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for some reason, 2 out of the 3 sd cards i have get stuck when measuring the sd card speed. when entering system information, the yellow light stays on for minutes and no speed is displayed. the one that works takes about 30 seconds to display its info. I ran the diagnostics tool on all 3 cards and everything is ok, MSU-1 games even work with all these 3 sd cards (haven't done much in-depth testing though). I was just wondering what could cause this behaviour.


Super EverDrive / Pilotwings slight issue
« on: June 06, 2015, 04:54 AM »
Hi Krikzz,

I have recently purchased a Super Everdrive from Stoneagegamer and I went on to try Pilotwings. On the 3rd Flight Demo (the red plane one), the plane does not land, it crashes. There is a similar topic in the SD2SNES forums ( with this exact same issue. In short, Pilotwings needs to run with the DSP1.BIN (not DSP1B.BIN) image loaded, or else this plane crashing behaviour will be seen. I have forced in the menu DSP1 to be loaded with the game, but the plane still crashed. Then, I changed the name of my DSP1B.BIN to DSP1B.BKP and created a copy of my DSP1.BIN and renamed it DSP1B.BIN, and the plane landed safe and sound in the demo. Is there a reason why my force DSP1 option did not work?


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