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Hi there!

I'm developing a GBA game and I'm testing it with my Everdrive GBA X5. When I added save functionality it didn't work straight, I had to manually go to ROM settings and select SRAM as save type.

Is that info that the flashcart reads directly from the ROM or is there a hardcoded list with all the save types of every game?


Cart uses Game ID to determinate save type. So you can use Game ID from some known game which has required save type

Should I maybe send the cartridge in for repairs then?
This is what it looks like:

can't say for sure without test with another console and sd card. But if you can't test it then you can send cart to us and we will check.

Mega EverDrive / Re: Mega ED Pro
« on: Today at 04:07 PM »
I just got new Mega ED Pro and Genesis/SMS stuff is working fine but I have some problems with Sega CD games (freezes when loading game). Can someone tell if I have done everything right or did I miss something?

This is what I have done:

1. Downloaded and unzipped latest firmware (4.02)
2. Moved Sega CD bios files (EU, US, JP) in /MEGA/bios folder
3. Renamed bios files as mcd-us.bin, mcd-jp.bin and mcd-eu.bin
4. Dropped some Sega CD games in their own folders
5. Started Sega CD game

The hardware I am using is Mega SG with latest firmware.

1. Try another sd card if possible. At least two people reported about problems with sandisk 128GB card when using cd function. However i bought such card and seems everything fine in my case.
2. Make sure that power supply is powerful enough, also you should use good cable for powering this all. Thin cables designed for 500mA current may cause faults. Peak power loading comes in CD mode

Figured out my issue.  It was due to the Mega Amp 2.0 inside my Genesis 2.  Apparently, for whatever reason, it draws too much power to allow the Mega Everdrive Pro to play 32x games.  Genesis and Sega CD worked fine, but it must have just not had enough juice to power everything in my configuration.  I switched to a different Genesis (model 1 without Mega Amp) and now 32x works fine.

Are you sure it not just an problem with 32x contacts? Sometimes i must reinsert my 32x few times to make it work properly. 

So where does the file save when using the Mega ED Pro as a RAM cart? I can delete my save files off the ED, but when I hook up the Sega CD and try to save my old Lunar EB save to the RAM cart, I am warned that the file exists and I will be overwriting it, even though there are no files in the save folders.

I guess that save system still isn't clear for you. And from your description i not fully understand what exactly you doing. May be better just made an video?
cartridge has on-board battery ram where stored saves for last launched application (game, cd bios what ever)
When you push "start game" in file menu OS seek if some saves for this game actually exists on SD, if they exist then OS will copy them to internal battery ram. Main copy of save data will be stored in internal ram till you run some another game.
When you run another game OS will copy save data from internal ram back to SD. So it meant that even if you removed save file from sd you still have copy in internal ram for last launched game/bios etc.

Only if game has built-in save functions

I completely forget about another way for save files importing:
1. copy your save file to the any place on sd card. Change file extension to to the .brm if it has some other extension.
2. start the game for which you want to apply the saves
3. hit reset to back in menu
4. click at your .brm file in file manager and then select "Copy File To RAM"
5. run game again. Imported saves should be there

Any chance we can get support for Mega SD saves? I really don't want to start over Shining Force CD, Lunar 1 & 2. When I requested support for Mega Everdrive save support they added it quickly. Hoping you do the same.

Heh, just looked at mega-sd saves "format" for sega cd. Instead of using raw RAM dumps which will work with everything around they made a weird decision to merge bram and ram-cart saves in single file, furthermore they include header to the save file.
I not going to include such format to the os, but i made a tool which can convert from their proprietary format to the raw dumps understandable fro mega-ed and emulators:

Save states on real hardware environment is a complex challenge, it a kind of hack and it not always working fine. Not everything can be saved on such system like genesis and it results various glithces. Some games less sensitive than other but there is no solution for fully stable save states like on emulators.
Bari Arm works fine for me, may be bad dump or something with your jp bios

For all carts new batches of boards we order with hard gold, so sooner or later they all will be with hard gold. ED64 x7 already with hard gold

Such error not exist, likely communication between mega-sg and cart hardware isn't stable. 

Joyzz / Re: C button bug in Starflight
« on: July 29, 2020, 10:56 PM »
I will look on this problem.  For now you can use 3 button mode, seems like it fixes the problem in this game.

It's awful quiet in here...
Did you find a solution to this, Krikzz?

Receiver should be replaced if you have this problem

I see. So it's an actual hardware fault?
Is it the same issue with Samurai shodown?

Yeah, seems it the same problem. Does not work with old receiver but everything fine with new. You can ask for receiver replacement using "contact us" for at

Before that copy save files to sd make sure that last player game was not Lunar. May be your save file broken? It 8Kb in size?
As for freezing try another sd card. There been users who reported about problems with Sandisk Ultra cards in CD mode, not sure if some other cards may have problems. Also you may try to find another game dump.

Save files located in MEGA/saves/mcd-bram folder. If your save file 8KB in size then you just can drop it to the saves folder as is.
in case if "options->Mega-CD options->Per game Bram" turned on, then save file should have the same name as game but .brm extension.
in case if "options->Mega-CD options->Per game Bram" turned off, then save file should be named as bram-shared.brm
Run some non cd game before than load  save files to mcd saves folder to make sure that last saved data from internal cart memory will not override recently copied file.

Also does anyone know a good way to differentiate between the X7 and PRO from Mega Drive code? I'd rather not create two separate binaries if possible.

PRO has different format due the design differences. x7 has fifo IC connected directly to fpga, but pro working with IO via MCU. You can use REG_SYS_STAT register for PRO detection, it always returns 0x55AX and bit 3 inverts after each read cycle.

Mega EverDrive / Re: Mega ED Pro
« on: July 28, 2020, 10:12 PM »
I'm having issues with the NES core on my Mega SG

It works, but no sound and it's extremely slow even on simple compatible games (Super Mario Bros 1), is it a known issue ? OS 4.02

Genesis and Master System games works fine.

For the mega-sg you should deactivate zero-lag option, otherwise console does not match to the original genesis timings and it will broke nes core.

Mega EverDrive / Re: MED Pro and Mega SG Sega CD issues
« on: July 19, 2020, 11:25 PM »
I have a bunch of samsung evo sd cards by the way, i think samsung cards is really good

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