recently finally invested in a Super NT and SD2SNES Pro. And have been excitedly loading it with my favourite SFC games, or any I might even ever be slightly interested in playing. With 400 SFC games on it, now.

To compliment the Super Famicom, Japanese gaming theme I have been going for, I was hoping to use the original Japanese titles, with original Japanese characters: Kana. Or, better known as Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. And sometimes, Romaji, or Roman characters, like I'm using right now, are used, usually in companion with Japanese characters.

And using the database in order for me to better find the original, Japanese character titles for these games. I tried naming both roms and folders with these Japanese titles. But, disappointingly, neither work. The SD2SNES doesn't seem to support Japanese text.

I contacted StoneAgeGamer about my question and request, and they said they would try to get in contact with krikzz. But, after no response, they recommend I got to their forum.

So, in that order, here I am.

I would like to request, as a big fan of Super Famicom gaming especially. To make the experience feel more authentic, it would be very very nice to be able to have support for Japanese text if at all possible in the menu and supported by the file system. I have a fluent understanding of Hiragana and Katakana, and a growing understanding of Kanji. Thanks in part, due to playing Super Famicom games, and by necessity needing to translate and understand kanji.

This would go a long way to my enjoyment of my SD2SNES if I could give these games, whether the roms themselves, or folders they can be moved to, Japanese titles. These carts I own already have Japanese text on the labels, it would be nice enjoy the same experience with my SD2SNES.

I know this isn't as important as improving compatibility. But if at all possible, I would greatly appreciate this feature. I'm sure I can't be the only person who sees the appeal in displaying Japanese games, in this case, SFC games, in their original Japanese language.

And hopefully, adding JIS support would be fairly easy and simple? I would hope.

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