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Doom 64 gamma Fix
« on: May 21, 2016, 12:38 AM »
Hi folks , my first post.  :)

You see guys, i am in a Doom mood latley and after finishing Doom 1 & 2 i played alot of Doom64.

A great game but MAN is it DARK, even when i crank up the brighness setting in the options menu of the game.

so i tried this tool here ( from this site )

I patched the Doom Rom but afterwards its to Bright :(
( i play with the real hardware, no emulation )

so, my question is, do you know how to correct the gamma setting of Doom 64 to a spot on level ? ( IPS patch )

I mean, its totaly playable but a little gamma boost would be good for the game and i think a lot of Doom64 players would appreciate it.

Every Doom64 reviewer complains about the Gamma problem of Doom64, so i think it´s Time to do something about that.

Can anybody help ?

Greetings, Nibbler