Turbo EverDrive v2


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  • PCEngine and TurboGrafx-16 systems are supported.
  • FAT32 file system are supported.
  • Supports MicroSD cards up to 32GB.
  • Instant loading
  • Street Fighter II mapper support.
  • On board reset button.
  • 4Mbyte of RAM memory.
  • Cart may not work properly with region modded systems



OS Update

USB tool

Legacy Turbo EverDrive v1 files



Thanks for the Turbo Everdrive

I needed this card to enjoy all the titles in Hu Card for my PC Engine, that does not mean that I stop buying physical games for my console ... on the contrary it will help me to decide which titles I am going to buy with higher priority, thanks Krikzz .


    Another amazing Everdrive

    I have 4 different ones now, they are all brilliant. Using this one with an oirigial PC Engine, which is RGB modded, perfectly fine!


      Runs like a champ!

      Awesome product! Easy setup and runs smooth as silk on my modded (RGB and region) PC duo! Games for days. Love this!

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      Essential purchase for TG16 and PCE fans!

      The quality of this card is incredible! I've had the version 2.5 for almost a year now, and it plays the entire HuCard library flawlessly my TG16+CD-ROM and PCE briefcase unit. Perhaps the best part is that it can be used as a US or JAP Super System Card 3.0 with Elmer's patched BIOS files. Elmer's patched Super System Card 3.0 files can be found in the support forum, but it would be nice if they were made available in the downloads section, since this functionality alone is worth the price of the cartridge.

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      Great Card

      I got one of these a month ago and it is fantastic. It plays everything I have tried to run on it, and load times are nearly non-existent.


        Another Home Run!

        Got this for my PCE and it's amazing! Saves me $$ so I can put it towards the CD games. **6 button tip**Those that have the Avenue 6/Hori 6 button pads, keep the A/B switch on A when navigating the menus, then switch to B in game. Not too sure on the NEC 6 button pads since they have 2 mode switches.


          great addition to my n64, snes, and sega everdrives

          I use my turbo everdrive v2 in a Laseractive player. I had to remove the plastic cover but it doesn't ever leave the pac so I'm not too worried. Plays great and have had zero issues with any games. Great product!



            Devil's Crush is just as awesome as I remember! :) This is an absolutely awesome way to experience TurboGrafx 16! After I got it set-up and working, I haven't had a single problem with it.

            One thing: There's no documentation or even mention of the PC-Engine/TG16 switch. With my poor eyes, I couldn't even see it underneath the plastic label thing. Until I selected the correct region mode, I only saw a black screen. Flipped the switch and now I have access to a ton of awesome games.

            The reset button can be difficult to press with fat fingers like mine. I might try to come up with a bigger button cap or something.

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            Turbo EverDrive v2

            Turbo EverDrive v2