Author Topic: Something that has been bothering me about the GB X7 to the GB X5 Everdrive?  (Read 913 times)

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Why is it the GB Everdrive X7 right away take you to a blank screen before the roms appear in about 15 seconds while the GB Everdrive X5 freezes for 15 seconds and loads the folder up correctly displaying all the roms in 1 go?

This also applies to going to another page. It never happened on the X5 as it would process the data of each game before showing what the game titles are and just looks really weird when the folder is blank and the games just appear after some seconds.
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How many files are inside the folder?

It's best to separate some of the roms into letter folders to be faster to navigate.

If there is a file sort option it is recommended to disable it, usa a FAT sorter application to put them in order.

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I remember that issue well as I brought it up a few years ago. My guess is due to the fact the original X5 was unable to instantly load up stuff being a lot slower at processing kb/s for games it also took time to load the folders when they were clicked on they would normally freeze the screen when you clicked on the A-Z part so that when the roms loaded up in the directory you could scroll down all of them without any random pauses in between pages. But due to the way the X7 was so fast at loading roms instantly it accidentally ended up loading the directory's way to fast so when you click on them it takes a good few seconds for the roms to appear in the list.

I always preferred the freeze on the front rom folder than having a blank screen for a good while till they eventually show up, it was one of the charms the older GB series was capable of.
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