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EverDrive N8 / Any plans for the n8 to play nsf files?
« on: February 17, 2014, 08:50 PM »
Sorry if this has been answered before.  Are there any plans for the n8 to be able to play nsf music files?

Off Topic / Idea for the main website
« on: October 29, 2013, 03:50 AM »
On the main website you get a bunch of pictures of pcbs which may be confusing to many customers.  I can look at a pcb and be impressed by the hardware that's there but for most people it's just a bunch of chips and it's unrecognizable outside of a cartridge shell.

I'm thinking to make it more obvious what this hardware is, the initial pictures on the main website should be the everdrives in cartridge shells with a sd card next to or inserted into the shell to make it more obvious.  Then on the cartridge label it can say "sd loading" or something to make it even more obvious.

Once you click on the everdrive you're interested in to go to the specific page about it then you can get pictures of what the pcb looks like, which makes sense to me.

Ideas?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Better idea(s)?

Off Topic / Viletim's NESRGB
« on: October 13, 2013, 11:01 AM »
Viletim's next great product is tested and working fully.  The NESRGB

Early development picture by Tiido that's been in my image account for probably over half a year now:

Above videos are taken from my av famicom with a slightly altered audio circuit.

This is actually a project I've known about for quite some time.  The first such working device was posted on nesdev in 2012 by kalle / thefox:

Viletim made a consumer version and Tiido Priimagi did testing (and debugging?)

I got my hands on a slightly early release (first batch) to help with measurements to get adapters made for it to fit in certain models of the nes / famicom.

Anyway what this thing is: Basically, you install it, use your regular composite nes ppu chip, and this device captures the graphic information digitally and outputs interference free rgb, s-video and composite video.  This device uses the regular composite nes ppu graphic chip meaning there's zero glitching, zero compatibility issues, and the picture is in the original composite ppu pallette.

There is no emulation or clone hardware!  This device uses nothing but the real original hardware so the experience is 100% authentic and issue free.

Additional features:

An audio circuit which I haven't tested since I've come up with my own nes / famicom audio solutions.  This audio circuit will probably be most useful in the nes 2 since the nes 2 contains the audio amp in the rf box.

The ability to select between 3 different pallettes.  Thanks to the image coming from a cpld tim added the feature to select between the original composite pallette (nintendulator), some improved emulator pallette, and even the rgb ppu pallette.  Personally, I think the original composite pallette looks best.

S-video encoding, and even composite which is selectable from either the original ppu composite out pin or the encoded version.

This device is a dream come true and I'm glad to help viletim get measurements to build adapters for this to fit under the case of the nes 2 / av famicom.  As you can see in the above pictures I managed to get it going and fitting nicely in my sharp twin famicom but it was a bit tricky.

This product is nothing but top quality.  Tim was nice enough to include with my first batch purchases online jumper setting and wiring instructions, s-video, rgb and 3.5 mm stereo jacks with small pcbs to solder the ports into, a separate 7805 regulator pcb, and even a 4 way switch for the pallette selection (I just jumped mine since I only want the original composite pallette).

The included 7805 regulator pcb is just to make sure your console won't suffer from the extra power draw.

Once the adapter pcbs get made these kits will come with every bit and piece you'd possibly need to install the device in virtually any model of nes / famicom home (and arcade?  Arcade yet to be tested) hardware.

How to get this device in your home:

1: Buy it from viletim's website, 2: pay a modder to install it for you or install it yourself.  I'll be offering installation service on my forum for around 100$ plus shipping.

A huge thanks to the nesdev community for reworking the nes ppu enough to make this happen.  Of course a huge thanks to Viletim for making the ideal consumer version and for being such a pleasant person to deal with and work with.  It's great to see cpld / fpga being used for all these great upgrades.

Off Topic / Why we need a krikzz gb / gbc / gba cartridge
« on: August 13, 2013, 07:06 PM »
I've built and bought currently the best ways to play flash stuff on the original gameboy and gameboy color.  Here's as far as I can tell the best available options:

On the far left is my devcart, building this thing takes a lot of work / parts.

