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To those it may concern. I think I figured out the solution to the issue which is definitely a 'mode' situation.

Genesis 1 and 32x original hardware
Turn on the Retrobit wireless controller first.
Set it to blue mode (3-button)
Hold 'select' which is the 'mode' button and turn on the console so the console recognizes it as such.
I'm on a Mega ED
Load up WWF RAW 32x while holding the 'mode' button.

I seem to load it up every time when I do this.

Quick question: How the heck do you use the specials in this game? I found a FAQ online that said to use the analog stick during a grapple, but I was playing as Rick Flair and no matter how many times I tried, I could never pull of his special. Any advice?

When you have "SPECIAL" in your meter, do a strong grapple (Hold the grapple button) then flick the analog stick. Maybe you're doing it and don't realize Flair has one of the most odd "SPECIAL" in the game which consists of a slap and a 'Flair Flop.' I use it mainly to transition into a strong grapple then down+A to do a small package pin and get a 'cheap' victory.

VPW2 English works on X7. I have an X7 and it is all I will probably "EVER" need. ha

Can anyone recommend me a valid Virtua Racing ROM that works with the MEP?
I have the cartridge of the game but don't manage to dump it properly. I tried two ROMs from the internet. In the first the two player mode doesn't work and in the second the system shows a black screen after a two player game.

I'm pretty sure I have one. I loaded it the other day.

I can get it to boot sometimes but it is vaguely inconsistent. Has something to do with changing the controller mode while either powering on the system entirely or loading the rom.

Update: Odd, when I switch the retrobit wireless to 3 button mode the game starts up regularly. Perhaps it is a programming error at development. I just have to switch it to boot up the game, then switch back. Was the mode button used to switch between 3 and 6 button back in the day? The retrobit has a button combination and LED indicator. Do these do the same thing or are they completely different functions?

Wired was 3 button. Wireless was 6. When I start the game up with the 3 Button then plug in the wireless 6 button, everything works fine. It is the initial boot up that assumes there is no controller and WWF RAW is 6 button compatible.

Mega EverDrive / WWF RAW 32X Controller Problem - Mega EverDrive Pro
« on: October 20, 2020, 02:48 PM »
When I play WWF RAW 32X with a retrobit 2.4ghz 6 button controller I always get a 'controller 1 not found or defective" message. It seems to be only with this game. Plugging in a wired controller fixes the issue, but the problem remains with the wireless controller. The system assumes a controller is not connected into the port. Would this be considered a Retrobit issue or a Mega EverDrive Pro issue?

Disregard. There was another patch I found and it works on the FXPak Pro

Is anyone aware of an English translation of Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium for FXPak Pro? I found a translation but it didn't seem to work, perhaps I patched it wrong. Though it seems to be emulator only.

They're aware of the game hanging, especially after matches in non-exhibition modes.

"1. Random Freezing after matches. Working on a fix and has to do with compressed move files."

Sweet. I ordered one so now I'm excited even more!

Does the FXPak Pro Support Action Replay/Game Genie? I didn't see it on the item description.

EverDrive 64 / Re: WWF No mercy help
« on: April 03, 2020, 10:04 AM »
I wanted to use the 1.1 version but the GS codes didn't work. So I made a full unlocked save with GS codes in PJ64 with the 1.0 version, got the save and converted it to the right format. .sra? I can't remember. But 1.0 saves are interchangeable with 1.1 saves. That's how I got my 1.1 to have all the unlocks without having to play through the whole thing again. There is a tool somewhere around here that converts emulator saves to ED64 saves.

i bought from stoneagegamer. They're located in nothern ohio so easy shipping for me. Was here in 2 days.

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