Author Topic: Request for GBA Everdrive  (Read 2901 times)

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Request for GBA Everdrive
« on: December 24, 2014, 02:29 AM »
Flash carts have certain problems which are most famous in Pokemon games, though they can happen for others:

-- Certain DS games will detect the presence of a particular GBA game in the GBA slot and do special things.  In order to do this on a flash cart right now, you need a flash cart which only flashes one game without a menu.  The reason for this is pretty obvious; the DS game has to be able to recognize the GBA game without running it, and it's not going to recognize a game that's only present after it's loaded from a menu.

-- DS games can access the save files on GBA games, which is used to transfer Pokemon.  Unfortunately, flash carts normally save the game differently from the original game, and patch the GBA game to save using the new method.  Because the DS game has not also been patched, the DS game is still looking for the original save file, and can't find it. 

-- Transferring Pokemon between a GBA game and Pokemon Colosseum or XD actually downloads a small program from Colosseum or XD into the GBA, and this small program accesses the save file.  Again, since the flash cart saves the game in an unusual way and patches the GBA game, but Colosseum or XD has not been patched, the transfer doesn't work (and can erase your save file).

Would it be possible for the GBA Everdrive to make these things all work?  I would guess that you can fix 2 and 3 by making sure the flash cart actually contains the right kind of flash memory for the game to be able to save without any patching.  I would assume there is some way to fix 1 but I'd have no idea how.