The devcart uses a real nintendo mbc5 chip, all games run without modification.
Games can be changed on the go.

Using a game above 8mbit (only gbc games are this big) requires a bulky adapter.
This devcart is big and if it wasn't I would have to flash it every time I wanted to change games.
Only one save stored at a time since it uses the real hardware.

Next is the GB USB Smart Card 64M flashcart.

Smaller, around the size of your average gb / gbc cartridge.
Can store multiple games.

Can only hold one save at a time by default.
The hardware isn't authentic so certain games have to be patched otherwise they'll crash.

I included in this picture my gba ez-flash IV because it's what I imagine a krikzz flashcart would be like.  The ez-flash IV loads games from a mini sd card into a ram chip.  If the game is massive then it's loaded into a flash chip instead.  The ez-flash IV can store as many savegames as I like.

EZ-Flash IV carts sell out like hot cakes, so obviously there's a market here.  Imagine we had a solution like the EZ-Flash IV for the original gameboy / gameboy color, I'm sure it would be very popular.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and enjoy some custom romhacks running on the gb usb smart card to show another advantage of having a flashcart:

Off Topic / Gameboy Devcart Version 3
« on: June 27, 2013, 09:31 PM »
Same hardware as version 2, I just rebuilt the case.

This thing will hold me over until someone makes a proper gameboy / gameboy color cart that reads games from a sd card.  My devcart supports games all the way up to 64 mbit.  The main socket you can burn, drop and play eproms up to 8mbit without any rewiring.  The toggle switch on the top is to switch between regular eprom and eprom compatible flashchips.  The 3 pin header on the top is the extra address lines for 16, 32 and 64 mbit adapters.  This cart uses the mbc5 chip so it can play the entire gb / gbc library.  This cart also has the largest possible size save ram chip running on a socketed battery.

Just so people know, this is a game that doesn't run on the everdrive n8 yet because the mmc5 mapper isn't working yet on the flashcart.

Satoshimatrix kept telling me how amazing the rockman 4 minus infinity romhack is.  I read online that it's possible to make this game run on an actual cartridge.  This particular game is mmc5, I conveniently had a spare game with a mmc5 pcb sitting in my closet not being used for anything.  This conversion isn't very easy.  You need to desolder the chr rom and the prg rom as well.  You need to solder a 8k ram chip into the chr rom spot and rewire it a bit.  You need to solder the maskrom into the prg rom spot and again do rewiring.  I was handed a wiring guide and I fixed a bunch of stuff on the guide:

This guide before I changed stuff had you cutting traces all over the pcb which you don't need to do.  The ram chip part number was for a ram chip with the wrong pinout so I removed that number.  You can also use a m27c801 chip for the maskrom.  The pcb I used was a different pcb.  This guide is stupidly only made for one pcb type but there's more than one type of mmc5 pcb you can use.

My reproduction worked first try without cutting a single trace on the pcb.  Here's how my cart looks right now:

The ram chip and maskrom I added are socketed for now.  I wired up the maskrom socket so it's eprom pinout this way for future updates I can just burn a new eprom, drop it in, and play.

Of course since this is the most awesome romhack ever made the hacker used every trick the nes can do, including color emphasis which the rgb ppu chip doesn't do.  After having the author of this hack tell me he won't make a version without color emphasis, myself + spikeman set out to romhack it out ourselves.  We succeeded, any parts that used to use color emphasis we changed into using grayscale.

This romhack truly is amazing.  It adds the ability to save your game with a battery backed ram chip so no more passwords.  This game is so converted it feels like a completely new rockman game, and it's made extremely well.

I look forward to the n8 being able to do mmc5.  This romhack alone is worth the effort of getting that going.

Master EverDrive / How does saving work?
« on: June 20, 2013, 09:37 PM »
I got my master everdrive.  Looking at it the pcb is a fpga (cpld?), ram chip, sd slot, and a flash chip.  I got saving to work fine on this cart.  My question is, when you save your game where does it save?  Is it writing to the flash chip every time you save?  The ram chip doesn't have a battery circuit so I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what this ram chip is used for.

