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FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: FXPAK PRO noob has questions
« on: July 22, 2020, 02:37 AM »
If memory serves me well it was just a method of renaming the end file pcm along with the track that was included having the - inbetween it, I only did Castlevania Dracula X a long time ago on my retro towers SD2SNES so my memory is pretty foggy.

Also their is a few roms that had NES games that worked on the SNES called the AES files if I recall, if you search up Burger Time AES hack or something someone back in the 90's managed to get a fully working NES rom and made it playable on a SNES with some graphical issues in a few parts and added their own music over it.

That’s awesome. Last I heard, the GBA can only run a select few SNES games properly, though.

It actually was capable of running a lot of games if their was enough time and effort making each and everyone of them work, it had something to do with changing values and settings to display backgrounds to be in the foreground or making HUD's appear... it's been quite along time since I had a go at correcting them but my fixtures do make me want to go back to redoing them in the end.

The original Super Everdrive, the 1st time I got to play it was at a convention it was pretty awesome seeing how each rom had a bar that needed to go across the screen showing how many kb/s the game way before booting up. I still have the very 1st version and use it from time to time just for the nostalgic value...

Though these days in later revisions I haven't seen that in a long time and likely it will never happen again due to the way games load so fast, it always was a iconic thing I missed since the original one where the bar went across saying how many mbits/megabytes were gathered to load the rom. I think the only line that kept the same fashion was the original GB everdrive series outside of the X7, statistics have always amazed me for years and I for one agree it should be brought back or at least let you see a RAM overview of how big each game is as the SD2SNES later ones only keep the basic MB size and not those awesome kilobytes the original Krikzz version had which got me into Everdrives in the first place.

Now I think about it more the only ones that still used it was the Everdrive China versions that were based off the original Krikzz version that still to this day retain the bar across the screen when roms load up. I thankfully own the official original one so I can experience the joys of everdrive data appearing before every single game that boots up, later incarnations still had the kbs but lost the bar and the SD2SNES lost it all together. I think the reason why I always liked the bar is because it reminded me of the old Windows 95 loading screens for programs something just hit my iconic nerve of nostalgia when I first played on one at an expo and made me want to own one myself.

Sad to say recent changes were made in future lines and I was weary of getting the FXpak along with the X5 when I noticed the SD card used was only a mini one instead of mini one that was used with a reader, it always was a pain to try and pull out the SD card with my fingers when it was slotted into the original everdrives that used a standard sized SD card or SNES being the original and V2, something the SD2SNES corrected by adding a spring function to make it easier for adding data at anytime without the hassle of trying to get it out to do it while the FXPAK reverted back to a much harder way even omitting the method of using a standard sized SD card in favour of a small one that the GB everdrives used... I could understand the mini ones being used on the GB series as the card wouldn't be able to hold a bigger SD card but the lack of spring function on the newest one made it a hard choice for me that I sadly passed up. 

And those are my cherished memories of the everdrive ^^

StoneAgeGamer has the x5mini up on their site, and im keen to pick one up

It seems the same problem happens to both the regular Everdrive GBA X5 and the mini model.

I never noticed that then again I heard of posts that batteries run out on the device too fast as well. Then again I don't think I have ever really played a GBA rom more than 15mins and mostly used my X5 as a emulation station, so likely that is what has been preserving life in it?

That sounds cool. What all are you emulating? What’s your setup?

Game Folder Set Up for Emulators...

Hudson PC Engine & NEC TurboGrafx-16 *These are emulated by PCEAdvance and are setup in alphabetical order as of now I can only use the pre-made romset that used XGFlash2 a now obsolete application that apparently could convert PCE roms to work on GBA*

Nintendo Game Boy & Game Boy Color *These are emulated by Goomba and setup the same way as the normal full set does it*

Nintendo NES & Famicom *These are emulated by PocketNES and setup the same way as the normal full set does it*

Sega Game Gear *These are emulated by SMSAdvance and setup the same way as the normal full set does it*

Sega Master System & SG-1000  *These are emulated by SMSAdvance and setup the same way as the normal full set does it*

Super Famicom & Super Nintendo *These are emulated by PocketSNES and SNESAdvance and setup the same way as the normal full set does it of course this meant I had to convert every single game which I only halfway did leaving it at the Super S-Z section of the
Japan folder to still do though the thought of changing values so that games display correctly makes me want to do more which I intend to fix this one up better in the near future*

SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color *These are emulated by... and are setup the way it was premade I have no idea how to add my own to this*


Will the sd2snes cartridge stored for 3 months without silica and without a vacuum and without a zip bag start oxidation?

