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FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Dark Horizontal Lines
« on: June 30, 2020, 11:30 PM »
When using my SD2SNES, I get a pair of dark horizontal lines that crawl down the screen slowly in an endless cycle. This does not happen with an actual SNES cart. Any ideas what might be causing this, and how it could be fixed? It's very unpleasant.

Is it by anychance the pan and scan cut off point where you can see more stuff than the retail game shows?

...As opposed to the ones that came out internationally post after Covid-19. The framerate in this video pretty much sums up how my PC Engine mini ran from day 1 of start up -

I had a feeling once I got the Coregrafx-mini in June they corrected everything... props to M2 for not only fixing the shimmering but that awful frame rate, you can still look back at the intro of Castlevania and notice the shaking in the intro which is absent on the Coregrafx-mini and likely the Turbografx-16 Mini's together... then again maybe the PC Engine mini had more lag due to the extra games it contained when it had its amount shortened possibly it opened up some space to correct the slowdown.

But to me I think all 1st produced products are bad and sadly I wouldn't be able to tell if a new PC Engine mini was distributed unless you know?


PC Engine Mini: Purchased from Amazon Japan

Issues I had: Jittery nauseating frame rate which was so bad it made my PCEAdvance emulation feel like the shimmering was non existant/Really bad heavy lag in some games that had FMV parts where Ricter moved across the screen he wobbled dramatically and screen gets really jittery when the morning star goes across the screen which breaks the enemy... gameplay was also really shaky moving just to the right makes the screen shimmer badly also no matter what setting you choose in the options the shimmering is nauseating to say the least/Shmups are also unplayable due to the shimmering some faster than others but I cant hold my stomache to any of the games in the outbreak due to this and lastly Tokimeki Cultures bonus games also suffered heavily from this shimmering.

Overall experience: I preferred using retroarch on my modded classic over this anyday as did a lot of youtube reviews that mentioned it best way to describe how the games were running on the PC Engine mini was like a MSX and MSX2 game especially Gradius II it was unacceptable for sure.

Coregrafx Mini: Purchased from Amazon Europe

Issues that was different: Smooth less nauseating frame rate which was so good it made me want to pass up using my PCEAdvance emulation when I noticed I could see the shimmering on the AGS-101 screen though it ran at such a slow frame rate I wouldn't call it bad but after playing the Coregrafx mini it was not even there/Greatly reduced lag in all games that had FMV parts where Ricter moved across the screen he no longer jittered across the screen moved at the speed I would have expected from a proper FMV intro and when the morning star goes across the screen which breaks the enemy I couldn't even notice a feeling of nausea as it looked like the chain no longer shook when it extended out to break the rock... gameplay was no longer shaky moving just to the right makes the screen move as it would in any castlevania game without the heavy shimmering and just to check what setting I choose in the options the shimmering was not appearing in any screen ratio/Shmups seemed playable due to the smooth scrolling up even some faster than others and I managed to stomach all of the games regular speeds as they no longer bounce up and down due to this and lastly Salamanders bonus games also no longer had any issues with movement.

Overall experience: I preferred using this over retroarch anyday and hope to add most of the games I played before as they just load up without needed to go to so many options to boot up the game.

Final Thoughts: At first when I got the PC Engine mini I thought it may have been the dodgy HDMI cable or the fact the system wasn't compatible with a PAL HDMI TV, I never had a problem playing imports before as long as I have the right adapters so it seemed weird why my first experience was so bad, it was the device that was so bad and I am sure glad they had the extra time to iron out those bugs for the 2nd wave of them.

Edit: In case you wondered how Castlevania Rondo of Blood ran like on the 1st print PC Engine Mini's look no further than this video at time part 8:10 -

Edit 2: As for input lag I can say I couldn't get the button inputs for the Spriggan 2 game along with some others on the Mini to work to bring up their in game menus where you hold multiple button inputs while I managed to with the Coregrafx-mini though I only had a minor time to use it as I didn't expect it to be out in June a few days before I had no acess to my HDMI TV and went back to my CRT one but I will update further on what I find out when I have a good go at them tomorrow.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: June 29, 2020, 05:35 PM »
Sameboy is highly accurate, I doubt it has problems with most normal games.

Special hardware like the Robotponkotsu games are hardly emulated by any emulator. But that's irrelevant since the emulator source code is just used as documentation.
GBE+ is supporting a lot of the obscure hardware.

Tamagocchi 3 has a custom MBC with an EEPROM, RTC and a piezoelectric beeper.

None of those games run on the EDGB or the X7 they are on real hardware but the only thing I managed to get was the boarders to use on any game, one of them leads up the developer screen which was the poncots USA version but it then whites out. While the others only load the boarders I made a more comprehensive list here of every game in my finalized EDGB version a few years ago it pretty much covers every special chip game even what attatchment was used on it, image heavy incoming...

