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EverDrive GBA / Re: Everdrive GBA LED Help?
« on: November 21, 2019, 10:35 PM »
What if I just cover the LED with electric tape. Could I try that?

As long as its black it may look a bit jarring. It also seems to flicker a lot more running native emulator games such as RPG ones as well as other compatable console ones, I think the only time it really cannot flicker is when it runs Super Nintendo roms as it's not running off the EDGBA that krikzz codes into it and likely PC Engine ones too.

EverDrive GBA / Re: Everdrive GBA LED Help?
« on: November 21, 2019, 02:32 PM »
It's likely the same issue I had with the Gameboy pocket's bright red LED, I just put a piece of duct tape in between the screen after opening the screen protector (Well the glue came off it anyway) and then just put the tape in reverse and put it back on so that the side that came off was stuck back again and best of all the bright power LED was gone for good.

SD2SNES / Re: Bios list for the SD2SNES pro: is it complete?
« on: November 21, 2019, 02:37 AM »
Momotaro Dentetsu Happy is a RAM test screen it seems

Likely it would just be easier to use the power button when on a super Nintendo, it seems a lot more easier that way just expect a lot of clicking sounds.

The power button isn't going to bring up the in game menu though, is it?

Having a physical button inside the cart is way less convenient than a button combo.
Not everyone uses an actual handheld to play Gameboy games.

I'm using a Wide Boy 64, and it will be a pain in the ass to have to get up and walk across the room every time I want to make a savestate.

Still waiting for Krikzz to comment.
Could a button combo trigger be added via firmware?

Yep it brings up the menu while pressing reset restarts the game you have previously played.

As the Super Gameboy can only load up the game if it isn't fully turned off, turning off and on your SNES brings you back to the menu.

This also applies to boarders on SGB enhanced games the device will always keep the boarder on until the device is turned off so likely if an in game button menu did exist kind of like how the SD2 SNES did it in the future you would likely be able to use the boarders from any game on any non enhanced game complete with its pallet set.

SD2SNES / Re: Issue with MSU-1 music. Left channel louder than right.
« on: November 10, 2019, 11:26 PM »
yeah, I can't remember who I bought the PCB fix off of, but he obviously either didn't check his soldering, or just completely forgot to solder that pin.  All good now though.  I have the audio boost turned off too.
Working on my own personal Super Metroid MSU-1 pack.  Bit tedious having to "normalise" all the music, but the result is pretty cool

I just love the fact it too me WAY to long to figure out that the boost needed to be set of off to balance it, I went through every setting going up till I almost gave up... how long did it take you to notice it needed it too?

SD2SNES / Re: Issue with MSU-1 music. Left channel louder than right.
« on: November 09, 2019, 11:53 PM »
Hmm... that pins situation is interesting. But for me I just turned the audio boost off as music in Castlevania Dracula X was way over the game and removing the boost balances it.

Ah I see what you mean. Well the boarders are infact generated via the cart to the super Gameboy so they can be switched between games so I think that is the reason why the flickering wont happen on the boarders generated. At least on a standard SNES am not sure of the NT can do the same implement when the device is still on.

It will always remember the RAM so the device will keep a image burned into it's memory till the next boarder shows up.

My physical CRT TV does that some times, it's wave length bars that usually are due to the signal on how the plug in of the scart cable is in the slot. Usually sensitivity tends to make the wires a lot more interrupted and usually makes the flickering happen.

My advice is to make sure the scart cable isn't interacting with any wires that could be rubbing against it, usually if the wires are dangling a single rub against the wires can tend to give off that result.

There may also be a slight flicker when the Super Gameboy enhanced mode boarder loads up too but it seems to change between 50hz and 60hz on the fly which also happens on SNES games too usually menus or title screens give off that result and my TV is PAL btw.

Wow just recently this review surfaced online on the newest ones that came out and yeah it sums up my rant but in words lol -

Ya, that fixes them in the emulators. It was confusing on Mega SG though. I couldn't get them to work correctly until I switched to actual SMS core.