Off Topic / SD Gamecube
« on: June 14, 2013, 06:01 AM »
Since I love playing gameboy advance stuff on my tv I decided to get a gamecube with a gameboy player.  I hate optical drives, luckily after loosely following the gamecube modding community for some time I discovered there's a fpga solution out there for the gamecube:

This little device is just a fpga that solders into the connector the dvd drive normally connects to.  So far this has run every game I tried without any issues.  I really hope to see more devices like this in the future for other older optical drive based consoles.

Off Topic / Modded sharp twin famicom
« on: June 03, 2013, 02:37 PM »
This is my modified sharp twin famicom.  I added the following:

True RGB with no jailbars or video interference.  Using a rgb ppu chip from an arcade unit.

True S-video with no jailbars or video interference.

A N64 multi av port.

Removed the low pass filter to remove audio muffle on the default audio circuit.

A switch on the back to switch between the default audio circuit and the f-labo kit audio circuit.

The expansion connector has been replaced with a standard connector so it's easy for me to wire up custom expansion hardware.  Original expansion hardware still works fine with the new port.

I soldered in nes controller ports so I can use any standard nes controller on this system.

Demonstration video:

Off Topic / Super FX Devcart 3.0
« on: May 22, 2013, 04:22 PM »
What does it run?  Everything and anything.  4, 8, 16 mbit eproms.  The superfx chip is the gsu-2-sp1.  I installed a 512k ram chip that overclocks faster than other ram chips and restored the address line needed to get 512k of ram instead of 256k.   There's a four pin header on the back with connectors for 5v, ground, the original 21.4 mhz clock (pin 1 of the cartridge connector) and the clock line that feeds directly into the superfx chip if I ever feel like plugging in an oscillator for overclocking.  This cart plays super fx original roms or romhacks of any size up to 16 mbits at either default or various overclocked speeds.  The save battery has been socketed for easy swapping.  The eprom socket is standard 4 / 8 mbit eprom wiring, the extra pin connector is the extra address line needed for a 16 mbit adapter.

Off Topic / Street Fighter 2 Sheng Long Arcade Romhack
« on: May 18, 2013, 04:50 PM »
This's an arcade romhack I've been working on in my spare time since sometime in 2012.  This game is running on a real capcom cps1 arcade board.  I modified the arcade board to have less audio muffle but the game runs fine on a stock cps1 as well.  It's a romhack that uses code from other existing romhacks that's been highly manipulated.  It's very over the top, I find it fun, I don't expect everyone to like this sort of hack though.

Off Topic / Street fighter 2 arcade audio upgrade
« on: May 10, 2013, 12:47 AM »

Off Topic / PC engine controller on a genesis
« on: April 18, 2013, 04:39 PM »

I find this thing much easier to use than a genesis control pad.

Off Topic / SNES Superfx overclocking
« on: April 10, 2013, 03:28 PM »
Starfox 2 with the slowdown decreased and running at 53.3 mhz:

I had to reprogram the game rom a little to accomplish this.  I disabled a superfx hardware mode that was halving the possible overclock speed.  I also enabled another superfx hardware mode that greatly decreases slowdown, and enabled yet another hardware mode that allowed me to overclock the game past 48 mhz.  This can be built out of any gsu 1 / gsu 2 donor cartridge but not the mario chip.  I've got other games running at insane speeds I'll upload new videos once I have them more tweaked.

I find the most challenging superfx game to overclock is doom, I'm really confused as to why it freezes at any decent speed.

EverDrive N8 / Romhacks won't run
« on: March 23, 2013, 04:34 PM »
There's romhacks out there that won't boot on the powerpak unless you boot them with a save file.  On the famicom n8 I can't get them to boot under any circumstance.  Here's one:

Here's another:

Both of these I can get running on the powerpak but have no success on the n8.  I hope we can get these great hacks running.

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