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Hello everybody. Today i received the everdrive gg x7 but unfortunately i can't make it play. I always receiving a message when i boot my console "memory error"!!!
I don't know what i am doing wrong or maybe the card is faulty.
I am using for sd card a Sandisc 16GB Class 4 and i have copied in the root of the sd card a folder named SMSSYS and inside that folder there is a file named SMSOS.BIN.
Do i need to do anything else? It seems i can't find any guide.

I finaly managed to make it play with a strange way. I powered on my Game Gear with no everdrive inside and then i push the everdrive inside console and is booting up normally. Strange but it works. Maybe it has to do with my mod, i have installed the McWill screen. I don't know. The only thing that matters is that is working great even if i have to do it that way. Thanks again.

Does anyone knows why is not booting normally my cartidge?
Also when i am trying to play Master system and sg-1000 gamesthe colours are ok but the image is not centered on the screen.
Except the folder named SMSSYS (inside that folder there is a file named SMSOS.BIN) is there any other file that i must copy to the sd card?

The Game Gear does something to the screen, but I don't know if it's supposed to be off-center or not. I guess it could be the McWill screen's fault as well.
How many games did you try? Does it happen uniformly with every game you try?

And btw, hotplugging the cartridge sounds dangerous and could possibly break something. I think you should tell both the McWill producer and Krikzz about the problem.
Do your Game Gear have a BIOS or not?

Hello. I have just tested 10 SG-1000 games. MY GG has the original screen. It is my original GG as well. I had it re-capped, professionally, otherwise it is 100% stock. The SG-1000 games play fine and are centered on the screen.

I tested these games:
Bomb Jack (Taiwan) (English Logo)
Champion Billiards (Japan)
Champion Golf (Japan)
Championship Lode Runner (Japan)
Choplifter (Taiwan) (English Logo)
Elevator Action (Japan)
Galaga (Taiwan)
Monaco GP (Japan)
Pitfall II - The Lost Caverns (Japan)
Space Invaders (Japan)


I just tried about 20 SMS games and they all play fine. They were all centered on screen and played without issue.


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