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  • All save types supported, no ROM patching required
  • Fast Loading (most games load within 1 - 2 seconds)
  • 256Mbit PSRAM (32MByte) ROM memory
  • 1Mbit SRAM (128KByte) save memory
  • Real-time clock support
  • Low power consumption
  • Micro SD cards are supported (up to 64GB)
  • FAT32 support
  • Supported with GameCube player, some revisions of Super Retro Advance adapter and other GBA accessories
  • NES, GB and GBC ROM formats are support (emulation mode)



OS Update



i feel so happy

I've had the everdrive approx two years and i can said that this cart is pure quality, and has allowed me, develop simple programs in c for the gba and play my favorites games.


    Loving it

    I got the entire romset from Gameboy/color/Adv on my sd card. I also have the entire NES library. I got mine setup with a Sandisk 128GB microSD card.

    The entire good GBA NTSCU romset is 12gigs the entire NES NTSCU set is 1gig. Gameboy/color is small I only used 14gigs outta of 128gigs got tons of room to spare. All game runs smooth and the NES games. I’m using it with the Gameboy Advance SP model works flawless.


      Mr wang

      I would like to know that is it support quick save function ?


        Fantastic & Easy

        It took just about two weeks to arrive which is perfectly fine and then only took 10 minutes to set-up and test out.

        Works like a dream and is exactly what I was wanting. I'll probably upgrade to a SD card with more space but for testing purposes I only used a 2GB which should be plenty of space for a decent collection of games.

        Brilliant Product. Highly Recommend.

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        Awesome flashcart

        This Everdrive is awesome! Works with any ROM in any GBA console, DS or Gameboy Player.
        Also you can use emulators to play with orginal GB games, NES games, Master System games or Game Gear games, so you can access to a infinite library of master pieces.
        You can check this review if you want to see this capabilities in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4g0BqkaG8ek

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        Works beautifully

        I love it. It does everything it's advertised to do.

        ProTip: in my case, the MicroSD slot is ever so slightly deeper than the SanDisk card I purchased. If this is the case for you, a finger will not get the job done. You need to use a fingernail or a small tool to push the card in just further than you would expect.

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        Awesome device - needs cheat support!

        I love this thing. Sturdiest and sleekest of the portable ROM cart market.

        Only wishlist item is cheat support. I hope it comes as an OS update soon!

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        Fantastic but

        All that’s missing is Save States. Hey, bring Save States to GBA Everdrive!!! We want GBA Everdrive X7 (as well as X3) like we got with the Game Boy/Game Boy Color! I’ll need that feature for games like Mega Man Zero due to constant struggles or any RPG where I fall in battle and don’t want to start all over the battle from the menu!

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        Awesome! Easy to use

        Wow, this is exactly what I hoped it would be. Drag and drop roms into the sd card. Thats it. Im using a Lexar card with zero problems. The only advice I can offer is: if you need your game list to display alphabetically, keep a backup folder on your computer. Everytime you add a new ROM, add it to the backup folder, then copy and overwrite to the sd card. 5 weeks shipping to Toronto.

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        El mejor cartucho flash del mundo

        Es el aditamento perfecto si deseas jugar cualquier juego de Gameboy Advance, Color, NES o Gameboy que se te ocurra. El tiempo de espera para México es poco más de 2 meses pero vale totalmente la pena al tratarse de un producto de Krikzz, que siempre son de alta calidad. Si están dispuestos a esperar un poco, es una compra necesaria para todos los amantes de la consola Gameboy Advance

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        The Best Game Boy Advance Flash Cart

        All the features mentioned above are 100% true. But I will elaborate on a few things.

        -"Near 100% Compatibility with GBA library": Some games will not work properly without the extra mechanical features that were originally built inside their cartridges.
        Examples of games that don't fully work:
        -The 'Boktai' series games were released in clear cartridges with light sensors and light is required to play those games.
        -'WarioWare Twisted' and 'Yoshi's Topsy Turvy' had gyroscopic controls built in the cartridges. But I did find some workaround hacks so you can assign buttons to do the job.
        -'Drill Dozer' will work but you'll be missing its rumble feature. Still 100% playable, though.