Indeed though it likely only works on devices that were not the real hardware... sometimes I kind of wish things would be simpler which would allow you to change values so certain stuff can appear on a screen on what the hardware would run, it wouldn't be easy but if enough time and effort was put in... it could be something spectacular now that the SMS power GG conversions have oddly come to a halt.

I remember a year ago when I was going through the GG and SMS packs for my Everdrive GBA that a lot of games were indeed mislabelled as gg when they should have been SMS and vice versa. Ones that were mostly unlicensed had an issue that until they were renamed sms a lot of them would have a inverted color pallet but it all got fixed when they were renamed to sms.

OK so by "true hack" you mean those simple hacks that can be done with a cheating device. Those hacks are usually called "cheats" though.
Hacking is about unauthorised modifications of the software. No matter what kind of hack you do, it probably won't be what the developers intended because you change things to your liking.

I don't think cheat hacks feels like what the developers intended one bit, since you break the rules of the game. It's destroying the game in my opinion.

Back when I was younger cheats were actually the ones the developers intended in game. So lets say we go way back to the days a site called Cheatheaven existed. Those in game codes were what I used to call cheats, I really didn't know the difference between a hack till I got a complete Smoke Monster set which had the folder called Hacks I then looked up the area where they were from and ended up patching over thousands of rom hacking versions that fans make there.

It really wasn't until I realized they were modified way too much from changing landscapes, making stuff play differently and more... I really wanted the authentic experience without the hassle of the true struggle but I didn't want to make the game change what it looked like... it was only a few years later when I decided that gamehackings versions seemed to be more what I thought a true hack was and have used them ever since.

Could you imagine I even once made a completely different category for those homebrew demo message screens and decided to give them a better name than homebrew and instead listed them by Intro's and Demo's and even categorized them by the group that made them xDD

And let's not forget the time I mistakenly labelled unlicensed games by the name they were given thinking they were the developers name when they were the Chinese names for the games they called them.. ahhha haha ah good memories ^^

Game Genie is not a company, but a series of cheating devices made by Codemasters. I don't understand what Richardragon87 means by "true hacks". A hack is a hack.

Well to me a true hack is one that only alters stuff like giving the player infinite health, infinite lives, invincibility, infinite time, infinite ammo or jumping in mid air. Anything that exceeds that such as those ones that alter sprites, change backgrounds or even make a whole new game out of it... doesn't feel the same way as the developers intended because at least with those mentioned above the game can still be played with no changes to the structure and what not.

What do you mean by 'public domain'? At least in US law, its actually something like life of the creator + 75 years or so. So currently no Nintendo game is anywhere near being close to entering public domain any time soon.

What I mean is. A lot of the games that come out these days tend to get mistaken for Public Domain when they are actually homebrew... as the games themselves never had a physical one or by a distributor.

So lets say an unofficial Chinese/USA/Any country's company made a game which was one of their own but it never got a proper distribution would likely be known as public domain, and they wanted the public to have them from their domain they made them from.

My ideal reason of why Homebrew exists was because they were made by fans and people who liked using the official hardware at home and brewed their own products up not affiliated by Nintendo, so a lot of those fan made games would in my eyes be known as homebrew.

And a true hack would be something from the mid 90's by Game Genie, those fan made games would likely fall under the homebrew category than a hack to me. As the game was altered in graphics and doesn't play out the same way as it would have intended.

A long time ago I used to mistaken hacks being actual games that had modifications as a true hack of a game, it was only until I learnt from Game Hackings site that those other games altered stuff that made the game way too different and the true hacks are those that were made by cheating devices back in the day.

But that's like saying Public Domain is what those game are... when they actually are physical released games. They were not altered in any shape or form and were made publicly available to the world while a true Public Domain game would be fan created works and games that never got a physical distribution outside of a confirmed developer, we could even go far as saying Unlicensed games were technically Homebrew as they never had a proper official distribution.

It's also like saying if you patch a rom on romhackings site and add it to your game it is considered a hack when it was actually altered by a fan. When it would actually be a true hack if it was patched on gamehackings site as the codes were there as intended.

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