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EverDrive 64 / Re: Should I get an Everdrive 64?
« on: December 30, 2020, 07:01 PM »
Yes, almost every game plays on the Everdrive exactly as it does on the original cartridge. And the Everdrive 64 will play games from any region, it doesn't care if the game is PAL, NTSC, or JAP. The problem is that not every TV can display all game regions, but that's down to the TV, most PAL TVs can display all regions, and any (as far as I know) NTSC TV can display JAP too, but not always PAL games.

Regarding the Everdrive 64 itself, all PAL and NTSC games work fine on the Everdrive 64, with the sole exception  of Pokemon Stadium 2, which has some corrupted graphics on the version 2.0 and 2.5 of the Everdrive 64. On the version 3 and version X7 of the Everdrive 64, Pokemon Stadium 2 works fine, meaning that all NTSC and PAL N64 games will work for you.

The other region of N64 games is JAP, Japanese games. Most JAP games do work on any Everdrive 64; the exceptions are the few games that have extra hardware in their game cartridge - there are four or so of these (that I know of), such as a Tetris game that can read your heart beat (seriously - it has a little connection you attach to your chest), a Pokemon game that uses a microphone so you can speak to the game, a game that has a realtime clock built into the cartridge so it always knows the time and date, and a shooter that used a non-standard gamesave. All four of these games are JAP only, no PAL or NTSC N64 game ever had extra hardware in the game cartridge, so there are no problems with non-JAP games.

An Everdrive 64 allows you to keep all of the N64's library on one cartridge, which is extremely convenient. It also allows you to play many NES and Gameboy games (via emulators contained in the Everdrive's software), to play the 64DD games (the 64DD is an add on disc drive, that was only released in Japan), and the Aleck64 games (the Aleck64 games are arcade games that were released in Japanese arcades).

It also allows you to play game translations (such as the English translations of games that were only officially released in Japanese, such as Sin and Punishment, Wonder Project J2, Densha de Go! 64 (a Train driving game), Custom Robo, Last Legion UX , etc), and also to play most of the many game mods (which add new levels, or new weapons, etc, to many of the best N64 games, such as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, F-Zero X, Super Smash Bros., etc).

Basically, an Everdrive  transforms the N64, allowing you to play lots of games and mod that you wouldn't otherwise be able to do.

Yes, it's amazing how talented some people are.

Here's a new Banjo Kazzoie mod!

Banjo Kazooie NightBear Before Christmas

EverDrive 64 / Re: Please list any Everdrive 64 compatible rom hacks
« on: December 20, 2020, 03:16 PM »
I've sent you a PM.

It really is irritating that the main game hacks that won't run on a real N64 are almost always Super Mario 64 hacks, especially when you consider than SM64 is one of the best and most popular games on the system.
It's strange that people are still making this kind of crap. If it doesn't work on a N64 it's not even a N64 game. They will cease working on emulators as well at some point when emulators becomes more accurate.

Yes. I can understand it for the game mods/hacks that are designed to use more GFX/CPU/etc power than a real N64 can provide, some of the Super Mario 64 mods that are deliberately designed to do this are supposed to be amazing, and it's regrettable but understandable (I think) that they won't run on a real console.

But if, as it seems, most SM64 mods only require the resources of an N64, then I can't see any good reason not to make that mod run on real hardware. And most times if there is even a readme.txt in the game mod's .zip file then it fails to mention that it won't run on a real N64. Surely the author would at least tell you not to bother trying to get it to run on a real console?

Just about every game mod or hack I've seen for the N64 for maybe the last eight or so years has been fully compatible with a real N64. Be it a large scale mod, such as Goldeneye X, Super Smash Bros. - Smash Remix, F-Zero X Climax, or Banjo-Kazooie - Banjo Threeie, or a very small (but still good) mod, such as the Goldeneye 640 x 480 resolution patch, the F-Zero X first person view patch, the Perfect Dark patch that lets you and the sims all use mines and the Goldeneye weapons in multiplayer, or Ozidual's Space Station: Silicon Valley fix that fixes two game breaking bugs. These all work fine on a real N64. The only exceptions I can recall are a couple of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time mods, and many Super Mario 64 mods.

Kerr Avon okay so i created a Fix for the English Version of Lugs Delightful Dioramas

and ofc i can try Fixing Halloween Mayhen :D

Great, the more mods we can run on real N64s the better. It really is irritating that the main game hacks that won't run on a real N64 are almost always Super Mario 64 hacks, especially when you consider than SM64 is one of the best and most popular games on the system. Have you tried to fix other SM64 hacks, especially the more popular ones? I know some of them can't be made to run at all, at least not without stripping down the mod (and maybe ruining it) enough to get it to run on real hardware, but I'd imagine some really good ones could be persuaded to run alright with no loss of game quality.

But regarding your link to the downloaded fix of ( are you sure that that is the right download? The file Lug's Delightful Dioramas CCP.bps seems to be identical byte for byte to the original Lug's Delightful Dioramas V1.02EN.bps file.

