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Yeah worked really well, I didn't need anything else. 

The only snafu's I've encountered is that I haven't had luck getting the game pak memory off several 256Kbit
games.  I got Zelda (Ocarina of Time) off, but F-Zero X, Super Smash Bros., and WCW/NWO Revenge not such luck.  The Gameshark just doesn't "find" the game pak saves for me to extract. 

One other issue was that Mario Party kept crashing on the ED64 when using a save file, but I replaced the rom I had from "The Everdrive Packs" with another and it worked again.

Figured it out.  Well first I updated the OS to 3.05 and btw I have an X7 idk why still calling it 3.0.  Anyway, the trick I was missing was that when I saved the game pak save after extracting it from the controller pak mpk using MPKEdit, I wasn't hitting CTRL so that the output was "raw."  Once I did that, and renamed it to Goldeneye blah bah.EEP, then it worked like a charm! 

I've read some old threads here and there, and I'm trying to backup my game pak saves (mainly EEPROM), and then load them onto the Everdrive 64 (v3).  I am taking them off the old games with a Gameshark, and copying to my controller pak.  From there, I dump the pak to the ED64 as an mpk.  I then use MPKEdit ( to export the save as a "note" file.  However, I am now stuck, because I don't know how to get it into an EEP.  Or whether this will actually work, as in a hex editor, that note file doesn't look quite right.  I tried using saturnu's old program ED64-Saveswap, but that isn't working either.  The game doesn't recognize any of them on the ED64.

EverDrive 64 / Re: Dinosaur Planet by Rare on N64 has been released
« on: February 23, 2021, 05:27 AM »
Good help on the save file, works for me now.

EverDrive 64 / Re: GoldenEye 007: Remaster for XBLA Xbox 360, Dumped.
« on: February 05, 2021, 10:47 AM »
Working good for me on my modded 360 but I can't get any settings to save on it.

It's not a for sure thing and it sounds like if it can't be done via the hucard port Krikzz might not be interested.

He didn't quite say that either.  He was asked about a "Pro" and his reply was it may not work.  I would assume like nuu said, if not then he would go the expansion port route.  I'm just saying that's a bit more work/development than Krikzz has done before.  Having to incorporate an AV component in one of his devices.  If he doesn't, who's going to buy it?  Furthermore, fitting a case to the port which fits on the PCE and TG16 is not trivial nor cheap either.  Now you're talking about the potential of having a mold created.  If I'm Krikzz, I investigate the HuCard slot exhaustively. 


On Twitter he said it would likely be the next thing he looks into but made no promises.

Really?  That's interesting.  Beyond obviously AV I/O, the HuCard slot seems to have most of the same data/system bus access.  Maybe the only exception is the CD Detect, which I guess Krikzz could find a workaround.  The SSD3 also has save features, and full system/arcade card support.  The main difference would be that it provides RGB video output without mod, but there's several devices and cables that do that now from the expansion port.

Off Topic / Re: Dreamcast Everdrive possible?
« on: July 23, 2020, 05:59 AM »
Sorry if I resume this topic

But now that Mega Everdrive Pro is released, and Everdrive started with CD systems (Mega CD), do you think that Dreamcast and Saturn Everdrive will be possible in a near future?

Any news from krikzz?

Maybe this is not the best place to ask. If you want a straight answer from Krikzz, I think he is more active on twitter. if you geniunely want to know if its possible, then a more technical forum (like nesdev or atariage?, try classic gaming discord?), or a dedicated dreamcast forum would have the kind of audience that could answer your question. In the end, only someone like Krikzz, Kevtris, Brian Parker, etc with hardware design and FPGA experience would be suited to answer your question IF they were aware of the dreamcast's schematics. Don't just believe any forum "expert".

Well I scoured the many forums I visited and found the information in question proving that the expansion port is not feasible.

The expansion port is almost certainly not going to work. The Dreamcast G2 bus that the expansion port is attached to is specifically designed not to be able to read or write to the bus the GD-ROM is on, nor does it have DMA access to the memory mapped to the game execution.

Furthermore, Krikzz himself wrote this on Twitter not long ago, indicating he's not looking at new devices right now.

