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EverDrive GB / Re: any plans for an everdrive gb pro in future?
« on: July 27, 2020, 04:17 PM »
So only GBC roms didn't work. That's expected since they probably switches to GBC mode right away and locks up on a DMG/GBP/SGB. Licensed GBC only games must have a DMG mode screen that tells the player to use a Gameboy Color, but PD roms might not always do this.

Indeed and those PD roms really don't mention it, their could even be some that are just titled GB at the end of them but wont run on a SGB at times or even a GB rom that is actually in full color so I renamed them GBC so they wouldn't get mixed up... some crazy findings those were years ago lol

EverDrive GB / Re: any plans for an everdrive gb pro in future?
« on: July 27, 2020, 02:19 PM »
You mean the little star mark down in the left corner of the box. Red means it's works on all Gameboys (GBC enhanced) and blue/green means it's a GBC only game. DMG games similarly has a SGB logo in the left corner if it's a Super Gameboy enhanced game.

yeah the PD ones were all checked and put into sub folders
So what was the result? Did you find any that didn't work on SGB or not?

Yeah that was the result and yeah their were dozens way too many to list, it's kind of ironic I did so much on this then moved to getting SNES games to play on a GBA then dropped doing it for so many years now as I had other projects to attempt... these pictures below are a mere fraction of what works on which of course they are likely obsolete now as their is likely many new PD and homebrew roms made these days but if you keep in mind this was around the 2013's it's like the whole year in an archive up until then!

These would work on both the SGB as they were GB files -

These also would work on both the SGB as they were GBC files -

These however cannot work on a SGB as they were originally checked on a DMG Gameboy and wont boot up -

Other random ones I did was checking homebrew roms and organizing them into folders, making sub folders for unl games and even making a list of folders for intros and demos… yeah I spent way too much time over this. I think the best one however was going through each enhanced boarder game and taking out the ones that had repeated boarders so their was only the ones that had a different boarder instead of the looped ones, as if I recall a lot of sports ones borrowed the same boarder and just changed a detail like removing kanji in it or mirroring it so it's in a different angle.

The GBA X5 Everdrive has two different settings when a rom is clicked on they are select and start or select only, I presume select and start is the equivalent of how the GB Everdrive would write a save file to the device when clicked on while start just does it without writing anything to the device. The same thing applies to the emulators it also seems to automatically make a backup of every rom you played on and can reach a good 1000 before needing the SRAM files removed in order to get the device to work again.

Original has a red LED so you can see when it’s writing to the SRAM. That is the only advantage as far as I can tell.

Ah so that is what that red flickering on the side of the divice was when it was already having a red light on it, I haven't noticed that since the time I played NES or other format games on it for a long time. Though I do remmeber my current one must having been doing that so much it came up with the Disk I0 error screen once it exceeded over 1000's of SRAM files.

EverDrive GBA / Re: CR1225 battery?
« on: July 26, 2020, 11:26 PM »
Why is it that batteries need to be so badly replaced in the GBA X5 is their something someone knows that I am not being told about?

EverDrive GB / Re: any plans for an everdrive gb pro in future?
« on: July 26, 2020, 05:22 PM »
I don't know what stamps you are talking about. There are usually little icons on the package that tells what it's compatible with, and the cartridge color also tells sometimes.

Did you find any PD roms that didn't work on SGB? I think any DMG game should work on it.

They were more or less a style of the old Nintendo seal of quality and had a sun like circle in the corner of the game with some Japanese text in them, and yeah the PD ones were all checked and put into sub folders -

EverDrive GB / Re: any plans for an everdrive gb pro in future?
« on: July 26, 2020, 02:11 AM »
I see that you are listing a few MBC1 problem games that also might not work on Everdrives yet. Such as Bomber Man Collection and the Mortal Kombat games. You are missing MBC30.

Games that uses the printer or mobile adapter shouldn't have any problems with the Everdrives, neither should SGB enhanced games. The Transfer Pak is a problem though.

BTW if I were you, I would make those lists in text format instead of an image, so that they become searchable, smaller size and easier to edit.

Here is an incomplete list of games that doesn't work on the original Everdrive GB:

What's interesting as they came from the Wika when I searched for what games used which mappers and which games were only for GBC and those that were for both GB/GBC if I recall the blue stamp on the Japanese box indicated it was compatible on both devices while the red one indicated it was GBC only... then again it has been years since I made that list so its likely obsolete by now.

