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EverDrive GBA / Re: GBA Sleep Issue
« on: November 22, 2019, 05:54 AM »
Putting brightness control on the same buttons used by games is fundamentally a very bad idea. I'd make sure they have their own dedicated buttons.

While I genuinely agree with you, that approach is problematic, I'm also inclined to believe that it is not the cause of the sleep issues on my GBA. I'm still inclined to believe the everdrive handles sleep functions, or at least power levels and states in it, differently than authentic hardware games, and this mismatch is what causes issues with third party or aftermarket hardware

To follow up on this I have purchased both an authentic SMA4:SMB3 cart aswell as a SMA3:SMW2 cart that both function properly engaging sleep mode on this unit.

I believe my GBA everdrive is a rev B, though I doubt that's the issue, I have heard those have more quirks, at least with gameboy players . It functions fine on both my stock AGS001 as well as GBP and AGS101.

I was considering purchasing another funnyplaying ips screen for one of my multiple ags001s. Those are laminated, thus nicer than the agb(hopefully keeps dust out between layers), and has a different ribbon cable which might prevent the issue. But they also are wired to the SP brightness button, so it's certainly less sloppy design. If I get and install one I'll report it if it also experiences this issue.

EverDrive GBA / Re: GBA Game Performance Issues
« on: November 07, 2019, 11:15 PM »
Issues of conflicts caused by differences in the hardware and the real cart isn't new, any such difference has the potential to cause a problem in a game. In this case I think it's a limitation of flashcart design in general (unless you can specify how much of the rom should be accessible), and an assumption that a game never accesses the area outside the rom, which it shouldn't do but is able to do.

Rather than a memory leak, it's just a bug that does something that's not supposed to happen, and the behaviour of a real cart and the EDGBA is different. The game accidentally (due to a bug) tries to access space that doesn't exist on the real cart, but on the EDGBA it's the unused, but still accessible, part of the rom. The EDGBA must have a larger rom area or larger games wouldn't be able to run.

So I suppose other flashcarts (ezflash) would also have the same issue if they have more space available than the official cart?
It's a bit over my head, but would a flashcart that can utilize and place the game in NOR memory have the same issue, or would the space access somehow differ and read as more finite like the original cart?

EverDrive GBA / Re: GBA X5 compatible text files
« on: November 07, 2019, 11:02 PM »
But is the Everdrive even compatible with PogoShell or other standard ways to access the SD-card? Those homebrew might not work if that is the case.
Good point, I can't remember if it required pogoshell. I figured it was a standalone .gba game as (if I remember right) you have to embed the text file into the homebrew through a windows exe, and if I remember right I think it builds to a .gba.
I'd test it but I don't have any windows machines handy. I might push the exe through wine on my linux setup when I get the chance and see how it works/what it spits out, and if that can be used sans pogoshell.

Edit: Just glancing at the messy site I see this:

Hah, it might actually be for the original gameboy then. But I imagine that would (hopefully) run fine pushed through goomba.

EverDrive GBA / Re: GBA Game Performance Issues
« on: November 07, 2019, 12:30 PM »
Huh, this is a fascinating topic.
So if I'm understanding this right, it's a weird memory leak in a specific location in a japanese battle network game that specifically causes lag on the everdrive gba but not official hardware?
It seems like you've done a decent amount of research regarding it to counter krikzz's thesis of "Cartridge cannot affect on performance in some way".

Assuming there's not an outlying component or force causing these issues and the everdrive gba x5 is actually having trouble in this case:
This is a super niche instance and I don't see it interfering with many people in the near future (and you can patch it out anyway), but you're right, it does bring up questions of what other games might be effected by unforeseen illogical issues somehow conflicting with the logical design of the everdrive.

I need to read your notes a bit closer when I have the time, but it is fascinating and I encourage you to keep posting such findings!

EverDrive GBA / Re: GBA X5 compatible text files
« on: November 07, 2019, 12:12 PM »
I know this is a bit of an old topic, but I've seen it a few times and wanted to respond. (Just those darn verification questions knock the wind out of my sails when I spend 20 minutes trying to post)

Without PogoShell compatibility or booting into another shell interface, I don't think you can read text on the fly.
But, if you want to take the work to convert your text beforehand, there are certainly options on the gba for reading text. To be more precise I know there is some kind of ebook/ereader homebrew available as I have fond memories of chilling in the mall circa 2003 reading The Hobbit on my gba thinking I was so cool and hip with my silly futuretech.