Special Mapper Games -

Special Device Games -

Mapper Games That Work On EDGB Series Including X7 -

Comprehensive Enhanced Color Game List which don't load up a boarder so you can add any other game boarder from any SGB enhanced game that is not listed here (Including the 3 games that lost their enhancements to get the colors back via code) -

You also forgot the include the Mani 4-in-1 series of official Chinese Game Boy compilations.

Oh Those... I think they unlike the others require not much searching up for compatibility as goomba can run most of them this is based off my supercard SD so its likely a comprehensive list of what games you can play on your GBA on the go! Am not sure what they were originally called as I simplified them just like the rest on my Super Card SD that only had a limited amount of characters for each rom when it used to work but if I provide the file sizes it should hopefully help you...

Of course none of those in 1 games work on the EDGB as it just shows the blank Gameboy logo line but the mentioned emulator on any other device runs it also that 1st unplayable game being Daikyuu Montigari actually works on the goomba emulator too if I recall as done a few Pokémon hacks being Blacx (A gen 6 hack), Haiiro (A Gen 3 hack if I recall) and XY Naturia (If I recall) though as my device died a long time ago I cant tell anymore but as they worked on goomba it likely works still on GBA these don't work on EDGB either.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: June 29, 2020, 06:53 AM »
What special function does Tamagotchi 3 utilise? I'm unaware of Sameboy having severe issues, perhaps this was a problem years ago?

Hmmm... I made this a while ago it should help -

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: June 29, 2020, 02:52 AM »
I decided it is necessary to create a spreadsheet because the constant updates would quickly deprecate the list. Also, why isn't the Sameboy core being used? The author needs to be pointed int hat direction since it is the most accurate core.

Can the Sameboy core run Roboponcots? Also from what I have seen compatability seems almost the same for the boarders minus the GBC games being a hit or miss, also I wonder if they can implement the RAM file of Tamagotchi 3 that got made a while ago into this build so that those unworking chip games can finally be played on the SD2SNES as the EDGB couldn't run them?

Received my very first Everdrive in the mail today.  Put the SD card in the slot, the ED was already set to TG16.

I see this:

Turbo-ED  bootloader v1.01

                         SD IO error

2015 krikzz     Turbo-ED-v2     SN:19CE

I am using a 16GB SD card formatted to FAT32, which is the default, but I reformatted anways to troubleshoot.
I have the TBED folder in the root of the card and two folders of roms one titled A-M and N-Z, 53 roms in each folder.

I downloaded then extracted each rom from a site, an example of a file would appear as "Blazing Lazers (USA).pce"

I do not know if these are good roms, and how would I?

Is there a step I am missing here?  Thanks!

Have you tried an app called PCEToy_32_10? I heard that some roms were decrypted to not work on certain devices unless they were changed, most noticeably the non PC Engine roms being for the Turgografx-16...

More info -

And more...

@richarddragon87 what CPU #/#/# do you have?

Hard to say as the retrotowers ones had no reference to what REV they were such as F and such. I can say I struggled to have the audio the right level on the MSU-1 channel as the Music always went over the SFX until I turned the boost off if that helps.

Can confirm it's the same on the real non clone version.

Thanks, @Richardragon87. I've been getting conflicting reports. Can you confirm what revision you have?

Here's what I've found so far.

FXPAKPRO  - working on US NTSC (1 report)
Official SD2SNES Rev F - working on US NTSC (1 report)
Clone Rev H - FREEZING on US NTSC (my report)
Official SD2SNES - FREEZING on US NTSC (Richardragon87)

As mine was a retrotowers model it has no alphabetical rev number it plainly just says REV 2.4

also for Actraiser 2 I dug up this past info it should be the same regardless of what device you use as it seems to be the same...

Only works on Japanese version on real hardware or SNESAdvance, Europe and USA freezes on map as does on SD2SNES

I'm not sure your advice is correct though. Why wouldn't the FPGA SGB be able to change borders?
And if the USB port is connected to the FPGA, I believe it's possible to use it as the link cable port. Maybe it isn't though.

Because you have to go back to the start up of the SD2SNES screen each and everytime you change the rom. The Everdrive GB series was able to keep the boarder running as long as the device wasn't turned off so you could take control of not only the boarders on games that originally used the default SGB boarder of the Gameboy screen but also the unique color pallet set each game had.

Hey everyone, so despite already getting the PC Engine mini through the Covid-19 situation off amazon japan a few months ago I started noticing a lot of shimmering in the gameplay.

