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I recently experienced this phenomenon. Once this error kicks on, you can kiss your save goodbye. According to what I observed, this is what happens when the battery is dry.

You have the save of your current game on the SRAM. Once the battery is dead, the SRAM will be wiped. Supposed the last game I played is Super Mario World.

  • Played Super Mario World (no error yet)
  • Saved the game, then turned off the GBA
  • Turn the GBA ON and surprised! got the battery dry error
  • Play Super Mario World and save is gone

If you ever play another game, the GBA X5 will copy the contents of the SRAM to the SD CARD and... as you have guessed, since that SRAM is empty now, the copied save file will also be empty. I have confirmed this the hard way where several game files I have were all wiped!

Imagine this scenario:

Last Game: Super Mario World -> New Game: Advance Wars 2 -> Everdrive will load the Advance Wars 2 save file, it still works -> Once I turned off the GBA, the SRAM will be cleared -> I played a different game and this time, the cleared SRAM will overwrite the Advance Wars 2 save on the SD Card wiping out my progress.

This is a serious issue. I hope Krikzz will issue a firmware update to correct this. The obvious solution is to not copy the SRAM to the SD Card if the battery is dry. Another is to emulate the SRAM to the SD Card (slower method I guess).

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