This was of course the time I went through over 1000's of PD roms to see if they would run or not run on a SGB and make a specific folder for each and every one of them giving it the title of "final version"

Fun fact: The images you see in the list that detailed each special chip or add on were not actual images but the ROMs itself I made a copy and put a text summery in each and everyone of them years ago!

I'll have to take a look at the Darius games at some point. The Shmups make it so unappealing for the system because there's so many of them. lol. I use a TerraOnion SSDS3 with a Core Graphx I. I usually like making my own patches because there's currently no cheat support for the device. I wish it would happen some day because it would save lots of room on my SD Card.

Fantasy Zone sounds like it'll be fun to hack if it's uses a button code.

I made some other codes for other games a little while ago. Mainly CD games. Just been busy with other things outside of PC Engine stuff lately.

Update: Wow. This code looks like a pain in the ass to enter in every time. lol

Lol their are dozens I think I managed to clear the Coregrafx mini ones with the save and load function on Aldeynes, Cho Aniki, Dragon Spirit and Fantasy Zone (Was a bit easier with the button code) Galaga 88 while on the Turbografx side I managed to clear R-Type and Psycosis.

While I have prepared a konami code input for the gradius games and a state save with all power ups collected in both Salamander variants too for later when I get up to them...

And yeah the code is a pain to input it has so many repeated button commands with the direction after the I and II then the number goes up with each direction you do it, the chime sound works on both the default PCE Game and even the Arcade remake exclusive to the mini... side note I noticed the Arcade remake made sure that your power ups do not drain when you use them but they still kept the bar meter.

As the original game they deplete even if you do not fire with them when they are selected from the shop or switch balloons, by default you would normally loose a life or go back to your normal weapon after a short while as the invincilibily input is in play the weapon stays throught the whole playthrough I think though I didn't risk buying them on my 1st 2 save state attempts incase they ran out which I'll likely replay on my Coregrafx mini and correct that for a save state where all stuff gets bought next time I am on it.

I didn't forget about you. Been busy. Tried to do Override, but it's beyond me atm. Need to work on that more.

I had success with Rock-On though!

Rock-On (J)
Code: [Select]

Aw wow all of these amazing new discovered invincibility codes are being made available for PC Engine roms and I haven't been able to get any of them to work since the original Kyle list that I patched and played each and everyone of them on my now obsolete unworking Super Card SD, if only someone found a way to make PC Engine roms run on a GBA I'd love to give these a test run (Preade paks can play all the games but vanilla ones cannot run nor those with hacks)... if only a Coregrafx mini hack came soon but hasn't come soon enough... sigh...

I think I remember playing Overide and patching it a long time ago but it had no invulnerability code if I recall, I dreamed of having a invincibility hack of any shoot em up on that device would have been Darius Alpha as the one I played a long time ago for Plus made me wish it could have patched to that one too but to no luck it didn't. I'd love to one day play a hack of every shmup on this device with a invincibility code when the mini's get hacked someday as I am using pre existing in game button codes so far and the only one that I could work was Fantasy Zone with its button command after each stage.

It seems by the time someone figured out to patch these type of games to work on a GBA I would have likely made every SNES rom work on a GBA way before that...

EverDrive GB / Re: any plans for an everdrive gb pro in future?
« on: July 25, 2020, 04:50 AM »
Almost all unsupported mappers has some kind of special hardware in the cartridge. MMM01 and unlicensed mappers like Sachen, Wisdom Tree and Rocket Games are the main exceptions, so maybe the Everdrives could add support to all of them in OS updates.

Here are the main unsupported cartridge types:

Has some flash memory on cartridge. Only "Net de Get: Minigame @ 100" uses it. You could download mini games using the network adapter and store on the flash.

Accelerometer for tilt-sensing (not gyro-sensor as I said above). Used in a Kirby game and Command Master.

A variation of MBC3 only used for Japanese Pokemon Crystal. Allows up to 64kB SRAM instead of 32kB, otherwise identical to MBC3 I think. I'm not sure if any Everdrive supports this or not yet.

Hudson's MBC and has the "GBKiss", an IR-communication device like on the Gameboy Color. Although used mainly by Hudson games, Nintendo also used it for Pokemon Card GB.

Has GBKiss, RTC (probably not accessed the exact same way as the MBC3 RTC) and a beeper used as a kind of alarm when the game is sleeping, like an early form of streepass.

