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SD card for Everdrive Pro
« on: December 04, 2020, 02:00 PM »

My Everdrive Pro is on the road (ordered few days ago).
But I have a question regarding the SD card.

Do I need a specific SD card ?(like speed or class)
I saw the SD interface speed at 5MB/s on read and 1.4MB/s on write. So maybe I need a specific speed?
I know that is a MicroSD card and not a SD card.
I saw on external website that the maximum size is 32 GB and other 128GB. True or not? I think it is enough maybe ROM is very little.
And for the system file I saw FAT16,FAT32 and EXFAT. Maybe Better to select one of these ?

Thanks for your comment

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Re: SD card for Everdrive Pro
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2020, 03:07 PM »
Hiya there!
No need to worry about reaching specific SD read/write speeds on the Pro. Mega EverDrive Pro, whilst a magnificent beast of a flashcart, isn't gonna be able to reach Class 10 speeds looking at the EverDrive Diagnostics. All that is required really is a card that is reliable in terms of quality and one that is also formatted in exFAT, to ensure that Sega CD games or MSU-MD hacks don't crash at random.
As for the Micro SD card you want, I recommend going with a card that is at least 128GB storage capacity or more depending on how much data you want to store (Sega CD games naturally are gonna take up a large chunk of space compared to cartridge based games). If you do decide on wanting to put the entire Sega CD library in your Micro SD card, including MSU-MD hacks, then it definitely wouldn't hurt to invest in a card with a larger storage capacity.
I should note that the first time I used the Mega EverDrive Pro, I was coming across issues with Sega CD games randomly crashing, or MSU-MD hacks with hanging audio no matter how I formatted my Micro SD card. Turns out it was the Micro SD card that was the culprit (was previously using a Lexar 256GB card).
So I got a Sandisk Extreme 400GB card ordered from Amazon instead, formatted in exFAT with 256KB cluster size, and that worked out brilliantly for me solving the previous issues I've had.
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