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Title: Start Games Remotely via USB
Post by: 4lexKidd on August 10, 2020, 09:24 AM
Hi Folks,
i read some topics here about the usb port/support of the sd2snes, especially these ones:

What i could read from them is, that a) dev based interaction with the port should be possible therefor sending messages to the running cardridge from other, connected devices might be as well?
And that there is usb support on the "newer" SD2Snes (FXPakPro), which i bought recently (couple of months ago so might have to update for the new usb support).

So my question is:
Is there a way to start games remotely via usb on a specific given path on the sd-card?
I have a little knowledge about sending messages via usb(comm-ports) to other devices but to be able to do that in this case i would need the exact message (or at least the needed message structure) the FXPakPro needs to start games remotely.
Best case would be if there is framework created by the devs to send messages to the FXPakPro. (Would also allow me to inject savegames remotely)

Some Background info:
I want to hook my FXPakPro to a raspi (or other mini-pc) via usb to run a database display programm on it. With that i could fill all kinds of info about the games/romhacks on the details view there and be able to sort or tag the games with custom functions. Technicly Savestate handling should possibly be implementable there as well (but that is a follow up project if the devs aren't faster on that topic than me  ;D)

So is there a way to do that ?

Best regards
Title: Re: Start Games Remotely via USB
Post by: The Unboxing Authority on October 28, 2020, 07:48 AM
I don't know, but I love talk of innovation with the FXPAK Pro and new possibilities!
I realize that I don't know as much about it as others, and it can be a headache to figure out how to do new things, like run other consoles on the Cyclone V inside the FXPAK PRO, or add a Memory Module between the SNES and FXPAK PRO, but I still love any discussion that encourages innovation!

Right now I'm looking around the forums to see if SaveStates work while using Enhancement Chips yet. I'm happy that Savestates and the Super Gameboy 2 are on the same firmware. That is very nice! Now if it can just run an enhancement chip or Super Gameboy 2 and the Savestate at the same time. I don't know how much more innovation we will see with this hardware, but the possibilities are endless.

I want to see more Enhancement Chip modules being invented (like the MSU-1), new games, Console Emulation, and all kinds of fun stuff. Maybe even allow the SNES to display the output of a computer, using the expansion port on the bottom of the console.

A guy can dream :)
Title: Re: Start Games Remotely via USB
Post by: 4lexKidd on October 28, 2020, 09:19 AM
Hi sorry, i didn't Update this thread After i found the solution. Shame on me :D

Due to some pm advice from other community members i found redguys usb2snes framework on github (https://github.com/RedGuyyyy/usb2snesw/pulls), which is a branch of Ikaris sd2snes base Code.

In redguys branch there is an integrated file System, which in itself is a Colab of multiple people.
Interestingly enough this IFS allows for remote starting games on a via USB connected Fxpak pro and due to available Code could be modified.

In fact this is my current project.
I alter redguys IFS-base Code to allow it to be used as an instand remote rom starter.
For this to function property, it takes a given fixed sd-card path from an outside source(like for example a fancy ui rom Selektion Programm) and routes this path through the whole Code to the place where the remote Start is triggered.
Therefore i could also create a fancy ui rom-data base selection Programm to give fixed paths to this modified framework and it should Start the games remotely on the console. Ths fancy ui rom selector is next in line in my projecta list ;)

Fancy steam-like rom selection possible

for the startup/selection process an usb connected PC is needed. (but not mandatory due to regular on-console selection capabilities)

All in all: in some months the projects should be done and i will Post them here for All fxpak Pro users to enjoy ;)
Title: Re: Start Games Remotely via USB
Post by: The Unboxing Authority on October 29, 2020, 08:32 AM
Hmmm. So will you be able to switch games without restarting the snes control deck console?

It's an interesting idea to use a pc with a better gui interface. This could result in a second display, next to the output display of the snes, to allow game selection from the secondary display, possibly with touch screen, however I don't think touch screen is accurate enough. Buttons and or a mouse might be better than a touchscreen.

Imagine if you could get output from the snes through the usb port. You could get video, controller input/output, etc. Possibly introduce an internet connection to roms running on the fxpack pro, or inject video and audio output from your computer to run through the snes ;)

Just using the FXPACK pro to interface with the SNES.
Title: Re: Start Games Remotely via USB
Post by: 4lexKidd on October 29, 2020, 10:35 AM
Well technically yes, redguys usb2snes File Explorer and its remote Start Feature is already capable of that (would not recommend doing so because of not messing with loaded RAM)

Yes indeed that is what i wanted to Do as next project. A steam like hub where you can specify folder on your pc/raspi or what not and the Programm scans those folder for .sfc or.smc file (maybe if i am bored/enthusiastisch enough recognize the hash of the game and identifying it by its hash-value).
Input capabilities are absolutely up to you but technically you could Port that selector Programm to An App and use it (connected to the fxpak Pro via USB) as a remote control. Possibilities are endless. The key elements (the absolute path on the sd-card and the transfer to redguys remote Start logic) stay the same.
But due to a existing proper steam App, a snes rom selector App should be possible and good to control too.

Well the output of the snes is a whole other Story because krikkz and Ikarus cardridge/sd2snes - Software Do not hve control over what the console does. I would emagine it more like a reverse emulator on the console. Instead of emulating the console and feeding it the Rom data, their cartridge emulated the Rom data and how it would send commands and data to the console. Therefore getting a console to Do something it is not capable of in the basic vanilla console is not possible unless the console itself is modified(on hardware/Software side). But the cardridge could allow for a lot of other stuff if ikari and krikkz decided to extend its capabilities.