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Famicom To NES adapter


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Adapter allows to play japanese 60 pin famicom cartridges on PAL/NTSC NES.



Very Good Quality Adapter

This is very very good quality adapter, much better quality than those older Honey Bee adapters. Also Famicom extra sound working good with my modded NES frontloader


    Well built and liberates a Gyromite from detsruction.

    This is well built as all Krikzz's products, Has a tight and decent connector and fits a casing well. Allows a Famicom Everdrive or Fami Cart to fit into a NES Shell. Mine did have a minor issue though, the fami connector wasn't fully pushed down before soldering so is slightly lopsided. .Also: No, it won't allow Famicom sound on the NES, this is no fault of the Famicom ED or this adapter.

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    Famicom To NES adapter

    Famicom To NES adapter