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  • Supports 99% of games from SEGA library
  • 128mbit (16mbyte) PSRAM.
  • 120mbit (15mbyte) max ROM size.
  • 256Kbyte Battery RAM
  • YM2413 core by Necronomfive
  • EEPROM and SRAM saves support
  • Firmware update through SD card
  • FAT32 file system supported.
  • SD cards up to 32GB (MicroSD slot).
  • Instant loading (1-2 sec).
  • Built in audio playback. WAV, GYM, TFC
  • USB port for homebrew development and for future features.
  • In-game menu that allows access back to menu system without leaving the sofa.
  • Snapshot Saves.
  • Regular game battery back-up saves.
  • Genesis, Mega-drive, Sega Master System, and 32X games supported.
  • Hardware MEGAKEY.
  • CD BIOS loading.
  • CD RAM cart feature.
  • Cheats feature. Game Genie and Play-Action Replay format supported.



 User manual (English)

 OS update

 Dev tools and samples



Promo Materials:

Omonim2007(Russian) (Mega v2) (English)



Best Thing Ever!

I bought this just a couple weeks ago and got it already and set it up. Just a fantastic product that FINALLY allows me to both use save states AND play through a Framemeister on a native device (Genesis Model 1).


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Best thing ever made!

I just can say thankyou krikzz, this is the ultimate cartridge, this is one thing you must have if you love retro gaming. Worth every peny.


Amazing device!

It plays Genesis and Sega master system games perfectly. It is really testing my preference of buying actual cartridges ;-) Save states are an incredible thing to have on actual console. Using an RGB cable and upscaler, the games look even better than an emulator. This gave new life to my sega genesis, since I travel a lot and can now bring all the games by just bringing the console + everdrive. No more need for emulation.

It's a great way to test fan translations & betas. It's also curious to boot up Game Gear games and take a look at their video and audio, even though they're not playable.


Russ S lol sms is not emulation.

Russ S lol sms is not emulation.


Best in Class

After ordering the Super Everdrive V2, I knew I had to have this as well. Great build quality, good sms emulation, wide compatibility. Love the save state feature. Would highly recommend.

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Great product !

So far so good until now ! Thanks !


My favorite EverDrive so far

The whole package for this is really slick; I love it.

I don't know about Europe or Japan, but the case is not as large as the retail game-cases I in USA got, but I love it.

Like someone else wrote, it uses a microSD-card with label-side facing away.


Excellent product

I am very happy with it, came in a sleek plastic shell with a nice instruction manual. Choosing any game is quick and easy. It boots up very quick. I can't recommend this enough for anyone that has a Megadrive, it is a must have.

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A must-have for anyone in love with retro

I had a Genesis all my childhood and this product is everything I ever dreamed of. It works superb, loads all games as advertised and is feature packed to the brim.

My only real complaint is that in-game menu hangs if it's opened during a video-mode change (or something of that nature). If you open it during normal gameplay it won't crash and works beautifully. It's not a major point of concern for me though, I'm impressed it can do the save states at all.

All in all an amazing product that I am very happy with. Thanks!

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Amazing piece of kit

I can't put into words how well made these are. Comes in a proper hard case with instructions.
Note: IT USES A MicroSD card.
Sandisk is the flavour of choice.
I spent a bit more for the v2 (or x7 as it's now called). Get on bought. Arrived in 21 days on the nose. Very pleased.

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This thing is amazing, bought the X7 from a regional retailer. All I can say, is this is amazing! I love playing on OE Hardware vs Emulators (call it nostalgia or what you like) but now traveling with this is great! No need to hope I brought the right carts to have a gaming night with friends.

Save states! Yes! So many games I can now attempt to complete w/o having to remember password codes, game genie cheats. Just get to where I want in the level and save it!

Thanks Krikzz! Amazing product, keep the updates rolling!

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Mega EverDrive X7

Mega EverDrive X7