Author Topic: Universal button combo for save states  (Read 1243 times)

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Universal button combo for save states
« on: July 03, 2020, 07:37 AM »
Hi! I recently bought a used sd2snes (older version). I’ts really nice, and I have updated the firmware so I can use save states.
I’ve been trying to change the quick save state button combination (now it is start+L and start+R) but without luck. Is there any way to setup a custom combo that is universal instead of per game?

Thanks a lot


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Re: Universal button combo for save states
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2020, 04:04 PM »
You need customize the config.yml file:

IngameSavestateButtons: SR
IngameLoadstateButtons: SL

Instructions in the readme file:

Customizing Save/Load Inputs
You'll just need to type the input buttons as string (without any spaces):

- `B Y A X` = Buttons
- `u d l r` = Dpad
- `s` = Select (lowercase)
- `S` = Start (uppercase)
- `L R` = Shoulder buttons

### config.yml
*"IngameSavestateButtons"* and *"IngameLoadstateButtons"* variables holds the default inputs for Save/Load, which are:

- **SL** = `Start+L`
- **SR** = `Start+R`

### savestate_inputs.yml
You can define custom inputs for each game you want, you'll need the rom checksum value (different versions has different checksums). Examples:

EF80: XR,XL     #dkc1 v1.1 (US)
2BCC: XR,XL     #dkc1 v1.1 (US)
0C17: XR,XL     #dkc1 v1.0 (JP)
1202: XR,XL     #dkc2 (US)
9860: XR,XL     #dkc2 (US)
35CE: XR,XL     #dkc2 (JP)
B28C: XR,XL     #dkc3 (US)
E545: XR,XL     #dkc3 (JP)
F8DF: sYR,sYL   #super metroid (*)
0C17: AR,AL     #super valis (US)
5B4C: AR,AL     #super valis (JP)
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