Looking around I believe the homebrew I'm thinking of is called GameBoy Book Reader. The site for it is super old and sloppy with a lot of dead links. If you're interested in downloading it though the GameBoy Book Reader download page is
Look for the are  that says:
"Downloads without Source
(Latest Version, For Users)"

Just searching for this I found another similar homebrew aswell entitled "GBA Notepad"
It's should be easy enough to find on google.

GBA Notepad

"Instead of a videogame, this is a useful NOTEBOOK for Gameboy Advance. You can type notes in 59-pages, choose 30 or 60-characters across, and can change the background picture for each page.

There are 3 MODES in GBA-Notepad. You can press two arrow keys at the same time so diagonal movements are possible. This will speedup message entry."

Perhaps one of these will fulfill your need?

EverDrive GBA / Re: GBA Sleep Issue
« on: November 07, 2019, 11:33 AM »
Incoming wall of text:

I have issues myself with my unit (agb) that has the funnyplaying v2 IPS screen, attempting to take the console out of sleep simply powers the console off. It claims to play just fine with official hardware though. (I'm currently looking to add a legit game with sleep mode to my collection verify this claim). And of course, just to clarify, sleep mode works fine with my everdrive gba on units with official screens and even the gameboy player. The funnyplaying v2 IPS screen allows brightness adjustment (if you solder it into the select, r, and l) by holding select and r to lower it and l to increase it. I'm wondering if the brightness adjustment somehow interferes with sleep mode as it is wired in on the same buttons that trigger the wake function. I'm considering desoldering the cable (it still works without soldering, just with a stuck brightness level of 3, which actually looks fine) to check if that is actually the root causing the interference with the changing of powerlevels during sleep and waking, or if it's the screen itself.

Infact now that I'm thinking about it, the brightness control seems rather.. unstable. I wish I had a way on hand to measure the power levels during play, but I could swear by watching the light that just touching the buttons (select mostly) that the wires are soldered to causes a difference in power draw as the gba light goes from green to red. This is just playing a game mind you, not adjusting brightness. Considering that, it sees a bit unstable.

I suppose I could fiddle with the potentiometer, though I'm not seeing any jitter, with a default screen in some cases you can crank it enough that the unit doesn't want to power on. Given that, perhaps fiddling with the POT adjustment would set the screen power at a level that is compatible with sleep mode.

Another component to consider is the often overlooked batteries. With the SP this is less of a variable, but with the original models most people are probably running on eneloops or another rechargeable that often during use put out around 1.2-1.3ish instead of the expected 1.5v. This typically isn't an issue at all, but when we're dealing with weird powerstates like powering down the screen while leaving the console running, I imagine the wrong batteries could interfere with this process. I certainly wouldn't expect good results from the sunbeam dollar store batteries, most of which aren't even alkaline and are low drain batteries meant for a backup in clocks and the like.  I've been wanting to pickup some NiZn (Nickle-Zinc) batteries as they've recently finally hit production for the consumer market and seem like a good alternative. NiZN runs at 1.65, so who knows how that would work, but I really want to find out.

Its your unofficial hardware as I just tried it with minish cap 10 mins in sleep mode on a GBA SP AGS-101 and no problems at all

I agree that it might be a case of unofficial hardware seemingly often conflicting with the everdrive gba x5.

I guess the real question this raises - Is the everdrive gba handling low power/sleep mode states differently than official hardware would? It seems to be, given these conflicts with aftermarket enhancements and hardware.

As krikzz has updated compatibility with clone devices in the past, I'm holding out hope that his minor issue with different screens will be ironed out with time.
Just hoping he notices it and cares enough about it to respond!

Oh and if anyone (especially krikzz <3) wants information, demonstrations, or a teardown and breakdown of the hardware and issues in question, let me know. I'd be happy to provide whatever is requested to further the communities knowledge on these issues and potentially expand compatibility.

[And this might not be the right place to complain but the post verification process is kind of arduous. I get deterring bots, but it really makes it hard to report issues with krikzz hardware when the forum interface is unfriendly.For example, I spent about 25 minutes figuring out how it wanted me to input the processor name. There are many ways you could write it but it's picky about accepting variations. I still can't figure out what to input for the president one, I just have to keep inputting wait till it changes to another question. I feel lucky when a post goes through, it really has to be worth saying to make the effort of posting. But I guess that's kind of the point.]
Edit's edit: Oh the verification went away after a few posts , phew, that was an intimidating hazing ritual, but I guess I'm one of you now.

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