        -All other games work FULLY, including Ninja Five-O (which doesn't work on EZ Flash IV)

        Worth mentioning:
        -You can play multiplayer/linked games using another cartridge of the same game or with another Everdrive-GBA. Fantastic! I did this with a friend who also owns an Everdrive-GBA X5. We also did that with two Game Boy Players and two TVs as well. SO MUCH FUN!
        -Never lose your saves. Game saves are stored on your microSD card. No need to worry if your battery dies.
        -The Everdive-GBA X5 is specifically designed to run GBA games and they run perfectly (aside from the ones mentioned above). Support for GB/GBC/NES/SMS emulation is a very nice ADDITIONAL feature but it's not perfect.
        -The GBA library is region-free, so you can play those awesome games that didn't get released in your country.
        -The Everdrive-GBA X5 is worth it's weight in gold yet it costs less than an authentic copy of Ninja Five-O. Worth having for just that game alone.

        I am highly anticipating the day that the X7 version comes out with extra features such as using cheats and save/load states. But I am giving the Everdrive-GBA a perfect score because it is the best GBA flash cart in existence, for now.

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        So nice.

        Got this to replace my ezflashIII. It’s so nice not to use Windows xp with that old software. Took for ever to place roms and flash to NOR. This everdrive is a definite upgrade. It’s so easy to use, just unzip the OS and copy it to the root of your micro sd card, then add your dumped games. It’s very easy to use. My only complaint is the led. It’s so bright when playing at night. I may paint the shell to resolve that. A very nice cartridge. Thank you.

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        For me, a total must-have

        First of all I just wanna say : With all the old games decomposing over time, its great to have people like krikzz (and anyone else involved) that keep these classics alive on the original hardware.

        The Everdrive GBA shipped pretty fast to germany (about a week).
        The build quality is very good - just like a real cartridge or maybe better.
        Setup is extremely easy and even someone who isn't tech savvy will have no issues.
        I'm using a SanDisk Ultra 32GB - which is a bit overkill to be honest when considering that all GB, GBC and GBA games would take up about 20 gigs or less, but I had a spare one.
        The GBA games I tested on my Gameboy Micro were 100% accurate and perfect. Emulation doesn't come close of course.
        The only issue I had was that the internal battery was dry when it arrived, but thats not a big problem since the batteries are common, cheap and easy to replace.

        I recommend this to EVERY GBA owner.

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        Very high quality. Haven't encountered any issues with any GBA, NES, GB Color or Master System games. Love it!

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        Nice work


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        Es una pasada de cartucho, no tiene fallos y rinde bastante más que el EZ flash IV, perfecto. Un trabajo estupendo.

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        Designed for simplicity, a high quality product

        Very easy to use, which is a drag-'n-drop of your ROM collection. There is no patching required for any ROM. Runs like a native GBA cartridge and its power consumption is amazingly low. If you're into ROM hacking, this is the product you'd want to use. Had this product for about a year now.

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        Everdrive GBA X5 plays Mother 3 Flawlessly

        I recently purchased a EZ Flash IV thinking that I'd be able to play Mother 3 - god I was so wrong, after copying to the NOR which takes ages (7 minutes or so) and finding the game corrupt after the intro screen and literally no support or fixes in the matter I had no choice but to buy a product called Everdrive GBA X5... I wasn't wrong in my purchase not only do this product play Mother 3 but it has the right amount of PSRAM to run 32mb games, that's right every damn game out there for the GBA will run within a few seconds, no copying to the NOR and certainly no tireless delays. The product shipped to the UK in around 9 working days and I have to tell you my girlfriend and I both play the everdrive daily since it arrives. Please don't think your 'emulator' is a superior option -it's not! Emulation doesn't come close to the real thing. I'm also a Gameboy Advance rom dev in my spare time and enjoy this product for casually testing on hardware... the only thing that would make the everdrive GBA better would be a usb, I especially enjoy the RTC (no more patching your pokemon rom night and day on non-RTS flash cards). X7 could include a usb, gyroscope and light sensor to support the very few games that use them but otherwise the X5 is a superior product to what is currently on the market and while the price is higher the quality is reflecting of that.

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        I own the EZ Flash for GBA, and the GBA EVERDRIVE X5 is superior; loading roms without having to patch, simple layout, easy replaceable battery, loading the memory card to the cartridge is easier, better quality materials. The only thing I wish it had are Gameshark/Action Replay/Codebreaker codes. I recommend it to people who are looking for a good quality flash cart for the GBA.