Also has RTC and a beeper. Used in Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi: Osutchi to Mesutchi.

A licensed multicart mapper used by Taito Variety Pack, Momotaro Collection 2 and a Chinese variant of the Taito Variety Pack, "Mani 4 in 1".

Game Boy Camera
Obviously has a digital camera in the cartridge.

Then there's the MBC5 rumble feature which isn't supported by any Everdrive.

Here is a nice list:

Oh wow after seeing those HuC3 and the TAMA5 gamepak for the 1st time, I think we can officially say if a pro Gameboy Everdrive came out it would likely look like that and here I thought the gamegenie for that device was sticking out too much xD

Also that's some interesting info on each chip and what each gamepak looks like, if I recall on my finalized version which I called the Everdrive GB final version dated back in the 2013's a lot of these labelled games came from searching up Wika's on gamepaks that had either enhanced pallets to even special functions if I recall - and and

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: July 24, 2020, 04:04 PM »
Added the sgb05 update but I kind of wonder what is the benefit of removing the SGB enhancements in the debug, I always thought the enhancements which included the boarders were the thing that made it stand out from the rest. Though I do remember some games had variants to how they were designed with enhancements and without like the Game and Watch gallery series most noticeably the 2nd game if I remember which had a more detailed design in the hub map areas options as opposed to the SGB enhanced version that simplified a lot of textures in favour of putting them into certain pallets.

EverDrive GB / Re: any plans for an everdrive gb pro in future?
« on: July 24, 2020, 12:25 PM »
yeah i noticed after looking at the list that the games using those missing mappers were licensed.
 is it a case that all of them can not be supported on the carts we already have available? maybe some of them krikzz has not added support for yet. when it comes to extra hardware then that is a different matter.
 all those unsupported mappers use extra hardware?

What is really weird is that goomba supported HUC1 meaning the game Daikijyuu Montigatari - Miracle of the Zone worked on it but the EDGB couldn't run it, their has been weird instances when emulators managed to load games that normally default consoles struggled to being complex mapper ones.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: July 23, 2020, 07:22 AM »
Is there a way to adjust audio levels? The gameboy sound is too quiet and so games that use both like Kirby Dreamland 2 the snes sounds are overpowering it. Plus just using the super gameboy 2 menus are incredibly loud in comparison. On a regular ntsc snes with a SD2SNES non pro.

EDIT: Nevermind, I was on sgb04 but I see a sgb05 was released a few hours ago with volume boost so let me try that

For MSU1 audio levels on a game like Castlevania Dracula X and Street Fighter II I found it easier turning the boost off as it makes all music go way over the sound effects otherwise I presume the latter applies to here aswell.

EverDrive GB / Re: any plans for an everdrive gb pro in future?
« on: July 22, 2020, 11:17 PM »
extra hardware with such a small cart. would it even be possible.
 i may just go ahead and get the x7.
 the missing mbcs are for mostly unl games? is there a list of what is not working on the x7?

The size of the cart may not really be an issue as the everdrive GB was capable of using boarders from any game on the SGB without any extra hardware the only games which would still be unplayable on the X7 would be these ones

One interesting thing about the X7 however is the device is so much faster than the older models it accidentally loads the folder rom set up before the roms display so their is a minimal of 10 seconds before they appear while on the older models it would freeze the menu screen when clicked on so that the roms would load up before showing the contents of the folder.

EverDrive GB / Re: any plans for an everdrive gb pro in future?
« on: July 22, 2020, 07:34 PM »
There are many things that can be added to X7.

1. Improve compatibility by adding support for the missing MBCs (MBC6, MBC7, HuC-1, HuC-3, TAMA5 etc). The problem is that most of them require special hardware.

2. A feature for the Everdrive to "become" the game cartridge which can only be exited using a hardware switch on the Everdrive or something similar. This is needed for N64 Transfer Pak for example.

Those extra chips would be useful as of now I don't even think goomba can run most of those games if not the ones in this list while the EDGB can run quite a lot of these except a select 15 of them and that's not counting the unl roms and still incoming unl games...

On the plus side it can support these games at least - and

I do hope that if a pro did come out they would revert to using a much bigger SD card as having a small micro SD with no reader is a pain to eject it with the spring, it didn't help that the pro also used that way of doing it later likely copying the Super Everdrive way of using the card.

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