Okay so Lug's Delightful Dioramas seems to work on real N64 Hardware tho its well laggy so i would recomenned playing it on emulator

OK, thanks for checking if it worked. If you get the chance, could you try Super Mario 64: Halloween Mayhem, please?

Lug's Delightful Dioramas

(Not a misspelling, it is "Lug" and not "Luigi", as it seems to be named after it's creator, Lugmillord.

This is another interesting looking Super Mario 64 mod. The video and patch download is at:

And as usual, there's no hard information given as to if it will run on a real N64 or not, so if anyone wants to try it and see (I can't, my N64 is back home) then please post the results here. Like most mods, it will probably require the N64 to have an expansion pak plugged in.

EverDrive 64 / Re: Wallpaper thread! 320x240 only edition!
« on: December 11, 2020, 04:56 PM »
Replying just to hope someone already made a Conkers background.

Have you tried the ones in my archive? I've just uploaded a new archive with them in .JPG format, for X7 users.

EverDrive 64 / Re: Wallpaper thread! 320x240 only edition!
« on: December 11, 2020, 04:28 PM »
Here's a new link, with the same images as in my earlier post, but they are now also in .JPG format (and still in .BMP format too, of course), hopefully they will work on the X7.

EverDrive 64 / Re: Wallpaper thread! 320x240 only edition!
« on: December 08, 2020, 09:44 PM »
Here is an archive of some Everdrive 64 wallpapers, in both 640 x 480, and 320 x 240 resolutions.

Downlod the archive from:

Edit: The archive in the above link now contains both .JPG and .BMP files, for X7 users.

These are the wallpapers (don't click on these to download them, click on the link, above.

Also, some X7 wallpapers are available from the post at:

To create your own wallpaper, use the free program called Easy Graphic Converter, from

as for some reason, some graphic converters don't create files that the Everdrive 64 can use.

Use this program to convert a photo or picture that you like to a resolution of either 640 x 480, or 320 x 240. The resolution you need depends on your Everdrive 64 version; v2.0 and v2.5 Everdrives can use either 640 x 480 or 320 x 240, so you may as well use 640 x 480, as it will look better. But the X7 Everdrive 64 and maybe the v3 ( I don't know) can only use 320 x 240, at least until Krikzz updates the OS software to support a higher resolution, so you will have to go with 320 x 240.

Whichever resolution you use, the file extension MUST be .bmp (i.e. the file MUST be a bitmap graphics file), and it MUST be 16 bit. Use Easy Graphic Converter from the link I give above, and as long as you use the right resolution

Off Topic / Re: My misconceptions about everdrives
« on: December 06, 2020, 06:41 PM »
Yeah, apparently the N64 has write-only ports, meaning that the only way to get an accurate save states would be using hardware that could monitor the motherboard and CPU which, while possible, would be very pretty complex, require a fair bit of work to develop and test, and wouldn't exactly be easiest piece of hardware to install into your N64. No doubt a dedicated and skilled person could do it, but unless he's a total N64 fanatic then I doubt anyone would bother, especially since the potential market for such a piece of kit is probably too small to tempt someone who could spend their time and skill on something with a much larger buying demographic.

Basically, barring something really unforseen, I think save-states on a real N64 won't become a possibility for most of us. On the plus side, every day it becomes a little more likely that a good third party manufacturer will create an N64 compatible console that is emulation based (or more likely on a FPGA system), that offers proper game compatibility, and that has the advantage of not having the N64's hardware limitations. That way, we can have a snapshot ability, and be able to reset the console from the joypad (the controller), have quality HDMI output, be able to get much higher screen resolutions (N64 games can look much better at higher resolutions), much better frame-rates in games (assuming the new console allows this), and so on.

Unfortunately, there's no such console yet (the Warrior 64 is by all accounts very disappointing), but it will happen sooner or later.

EverDrive 64 / Re: THPS1-3 with full soundtracks possible?
« on: December 02, 2020, 06:50 PM »
The Everdrive 64 doesn't add any new audio hardware to the N64, so any new music or audio tracks would still have to be played by the N64 itself, meaning that it couldn't be better quality than the N64 could produce (though the N64 can produce excellent sound and music, properly programmed). A skilled hacker could certainly add more or longer music to any N64 game, storing the required data either by extending the size of the game rom to the maximum N64 size, or by directly reading the data from the SD card via data files that are separate from the game rom file itself.

The latter solution would be the best in most cases, as the maximum size an N64 game rom can be seems to be only 64MB, and certainly the Everdrive 64 (any ED64 revision) doesn't come with enough RAM to contain any significantly larger game rom than 64MB.