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        Great Product and Service

        Ordered on 7th of May and received it on 25th of May. Fast shipping to Malaysia.
        My everdrive works great. It can run games that other flashcarts (supercard mini sd, ez-flash IV) can't like Ninja Five-0. Plus, it is easy to use, just drag and drop ! .

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        Quick delivery to the Netherlands. Enjoying this card alot! Thank you for making this!

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        Received today in nice packaging

        Came quicker than expected to australia in a nice package, plopped the sd card in and off i went back to the 90's. Really great card for the price. Thanks Krikzz.com

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        Awesome Out Of The Box

        The only issue I had was the wait, but I figured coming to the states it would take awhile. It was promptly shipped, but took from 3/18 to 4/24 to get to WA USA. So happy to finally have it, and it works fantastically. Thank You! :)

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        The Definitive GBA Flashcart

        It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

        Premium pricing for a high quality cart. This is the only flashcard you're going to find that uses modern components which means much faster loading times and lower power consumption compared to all of the flashcards built on ancient technology from the same time period as the GBA itself.

        I can only hope the X7 (if it ever comes to fruition) is the size of a normal cart as I play on a micro and it is slightly annoying having a bulge. The LED activity indicator is also a bit bright for my taste, wish there was an option to turn it off as I don't think it's necessary.

        • 6 out of 6 people found this review useful.

        Perfect, as always

        I own almost all of the Everdrives and this product delivers nothing less than I would expect from Krikzz. The same easy to use menus, compatibility, and great build quality. This thing works perfectly. It plays my library which consists of Gameboy, Gameboy Color, NES and of course Gameboy Advance without a hitch.

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        Awesome product

        It loads games super fast, you'll never need any other cartridge to play those classic games as they meant to be played. And yes, it sticks out on the front of the GBA SP, but that's not much of a problem.

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        Awesome! Works beautifully

        I bought this to help my kids learn to write homebrew z80-like and ARM games. It's been awesome for that, and now I just wish I'd bought two - the link cable is beckoning, and they want to make a multiplayer game.

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        I finally bought it and I have to say i'am very impressed about the quality! Everything just works fast without issues. Some people get annoyed that the cartridge sticks out but that doesn't bother me at all.
        The shipping was fast it only took one week to arrive here in Sweden! Krikkz you are the man!

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        Awesome Device!

        I have to admit that I didn't want one at first due to the cartridge sticking out, but I eventually caved and went ahead and bought one. I'm glad I did.

        This thing works exactly as you'd think. You just drag the roms onto the sd and you're ready to go. You can organize them into folders if you'd like.

        This thing loads up the games super fast! I also have an EZ IV and the Everdrive is much faster. On top of that the EZ IV needs the roms to be patched with some old software. Not really a problem, but still kind of annoying.

        The RTC works fine, although the only way I know to set it to a specific time is through Boktai. Maybe the ability to set it without going through Boktai can be added through an update?

        All in all, a great device. No bs, it just works.

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        I should probably make a video because ive just got so much to s

        I'll just keep it simple, get down tl the nitty gritty


        Works as advertised, no issues.
        RTC works great so it's an ideal solution for backing up pokemon RTC games.
        Drag and dropping is all thats needed, unlike needing to use the software like the EZFLASH 4 does, which i also have.
        The high ROM limit (32MB) for things like the gameboy video pack roms if you're into that or want to back up those carts.
        Can detect what kind of save file is necessary (eeprom, flash, sram) and even then you can adjust it.
        Communication with gamecube games (e.g Pokemon Ruby, FireRed with Pokemon BOX or Colosseum)

        The fact that theres some part of it sticking out. Not a big deal but i wonder if the X7 woukd use a regular size. The EZFLASH 4 has a regular size so it is feasible, but again.... not a big deal.
        No gameshark support. Maybe in an OS update??

        I'll have to go in depth in a video or something.

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        EverDrive X5

        I thought I was going to wait until November for this, but it came to my door, the same day Mafia 3 came out.

        Sucks how Pokemon Yellow. As the start up screen comes up. Pikachu sounds a little derpy and Crystal, the game kinda looks potato.

        But all in all. I get to play tons of games.
        Plus with save states, I can abuse the system with cloning :D

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