In near future i am going to work over software updates for existing carts. Not sure what will be next. I had a PCE project at pipeline for a long time, even prototype was manufactured, but right now i just not ready for another massive project.

Maybe an ODE that can be connected so that the optical drive is daisy-chained and can be disabled and bypassed with a switch if you want to use the optical drive again.

The PSIO team have teased this type of device, though "they are not releasing any details until they're close to release."

Off Topic / Re: Dreamcast Everdrive possible?
« on: July 21, 2020, 09:38 PM »
like I said previously, I was thinking to a more natural solution where you don't have to phisical remove the optical drive.

Maybe an everdrive that sits in the dreamcast modem slot.

I proposed that, but was told by someone far more knowledgeable that this would not be possible.  Essentially the way the data can be accessed. 

Off Topic / Re: the next everdrive?
« on: July 03, 2020, 06:15 AM »
Harmony is a product everybody says good things. The other devices from RetroHQ UK are nice they exist, but I would love dedicated Everdrive for those systems to expect something with the same quality and functions as in the existing Everdrives.

If you look for the idea of "there's already a flash card for that system, so no need for a Everdrive for it", so krikzz had no need to release a Mega Everdrive Pro, once the Mega SD existed before it... But he did the job, and between choose one of the two to get, I go to the Everdrive.

Firstly, those systems are not exactly trivial to program for, and they have tiny user bases compared to what Krikzz currently supplies for.  He's free to tackle them, but it wouldn't make a ton of financial sense.  For that matter, he ought to hit up the Virtual Boy.  Though the DS/3DS I should think would be his next go since they have massive user bases.  Lastly, the RetroHQ carts are really, really, really good.  You won't be disappointed.  Right now the owner has had to restructure his distribution but in a few months he'll have quantities widely available. 

I think you jumped my last post, so I'll explain better...

The "FOUR competing devices" are just optical drive emulators, who askes to mod the system to install them, and compatible with specific models, except for the Satiator, who is a plug-and-play device compatible with any Sega Saturn model (and my personal choice). Even so, even if you can load disc images from those devices, some relevant Sega Saturn games askes for expansions from the cartridge slot, so any optical drive emulator will not be able to offer a complete experience alone.

Ask about special cartridges for the Sega Saturn for the Sega Saturn fans... There's a lot: The Backup cartridge, the 1MB RAM, the 4MB RAM, the KoF'95 ROM cartridge, the Ultraman ROM cartridge, and the Action Replay Plus are must have in any collection. Put in this pack other cartridges, like a modded boot cartridge to load the Pseudo Saturn Kai, or the Gamer's Cartridge. Now ask for any Sega Saturn owner if they don't like to get an all-in-one cartridge, with all the features from the cartridges cited, plus some extras. So, you can't tell it won't sell for sure... And I can't tell it will sell for sure. But my personal answer is: I'M WAITING FOR IT, even having all the essential cartridges in my collection, nothing can beat an all-in-one cartridge to keep it inserted in my console... And I'm not counting other things like backup the saves into the SD card, or simulate the Saturn Floppy Disc Drive. Who knows if it's possible to even run ROMs of Sega Titan Video into the Saturn (but I believe it's not possible to run ST-V ROMs into the Saturn, but who knows)...

The idea of an Everdrive for the Sega Saturn is to work as a multi-purpose device than a ISO loader (that was never the main point, specially because it was discursed it won't be viable to load ISOs from the cartridge slot before). As I said in my last post, using an Everdrive SS with the multi-purpose concept combined the Satiator will be the ultimate Duo for the Sega Saturn system: One load the games, and the other do the expansions switch. And it will be even better if the switch of the cartridge functions can also be set by software commands. By the way, there's a video where Professor Abrasive comment about flashing an Action Replay cartridge with a specific tool (like the Pseudo Saturn Kai) to work combined with the Satiator. So, an Everdrive SS with all features cited can be even better than a flashed AR cartridge with some functions.

And by the way, the main purpose of the Pseudo Saturn Kai is to enable non-modded Sega Saturn systems to play CD-R games in any region. Of course there's other functions, but lack others (extra RAM, etc...). There's the Gamer's Cartridge, who is a SD Card cartridge with the same purpose of the Psedo Saturn Kai, plus the use of the SD Card to load homebrews or to work as a regular backup cartridge (with not an 100% of compatibility).