It should all of my everdrives have had no issues with that infact a lot of stuff has been left to the elements itself, all the proof needed it's still inserted into my SNES for the past 3 years.

StoneAgeGamer has the x5mini up on their site, and im keen to pick one up

It seems the same problem happens to both the regular Everdrive GBA X5 and the mini model.

I never noticed that then again I heard of posts that batteries run out on the device too fast as well. Then again I don't think I have ever really played a GBA rom more than 15mins and mostly used my X5 as a emulation station, so likely that is what has been preserving life in it?

I've noticed with the crackling, it only happens when something touches the cart. If the game is running and I leave it on the table, it won't freeze. I think it has to do with the contacts.

One thing to keep note of. Some SP's have very sensitive audio channels so sometimes pushing the buttons down too much makes the audio crack or go distorted this of course only happens on refurbished ones as the plastic is a lot more flimsy than the real ones that were more solid and durable, I had that issue on my ED GBA X5 too but normally a push in the switch box with your thumb gets the cracking to go away... the most jarring part is when the volume fully goes mute and it then silently comes back on.

I've been using a refurbished AGS 101 (Resistant to scratching, finger marks, sun cream and pretty much anything that would catch onto it) for as long as I got into wanting to play emulators on my GBA, while I kept the genuine one of a kind AGS 101 in a container to preserve it, for reasons unknown lol

I ran out of ideas lol

Also a video on how stiff it is if it's likely possible to get the AC DC out with some magic I don't have much mana...

I have one of the earliest production models of EDGB, which has trouble flashing ROMs on a Game Boy Pocket unless the batteries are basically new.  I know this is a known issue with the best solution being to use a different Game Boy model or buy a newer Everdrive.

Buuuut, I’ve been considering buying a Game Boy Color modified with a backlit screen and a 2000mAh lithium battery pack.  I suspect that it should work fine with the old Everdrive, assuming the pathetic max current draw from the AAA alkalines in the GBP was the issue in the first place.  Can anyone confirm or correct me?

Despite the flaws the original EDGB that made that flickering on a GBP is still a more durable superior verison eventhough it was corrected in later versions. It had a much faster menu loading time as it would freeze the screen when accessing a directory over the faster ones that always brought up the directory before the roms loaded up, the only thing it contained that was a pain for some was it loaded up bytes in order to process then again if you had the original Super Everdrive this was a common practice over later auto boot up methods.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: July 15, 2020, 09:04 PM »

Having run out of ideas to try, I ended up backing up my SNES build to my PC and used that SD card to put the SGB2 on. That worked perfectly. The card that didn't work was a Sony SR-8C4. (micro SD) I wonder if it has something to do with the controller on the card? I tried it several times and with that card it never worked, so it seems if you are having problems just try another SD card.

The SD I use is one that pops out of the device by pushing it down and always sticks out a bit, it's a much older model though even have ones dating back to the very 1st Krikzz Super Everdrive too. Glad to see you managed to resolve the issue, I'm hoping in the future their will be a way to interchange the boarders between non SGB enhanced games like how the EDGB managed to, likely a menu reset may do the trick but it's so jarring when you get used to it just to find out you had to power off everytime to play a new rom for Gameboys series and the fact it always starts at the SNES devices menu screen is hard to get used to as well though the correct clock speed is nice however as my device is PAL it's hard to tell the difference unless you come from NTSC territory xD

As for cards from memory it goes in this order...

Original 1st version Super Everdive = Blue 32GB Sandisc SD card (No card inserted into the reader as it's a big blue one) [Fits into device hard to ply out)

Common 2nd version Super Everdrive = Same Blue Sandisc spare SD card (Once again no card inserted into the reader as its a big one aswell) [Same issue as before wasn't until the SD2SNES when ejecting a card was made easy with a spring]

Default SD2SNES = Grey and Red Sandisc 64GB Micro SD HC A1 card with reader included (Device can eject card with spring easily)

Clone SD2SNES = Kingston 16GB Micro SD HC with reader (Pretty much the same as the default official SD2SNES with the exception it cannot run MSU1 but does on all other chips)

EverDrive GBA / Re: ROMs freeze then sound cackles
« on: July 15, 2020, 05:00 PM »
It's happening the same for me as I posted here.
I thought it wasn't the same issue as the red screen some users were discussing. But looks like it's another common issue after all.

