Author Topic: Post your favourite N64 mods and hacks here  (Read 421 times)

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Post your favourite N64 mods and hacks here
« on: November 29, 2020, 11:01 PM »
I thought it might be a good idea for us to post our favourite N64 game mods and hacks here, as of course newer members of the forum might not be aware of older mods and hacks.

Goldeneye X - My favourite N64 game mod, and the one which made me buy an Everdrive 64, so I could play it on my N64. It's an amazing mod, which aims to bring Goldeneye over to the Perfect Dark engine, thereby allowing Goldeneye to have all of PD's technical advantages, such as weather effects, much better enemy A. I., bots in multiplayer, etc. The present version of the mod has an almost finished multiplayer mode (and it's fantastic!), but only a couple of single player levels are playable, and aren't guaranteed to be glitch/bug free. Most of the other single player levels can be walked around, but there are no enemies and can't be completed by the player. The mod is still being worked on, and a new version will hopefully be released in the not too distant future.

Perfect Dark Plus - A great mod that lets you play in multiplayer as a Skedar (brilliant!) or as Dr Carroll! Also adds two new multiplayer levels, Stack and Caves, and lets you use the 'classic' (i.e. the Goldeneye weapons) in the multiplayer. Finally, you can play as a Skedar!

Conker's Bad Fur Day - Several different hacks, with no real names given to them (as with most hacks or mods), all made by the *very* clever ConkerGuru. These hacks include things like being able to view any cutscene at anytime (which you can use to see the cutscenes that otherwise never play, play any of the speech samples at any time, and view the memory contents as the game runs, if you're smart enough (i.e. not me) to understand and care about how the game works.

Personally, it's the two game hacks that I love. One of them randomly chooses what characters the computer controlled enemies are in Deathmatch (in the unmodded game, they are all Tediz, this mod makes it look more interesting and varied. The other hack is brilliant - it stops the game resetting everyone's positions in the Colors game mode when someone captures the flag and scores a point. It might not sound like much, but it really improves the game, as now you can find a great sniping point and stay there as long as you like, or get a great weapon and keep it as long as you like and watch/guard a specific area etc, for as long as you choose, no matter how many points are scored by either team. And both the time limit and the score limit are effectively set to no limit, so you can just play until you get bored and choose to end the game, if you like.

Smash Remix - A *very* detailed and impressive mod for Super Smash Bros.  that adds eight new characters, 54 new stages (levels), new options, and new or modified moves. Any SSB fan would love this mod!

Sin and Punishment - An English translation of the fantastic, previously Japanese only game, which was voted the best "Run and gun" game ever, by the British Retro Gamer magazine.

Download and use this patch:

Note that there are two other English translations of this game, available on the website, but at least one of those only works on emulators (not on a real N64), whereas the translation in the link, above, works very well on with a real N64.

SimCity 64 - This is an English translation of the unique and utterly fantastic 64DD exclusive game, SimCity 64. For those of you who have never heard of it, SC64 is basically SimCity 2000, but with lots of improvements, such as the editing stage is in real(ish) 3D, you can walk around town in a first person view and speak to people (to find out how they feel, and what they want in their city), you can drive around, fly around in a helicopter, even gamble for more money. The translation isn't 100% complete yet (it's no doubt a very complicated job), but it is still in progress, so we'll no doubt see it completed at some point, but fortunately for us it's very playable now, with no language problems in the base game mode to hinder us.

On a personal note, this was the 64DD game I most wanted to see released for the N64 in PAL format, so of course it was never released over here (I've never been lucky  :(), and with the dual obstacles of the game only being available on the 64DD (which wasn't released outside of Japan), and being entirely in Japan (which I don't speak), I thought I'd never get to play it. But due to the effort and hard work of Luigiblood, Zoinkity, Krikzz and others, in making the Everdrive 64 play 64DD games, and Ozidual in translating the game, I finally got to play it and managed to find out that it's even better than I thought it would be. Don't you love it when that happens?

If you want a more thoughtful game, that can really draw you in and make hours pass like minutes, then give SimCity 64 a go. Note: Don't confuse SimCity 64 with SimCity 2000, which is also on the N64 (and also Japanese only!).

There are many more that I could add, but this will do for a start. What are your favourite hacks, mods, etc for any N64 games?

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Re: Post your favourite N64 mods and hacks here
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2020, 05:16 AM »

Battle Kart (Mario Kart mod/hack)

Adds new battle modes like Hot Potato and Squish.

You have options to flatten levels, toggle individual bonus items off or on, infinite green shells, hit points instead of just 3 balloons, timed battles or points battle, teams, you can now battle on ANY track (Highly recommend 4 players, Toads Turnpike using Hot Potato battle mode) as well as many other features.

Still in beta but you can download the latest patch from the Discord.

Most importantly it works with the Everdrive.
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