So yes, it's perfectly possible to have the N64's Tony Hawk's games have the same full soundtrack as the PSX version, but whether or not someone with sufficient programming skills will take the time and effort to do this doesn't seem too likely. The N64 is notoriously difficult to program anyway, and few people seem to bother programming the N64 (given how popular the N64 was and is, it does seem surprising that it's current hacking/programming scene seems so sparse), and since N64 hacking is spread out over the internet, instead of being largely collected on either one site or a few connected websites, then even if someone does convert the N64 games' audio to the PSX versions' soundtracks, then we here might not get to hear about.

Starfox 64: Survival

This looks really interesting:

And since it's by Kaze (and Zel) then you know it's going to be well made and professional, and he's confirmed that this will work on a real N64!

But don't use the download from the link in the above Youtube page, instead download the patch from the this page:

as the romhacking link has the latest version.

Edit: Version 1.2 has been released, as is available from the romhacking link, above.

EverDrive 64 / Post your favourite N64 mods and hacks here
« on: November 29, 2020, 11:01 PM »
I thought it might be a good idea for us to post our favourite N64 game mods and hacks here, as of course newer members of the forum might not be aware of older mods and hacks.

Goldeneye X - My favourite N64 game mod, and the one which made me buy an Everdrive 64, so I could play it on my N64. It's an amazing mod, which aims to bring Goldeneye over to the Perfect Dark engine, thereby allowing Goldeneye to have all of PD's technical advantages, such as weather effects, much better enemy A. I., bots in multiplayer, etc. The present version of the mod has an almost finished multiplayer mode (and it's fantastic!), but only a couple of single player levels are playable, and aren't guaranteed to be glitch/bug free. Most of the other single player levels can be walked around, but there are no enemies and can't be completed by the player. The mod is still being worked on, and a new version will hopefully be released in the not too distant future.

Perfect Dark Plus - A great mod that lets you play in multiplayer as a Skedar (brilliant!) or as Dr Carroll! Also adds two new multiplayer levels, Stack and Caves, and lets you use the 'classic' (i.e. the Goldeneye weapons) in the multiplayer. Finally, you can play as a Skedar!

Conker's Bad Fur Day - Several different hacks, with no real names given to them (as with most hacks or mods), all made by the *very* clever ConkerGuru. These hacks include things like being able to view any cutscene at anytime (which you can use to see the cutscenes that otherwise never play, play any of the speech samples at any time, and view the memory contents as the game runs, if you're smart enough (i.e. not me) to understand and care about how the game works.

Personally, it's the two game hacks that I love. One of them randomly chooses what characters the computer controlled enemies are in Deathmatch (in the unmodded game, they are all Tediz, this mod makes it look more interesting and varied. The other hack is brilliant - it stops the game resetting everyone's positions in the Colors game mode when someone captures the flag and scores a point. It might not sound like much, but it really improves the game, as now you can find a great sniping point and stay there as long as you like, or get a great weapon and keep it as long as you like and watch/guard a specific area etc, for as long as you choose, no matter how many points are scored by either team. And both the time limit and the score limit are effectively set to no limit, so you can just play until you get bored and choose to end the game, if you like.

Smash Remix - A *very* detailed and impressive mod for Super Smash Bros.  that adds eight new characters, 54 new stages (levels), new options, and new or modified moves. Any SSB fan would love this mod!

Sin and Punishment - An English translation of the fantastic, previously Japanese only game, which was voted the best "Run and gun" game ever, by the British Retro Gamer magazine.

Download and use this patch:

Note that there are two other English translations of this game, available on the website, but at least one of those only works on emulators (not on a real N64), whereas the translation in the link, above, works very well on with a real N64.

SimCity 64 - This is an English translation of the unique and utterly fantastic 64DD exclusive game, SimCity 64. For those of you who have never heard of it, SC64 is basically SimCity 2000, but with lots of improvements, such as the editing stage is in real(ish) 3D, you can walk around town in a first person view and speak to people (to find out how they feel, and what they want in their city), you can drive around, fly around in a helicopter, even gamble for more money. The translation isn't 100% complete yet (it's no doubt a very complicated job), but it is still in progress, so we'll no doubt see it completed at some point, but fortunately for us it's very playable now, with no language problems in the base game mode to hinder us.

On a personal note, this was the 64DD game I most wanted to see released for the N64 in PAL format, so of course it was never released over here (I've never been lucky  :(), and with the dual obstacles of the game only being available on the 64DD (which wasn't released outside of Japan), and being entirely in Japan (which I don't speak), I thought I'd never get to play it. But due to the effort and hard work of Luigiblood, Zoinkity, Krikzz and others, in making the Everdrive 64 play 64DD games, and Ozidual in translating the game, I finally got to play it and managed to find out that it's even better than I thought it would be. Don't you love it when that happens?

If you want a more thoughtful game, that can really draw you in and make hours pass like minutes, then give SimCity 64 a go. Note: Don't confuse SimCity 64 with SimCity 2000, which is also on the N64 (and also Japanese only!).

There are many more that I could add, but this will do for a start. What are your favourite hacks, mods, etc for any N64 games?

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