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Mega EverDrive / Re: Dark Wizard [segaCD] not working.
« on: June 10, 2013, 05:07 PM »
I have a modified MD2, it has a switch for ntsc, pal and eng/jap language.
If the game is ntsc and the audio is aut of sync, just click on the switch, but in this case, i thing the rom has some issues. I need a straight copy.

Snatcher, there is a ntsc version, and it works fine.

Mega EverDrive / Dark Wizard [segaCD] not working.
« on: June 09, 2013, 03:05 PM »
does anyone got this rom to work on SegaCD?
I have the MD1, MD2 and SegaCD2, both PAL versions. With the mega everdrive i got all the games to work, except Dark Wizard (theres only ntsc).
It starts, but it freezes on the intro, a few minutes later. and the audio is out of sync too.
I've tested all the roms that i could find on the web, with no success.

Does someone have the original and could make a straight copy?

Tanks in advance!

Tank you.
My Genesis is PAL, i'll search more.
But it's not so bad, because we still have it on the genesis and it's a better version.

Does anyone got this game to work on mega everdrive?
I've downloaded the rom from several places and no one works.

An the rom Golden Axe Warrior, it seems to have the same problem.

Someone help.  :-\

EverDrive MD / Re: Problem with Master System ROMS
« on: April 28, 2013, 10:26 PM »
Oh! I didn't knew that.
Tanks for the info.

EverDrive MD / Problem with Master System ROMS
« on: April 28, 2013, 05:24 PM »
Hello, i've tried some master system games. So far, they all worked fine.
But there are games like Alien Syndrome, that when the game starts, the character goes to the left but i'm not pressing anything.  :o

What could be the problem?

I'm testing all those games without the state manager on.
There are still a few that don't work.

Populous, Barver Battle Saga and Conquering the World 3  worked fine.

Ok, i've finished.

I get a purple screen on these:
Boxing Legends of the Ring
Dragon's Revenge
Paperboy 2

Menacer 6-in-1 Game Pack (i'm stuck on the menu screen, the buttons doesn't seem to work)

If anyone could send me those roms it would be nice, please!

I have disabled the "state manager" and tried a few and they worked. 
i'm feeling so stupid.  :-\

I'll check it out. I didn't know that we need to patch a few games.

Wow!  :o
Where did u get ur roms?
I´ve download them from every corner on the internet. Including those from "goodgen".

Send me those roms that are working, please.

I've tried EVERY genesis title on my Mega Everdrive.
more than one version of each game.

I've made a list with the titles that doesn't work.

Here is the full list:
Virtua Racing
Akumajou Dracula - Vampire Killer
Australian Rugby League
Shaq Fu
Block Out
Boxing Legends of the Ring - or Chavez II
Barver Battle Saga - The Space Fighter
Centurion - Defender of Rome
Coach K College Basketball
Conquering the World 3
Crue Ball
F-22 Interceptor
Faery Tale Adventure, The
Fatal Rewind
FIFA Soccer 95
FIFA Soccer 97
FIFA Soccer 98 - Road to the World Cup
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball
Dragon's Revenge
General Chaos
Haunting, the
Immortal, the
James Pond 1
James Pond 2
James Pond 3
Joe Montana Football
John Madden Football 91
John Madden Football 92
John Madden Football 93
John Madden NFL 94
King's Bounty: The Conqueror's Quest
Lakers vs Celtics
Legend of Galahad
Lotus Turbo Challenge
Madden NFL 96
Madden NFL 97
Marble Madness
Menacer 6-in-1 Game Pack
Mickey Mouse - Minnie's Magical Adventure 2
MLBPA Baseball
NBA Live 96
NBA Live 97
NHL 95
NHL 97
NHL Hockey 91
NHL Hockey 92
NHL Hockey 94
Ninja Burai Densetsu
Paperboy 2
PGA Tour 96
PGA Tour Golf
PGA Tour Golf 2
Power Monger
Rings of Power
Road Rash
Road Rash 2
Road Rash 3
Rolo to the Rescue
Rugby World Cup 95
Taiwan Tycoon
Team USA Basketball
Techno Clash
Tony La Russa 95
Tony La Russa Baseball
Total Football
Toughman Contest
Triple Play 96
Virtual Pinball
Wonder Library
Sesame Street Counting Cafe

I didn't expect to be so many.  :o

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