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Super EverDrive / No boot screen: Super Everdrive v2
« on: April 26, 2019, 12:52 AM »
    I recently purchased a Super EverDrive v2 from (the DSP module version if that is relevant)I have attempted to play it with
both an SD card inserted (with the sped>snesos proper folder structure), and without one inserted.
     The way I understand it, even with no SD card, the EverDrive should display an error message or something. I receive a black screen every time,
as if no cartridge is inserted in the console. The same happens with the SD card inserted, a blank screen when the system is powered on.
I have tried hitting buttons on the controllers but it doesn't change anything.
     I am playing on a RetroN 2, the hardware version not the emulator one. Other SNES carts work perfectly fine on it. The cartridge is supposed
to be a multi-region universal shell, so I would think it would be compatible. I also cannot seem to get this cart
to insert snugly into the system, is that normal?
      Anyways I am not sure what exactly I should be troubleshooting or trying here, maybe I am missing something obvious, I included pics of my EverDrive.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks for your time

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