All Black Friday 2021 Sale orders will be shipped in 7-14 days.

3.12.2021 Our National post temporary stopped sending parcel to Australia.

Due to Covid 19 situation Estimated shipping time can be 2x slower than usual.
Normal delivery time vary between 15-20 days, but in the worst case it can be up to 60 days (for Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and New Zealand 90 days)
The shipping costs is calculated with the prices of Ukrainian post. Prices for International Shipment

Order can be divided into several packages with different track numbers.
The orders are shipped from our warehouse in Ukraine.
Usually we ship the packages in 1-3 business days after the order has been placed.
All parcels can be tracked with this post tracker, later the recipient should use the tracker of the county where he/she is.
Links on trackers of some countries: USAJapanHonkongSpainFranceAustriaUKGermany
The countries where tracking does not work: Australia, Canada, New Zealand.
Estimated shipping time:

  • North America: 15-20 days
  • Countries of EU (except Germany and France): 12-18 days
  • France: 15-40 days
  • Germany: 20-50 days*
  • Japan: 15-20 days
  • Australia: 30-40 days
  • South America: 40-60 days

*If you live in Germany, and you did not received the package in 30 days, call to customs and ask about the package. German customs may hold the packages and request proof of cost
If you live in the country well known for strict customs and you haven't received the package in the estimated shipping time then you may need to contact the customs service concerning your package.
Sometimes the packages can be subject to local taxes.
Sometimes delivery may take much more time than usually, especially in holidays period, and some time before and after holidays.