I personally had some real issues with lag, or at least any more then is expected with a device like this or any other mini console we seen to date.

Months later I decided to pick up the recently distributed Coregrafx Mini and in my opinion is that gameplay on this is pretty good, and any real emulation issues that the 1st batch had have been fixed (This can be confirmed if you have experienced the awful lag in Akumajou Dracula X where the morning star goes across the screen in the FMV intro upon start up of the game) with a few months delay it now has lost the shimmering movement when it moves right across the screen it's so fluid you cant even tell the frame is moving was enough to justify this!

Not sure how animated it was on real hardware as this is the 1st time I have played it outside of Switch... In a previous topic I said the PC engine was once mistaken for a Super Famicom game back on my Super Card SD.

Even labelling the complete patched set based off the notepad file as of when gamegenie guy had codes available as it to this day when uploaded still calls them Super Famicom Turbo Hacks.

I made a mistake of saying that prior to having really considered this was really the only time before the X5 GBA Everdrive days when it could likely play SNES like games on your GBA outside of Snesadvance years later when I discovered it.

Maybe I was just the type of person who gets up in arms over something that looked outstanding on a AGS-101 screen aside from the input lag that PCEAdvance always had, but even with the jittery hard to enjoy audio based off it's mixer and turning the Timer IRQ off it was still my first ever experience with this platform.

I am not a hard core gamer by any means but years later and considering the value we get from these devices, a little glimmer of hope that I now can enjoy these with less slowed down audio and framerate on a couple of the minimal remembered titles (After all the PCEAdvance really only worked with Japan games for 3 years so I never really experienced the English ones until a pack provided premade ones in a file set, just doesn't work unless you could use the obsolete PCETOY app years back).

I did mention in one of my other topics that in game button prompts to access the hold run and select to reset the game no longer works, but I didn't really have much of an issue making a save file for each one listed on gamefaqs Turbografx-mini section, except for Kung-Fu which oddly didn't need to be reset to get the menu to work as I tried it on my GBA X5 and it did exist to work and was easy to input too. No luck with using the infamous Sound Test 77 code in Blazing Lasers it's still as broken as ever, but as the 10 ships and 10 lives one still works after getting the sound test menu to appear it's no big deal.

It's just a joke thread and it isn't really about the SGB.

Thought as much now... such a shame I wasted a good piece of advice on why the real hardware was superior too as it was the only gimmick that made owning the actual Super Gameboy worth while, just for it to be moved off topic so its been lost in transition.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: June 24, 2020, 11:46 PM »
I started compiling problematic games on twitter:
Space Invaders and 65816 code works as expected because it does access hardware the same was a real SGB/2 would.

Why MSU1? Why not modify games to take advantage of the N-SPC engine provided by the SGB/2 to access the internal SOUND A B library for effects in games? Why not use SOU_TRN and DATA_SND for custom Super Game Boy soundtracks? Now that this is possible on a large scale, why not access the unused OBJ_TRN mode (which I got working a few years ago) for SNES sprites in games? Or even up the ante and access other parts of the SNES functions that were never touched by original developers such as adding mode 7 or mosaic effects, etc in Game Boy games? the possibilites are now endless. Why do we need to jump to overkill with MSU1?

Can any of this teared down GitHub dissection files and info fix that issue? or this

I suspect that I've found a problem with my clone SD2SNES that's not present on the genuine models, but hoping somone here can help me test. My clone is a Rev H and it can successfully play everything i've tested including Mario RPG, Star Fox, and Street Fighter Alpha 2.

It will not play N-Warp Daisakusen and I don't know why. It freezes at the intro video and after a battle on my US SNES. Anyone able to test/confirm on their clone?

Can confirm it's the same on the real non clone version. Fun fact the game Actraiser 2 only works on one region the other will freeze after the map selection video this happens on both the clone and unclone of the SD2SNES even on the Snesadvance too.

A perpetual motion machine with a link cable! Does that mean you can get double infinite energy?

It's hard to say if it could have had double infinite energy the original SGB was clocked down mere months before it's release. The heat generated put a lot of strain on the parts so Nintendo decided to reduce it's power for the sake of longevity and only put it back for the 2nd release of it. Now here's a question do you think it's possible to get radiation from using something the SD2SNES wasn't capable or running?

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: June 24, 2020, 01:51 AM »
now i've updated to these working fine, wonder were get gb msu patch games

tried with
 bit I can't find the .msu file
just the patch and .pcm files

Though it can't be shared here and the provided file shared in this topic only gives you the minimal parts needed to get the gb patch. If you search up Smokemonsters recent review of the SD2SNES SGB2 Beta on youtube it gives you an additional few parts that were needed in the readme to search up to get it up and running, it should be on his top comment if I recall.

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