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  • Supports 99% of games from SEGA library
  • 128mbit (16mbyte) PSRAM.
  • 120mbit (15mbyte) max ROM size.
  • 256Kbyte Battery RAM
  • YM2413 core by Necronomfive
  • EEPROM and SRAM saves support
  • Firmware update through SD card
  • FAT32 file system supported.
  • SD cards up to 32GB (MicroSD slot).
  • Instant loading (1-2 sec).
  • Built in audio playback. WAV, GYM, TFC
  • USB port for homebrew development and for future features.
  • In-game menu that allows access back to menu system without leaving the sofa.
  • Snapshot Saves.
  • Regular game battery back-up saves.
  • Genesis, Mega-drive, Sega Master System, and 32X games supported.
  • Hardware MEGAKEY.
  • CD BIOS loading.
  • CD RAM cart feature.
  • Cheats feature. Game Genie and Play-Action Replay format supported.



 User manual (English)

 OS update

 Dev tools and samples



Promo Materials:

Omonim2007(Russian) (Mega v2) (English)



Russ S lol sms is not emulation.

Russ S lol sms is not emulation.


Best in Class

After ordering the Super Everdrive V2, I knew I had to have this as well. Great build quality, good sms emulation, wide compatibility. Love the save state feature. Would highly recommend.

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Great product !

So far so good until now ! Thanks !


My favorite EverDrive so far

The whole package for this is really slick; I love it.

I don't know about Europe or Japan, but the case is not as large as the retail game-cases I in USA got, but I love it.

Like someone else wrote, it uses a microSD-card with label-side facing away.


Excellent product

I am very happy with it, came in a sleek plastic shell with a nice instruction manual. Choosing any game is quick and easy. It boots up very quick. I can't recommend this enough for anyone that has a Megadrive, it is a must have.

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A must-have for anyone in love with retro

I had a Genesis all my childhood and this product is everything I ever dreamed of. It works superb, loads all games as advertised and is feature packed to the brim.

My only real complaint is that in-game menu hangs if it's opened during a video-mode change (or something of that nature). If you open it during normal gameplay it won't crash and works beautifully. It's not a major point of concern for me though, I'm impressed it can do the save states at all.

All in all an amazing product that I am very happy with. Thanks!

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Amazing piece of kit

I can't put into words how well made these are. Comes in a proper hard case with instructions.
Note: IT USES A MicroSD card.
Sandisk is the flavour of choice.
I spent a bit more for the v2 (or x7 as it's now called). Get on bought. Arrived in 21 days on the nose. Very pleased.

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This thing is amazing, bought the X7 from a regional retailer. All I can say, is this is amazing! I love playing on OE Hardware vs Emulators (call it nostalgia or what you like) but now traveling with this is great! No need to hope I brought the right carts to have a gaming night with friends.

Save states! Yes! So many games I can now attempt to complete w/o having to remember password codes, game genie cheats. Just get to where I want in the level and save it!

Thanks Krikzz! Amazing product, keep the updates rolling!

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Mega EverDrive X7

Mega EverDrive X7