Tested on three GBA: two GBA SP and a micro. All never gave me any problems, even with other flashcards.

It seems smaller ROMs (64mb) work fine, but 128mb ROMs all fail.

I accidentally accessed that debug menu one too many times on my X5 but never got the error messages, it normally was clicked on when I tried to bring up the menu screen and my finger slipped making me thing I broke the system everytime it boots up and made me worry I bricked the device... the same thing happened to me when I bravely went into the SNES diagnostic Test program which scared me for life even more!

Also its weird that you said it only runs the 64mb ones but not ones of a higher capacity, I recall checking all roms in the GBA set and the only ones I couldn't load were the GBA video ones of Shrek 1 and 2 and Shark Tale.

I presume a SNES rom when formatted to GBA is the latter size so it likely can be ran on the device too, by the way does Tyrian 2000 prototype work on the new X5 or is it still a rom that brings up the blank Gameboy screen with no Nintendo boot up?

EverDrive GBA / Re: ROMs freeze then sound cackles
« on: July 14, 2020, 10:29 PM »
Same issue happening with mine. I have tested mine on my Gameboy SP and GBA and it happens on both. My nintendo carts do not freeze up.

Update- after more and more playing now the screen is just going white after it freezes.

After reading all of the responses it seems to be the same thing that happened to my Super Card SD, I think only having a battery isn't enough to power the device correctly over a while the thing will load a game and white out and then not function ever again... I think the extra bulk of the older model had a much more powerful processor in it that could keep the device running even though I really don't want to admit it as I always prefer a GBA cart everdrive looking like a GBA one. And sometimes I miss using a big SD card in it as it was so much easier to add games to aswell.

The mini.
The first batch sold had badly soldered ram chips.
I think it's been fixed now.

Ok. Thanks. I am so impulsive, I am tempted just to bite and get the OG version on amazon as it will be delivered by the weekend. I wonder if there is a benefit or an advantage to the physical bump? Just trying to convince myself. Haha

The OG version is really good if you are able to get over the Yoshi's Topsy Turvy design of the X5, it is an awesome device that can pretty much play any retro format that it has been programmed to with a vast range of possibilities in other consoles too outside of the NES/GG/SMS/GB... it gave me a chance to try a proof of concept SNES tryout for Contra The Alienwars and Super Castlevania IV though it was only these two I tried making a camera follow hack for, and likely in the future a whole load of possibilities rest within it.

Too bad I have had so many sidetracks along the way to continue it but one day I'd likely go back to it, I think the way it's possible to make a camera correctly move fast in a hectic game like Contra III makes me wonder why it was so badly down scaled on the GBA port which wasn't even the same game, even simple stuff like making a camera follow the sprite without it making the whole screen move up is possible if enough patience to code it in is done, I was pretty amazed by the results on how a camera can follow simon up the stairs making it feel like how a GBA port would be... sad to say the pack was never acknowledged to be used one of the make your own packs by smokemonster even when it was provided, which was a shame to say the least...

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: July 13, 2020, 07:14 PM »
Ok, that was my mistake. I have a bad cold now and misread the readme. I found the Super Game Boy 2 (Japan).sfc ROM (512k), renamed it to sgb2_snes.bin, but now I just get a black screen when powering on and occasionally I will get an error "/sd2snes/menu.bin Not found." I double checked the SD2SNES directory and it's there. Seems like I took a step backwards.???

Attached is my current screenshot of the SD2SNES directory.

Everything in that image seems to be in order but why is the SGB2 boot only 1kb when it is 256 B?

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: Super Game Boy 2 (Beta)
« on: July 13, 2020, 04:40 AM »
That's the one I grabbed. If that works for everyone else on the OG SD2SNES, maybe I did something wrong somewhere else. Any ideas?

Here is the contents of my SD2SNES folder:

That's strange as those ones on GitHub work fine to me and I have the exact same files on mine. I wonder if it may have something to do with the save state function that was added to the device unofficially I heard that it sometimes can interfere with the bios on SGB2 so either one works or the other wont work, I never used the save state patch and only used the official firmware so see if their is anything you can temporary remove that may solve the issue I am thinking the states may be the reason.

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