I knew exactly what you meant, but I just don't think the development time and effort is going to yield much in return for Krikzz.  I agree a cart like that would be good to have, but we don't even know if it's possible to do all of those functions with one device?  I personally would like to get a RAM cart with game saving that didn't look like ass (Action Replay) ha ha ha.  Just not sure Krikzz is the ideal candidate.

Off Topic / Re: the next everdrive?
« on: July 02, 2020, 10:14 PM »
I would love to see the next Everdrive for NeoGeo Pocket and, after that, for WonderSwan.

Next, for Atari 2600, Atari Lynx and Atari Jaguar.

After that, maybe some revision for the Turbo Everdrive.

But I would love to see some kind of Everdrive SS (for Sega Saturn), not to load ISOs, but to do some crazy features, like:
1) Have the ROMs of Ultraman and KoF'95 cartridge pre-burned and ready to select;
2) Suport for RAM expansion, with 1MB and 4MB selectable (or disabled);
3) Backup cartridge support (to be used by the compatible games and the Sega Saturn system);
4) Data Bank (for saves) support (separated from the Backup cartridge function);
5) Import/Export saves from the backup / data bank to a conected SD card;
6) Homebrew launcher from a conected SD card;
7) Region lock breaker;
8) Action Replay codes supported.

RetroHQ UK already HAS a NGPC flashcart.

RetroHQ UK already HAS a Lynx flashcart.

RetroHQ UK already HAS a Jaguar flashcart.

Atari Age's Harmony cart for the Atari 2600 is a perfect device.

I won't even comment on the Saturn request because that won't sell.  Not to mention there's soon to be FOUR competing devices for that plus Pseudo Saturn. 

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: SD2SNES Pro (fxpakpro) video issues
« on: June 27, 2020, 08:22 PM »
Just did about a 3hr stream with it and tested several games using the fxpakpro and it works great. I am so relieved to say the least! But yeah I'm gonna have to source a new shell for the other board and get it back into working shape. Also its one of the original release consoles I think. the sound chip is dated 1990 and is detachable. also the rear DC port on it the plastic peg was broken off and you can only see two itty bitty pins on it sticking where that plastic peg should be to support the plug in to the back of the console. not sure if this contributed to the problem but either way I'll send it to a friend of mine who does repairs and see if he can sourse a few items for it and bring it back to good working order to keep as a back up if need be. but it's a good thing I kept that 1 chip console. It took a hit some time ago when it hit the floor during a large quake we had here in southern california. we shake pretty good here. Like the shell was so bad the controller ports broke off and ruined the ribbon cable for it. Then my original console controller ports just quit on me and I robbed the controller ports from the 1chip board and swapped them over. thankfully I saved it cause it just saved my life today! Took a little modifying of the UN1 shell to fit the 1chip board into it but I made it work perfectly :) and I am back in business! As u can see the shell for the 1 chip was pretty beat up but just thankful I still had it. I hope this board can be repaired.

You literally described the early SNES revision to a T.  The power peg often breaks, shell turns yellow, caps fail, and worst of all, the CPU itself dies.  And yes, the SNES while rare does have CPU's that flat out croak which on a retro console is not that common.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: SD2SNES Pro (fxpakpro) video issues
« on: June 27, 2020, 07:08 AM »
The 1Chip SNES was basically the third revision of the console.  My guess is that since your other SNES board worked on standard games, that there's caps on there that need replacement.  However, if you've got it working, you should be okay for now. 

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: SD2SNES Pro (fxpakpro) video issues
« on: June 27, 2020, 03:23 AM »
you can tell by the Eject button.  If it's painted in white lettering that's the earlier models 90-92 vs. being embossed plastic 92-94, prior to the SNES Jr.  The earlier ones tend to have 4 rubber feet on the bottom vs. just 2.  You can have some slightly faulty hardware in any version, but my experience a few years ago was the older ones didn't hold up as well.  Maybe now they're all falling apart!

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: SD2SNES Pro (fxpakpro) video issues
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:09 AM »
Is yours an early SNES model?  I saw the graphics scrambling in your video.  I'd be surprised if it's the PSU, because like I said, the caps on the old SNES are usually a culprit.

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