Author Topic: Negotiating the RTC on the GBA X5  (Read 3315 times)

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Re: Negotiating the RTC on the GBA X5
« Reply #15 on: January 12, 2020, 07:36 PM »
So the RTC is reset sometime when you select New Game. In that case getting the offset to be exactly 0 is impossible. 3 minutes is approximate I guess. It depends how fast you press forward the messages, enter your name and you have to manually walk up to the wall clock in your room to set it.

"[Guide] Findings about RTC and quick-fix por Pokémon R/S/E" by otenko
This post is yours? Looks like your account is gone along with all your posts. Strange.
Do you think you could post your test results and guide again?

Ah right! It doesn't have to be midnight in real time. You just set it to a few minutes past midnight in the game to make the offset close to 0 so that setting the RTC to real time in Boktai gets it close to the Pokemon time. Real time can be anything when you do it.