Author Topic: Lag to be confirmed to have been fixed for international Engine releaces!  (Read 422 times)

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Hey everyone, so despite already getting the PC Engine mini through the Covid-19 situation off amazon japan a few months ago I started noticing a lot of shimmering in the gameplay.

I personally had some real issues with lag, or at least any more then is expected with a device like this or any other mini console we seen to date.

Months later I decided to pick up the recently distributed Coregrafx Mini and in my opinion is that gameplay on this is pretty good, and any real emulation issues that the 1st batch had have been fixed (This can be confirmed if you have experienced the awful lag in Akumajou Dracula X where the morning star goes across the screen in the FMV intro upon start up of the game) with a few months delay it now has lost the shimmering movement when it moves right across the screen it's so fluid you cant even tell the frame is moving was enough to justify this!

Not sure how animated it was on real hardware as this is the 1st time I have played it outside of Switch... In a previous topic I said the PC engine was once mistaken for a Super Famicom game back on my Super Card SD.

Even labelling the complete patched set based off the notepad file as of when gamegenie guy had codes available as it to this day when uploaded still calls them Super Famicom Turbo Hacks.

I made a mistake of saying that prior to having really considered this was really the only time before the X5 GBA Everdrive days when it could likely play SNES like games on your GBA outside of Snesadvance years later when I discovered it.

Maybe I was just the type of person who gets up in arms over something that looked outstanding on a AGS-101 screen aside from the input lag that PCEAdvance always had, but even with the jittery hard to enjoy audio based off it's mixer and turning the Timer IRQ off it was still my first ever experience with this platform.

I am not a hard core gamer by any means but years later and considering the value we get from these devices, a little glimmer of hope that I now can enjoy these with less slowed down audio and framerate on a couple of the minimal remembered titles (After all the PCEAdvance really only worked with Japan games for 3 years so I never really experienced the English ones until a pack provided premade ones in a file set, just doesn't work unless you could use the obsolete PCETOY app years back).

I did mention in one of my other topics that in game button prompts to access the hold run and select to reset the game no longer works, but I didn't really have much of an issue making a save file for each one listed on gamefaqs Turbografx-mini section, except for Kung-Fu which oddly didn't need to be reset to get the menu to work as I tried it on my GBA X5 and it did exist to work and was easy to input too. No luck with using the infamous Sound Test 77 code in Blazing Lasers it's still as broken as ever, but as the 10 ships and 10 lives one still works after getting the sound test menu to appear it's no big deal.
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