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  • A wireless controller for Genesis / Mega Drive. It can be used with Master System as well
  • A low power consumption. Up to 150 hours of gameplay at one charge.
  • The power saving mode. Battery discharge time in this mode more than year. If there is no any activity for a few minutes controller switches to power saving mode, after pushing on start or d-pad buttons controller immediately will back to active state.
  • A quick response. No input lags. The response time is around 2.7ms
  • Special compatibility mode with Genesis 3-buttons and SMS controllers. Some games does not work properly with 6-buttons controllers, but joyzz offer compatibility mode to solve this problem
  • 800mAh li-ion battery compatible with Nokia BL-4C series. Such batteries became the standard and they easy to buy and replace in the end of life time
  • Charging via Micro-USB port

Special functions:

1. Force power saving mode: Hold MODE+A+X and then click START

2. Exit from power saving mode: START or any key on D-PAD

3. 3-buttons controller mode: Hold for 3 sec. MODE+START+C. Required for some games which not compatible with 6-buttons controllers. Golden Axe II, for example

4. SMS controller mode:  Hold for 3 sec. MODE+START+B. Required for some SMS games which is not compatible with genesis controllers.

5. Switch controller to normal 6-buttons mode:  MODE+START+Z

6. Sync controller with receiver: Hold sync button on receiver for 4 sec until led on receiver will start blinking. Hold MODE+X+Y+Z until led went out.

All compatibility modes (combo 3 and 4) will resets to default after power cycle on receiver

Receiver indication:

1. Constant led shining: Controller is not connected.

2. Led turned off: Controller connected

3. Slow light pulsation: Low battery level

Package bundle: 1x controller + 1x receiver. Charging cable is not included. Any micro-usb cable can be used for charging 


jconfig. Joyzz configuration tool allow to update firmware and change some default controller settings. Windows application, but can be used on mac or linux with mono runtime.

joyzz-inf-sega.bin This little tool is for flashcarts. It show controller system information like signal strength, battery level etc.

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I received 2 Joyzz controllers today and am absolutely over the moon. What absolute wonderful controllers. I'm never the person to write reviews but just had to do this one. It's better than my old 6 button Genesis controller with nice firm buttons and d-pad.

Krikzz please, please, please do a Sega Saturn one as well. :)

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Fantastic controller worth the premium.

If you don't mind paying top dollar then you'll be getting a high quality experience with the Joyzz controller.

The D-Pad and button response are as good if not better than OEM controllers, but with the benefit of being 2.4g wireless.

I am extremely sensitive to input lag and I didn't feel any difference between latency with these controllers over a standard wired Genesis controller. No problems beating Streets of Rage 2 on Normal mode.

There really isn't anything negative to say about this product outside its high price point, but as they say if you want quality you gotta pay for it.

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Pricey but Awesome

I ordered this controller after seeing the price, I had to think it over and I realized there is no other good option for wireless Genesis pads available yet. I figured it would be a wireless version of one of those cheap pads you get with clone consoles. Boy I'm glad I was wrong. This controller feels and works amazing. It's really like Krikzz just took an original SEGA branded controller and made it RF Wireless. Is it a bit pricey, yes but you compared to the price of a PS4 or Xbox One controller, it's not bad, and the build quality is top notch. Very happy with it.


    100% Perfect

    It feels exactly like a 6 button! The buttons feel perfect, too. Sync with the receiver happens in 1/10 of a second, almost instantaneous. No lag, just make sure to charge it when the light on the receiver slowly fades on and off as mentioned in the description. I'm definitely getting myself a second.


      Tony J.

      Feels great and works exactly as advertised. Cant recommend it enough if youre sick of cables like me.



        Man, this is incredible... I think feels better than original... GREAT SCOTT!

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        The perfect Genesis controller.

        Plastic is high quality and does not crick and crack when the controller twisted, very solid.
        Buttons have the right balance between clicky and mushy, very similar to modern controllers.
        Rubber domes have excellent quality, will last for years and years.
        Buttons do not rattle, except the x,y,z buttons which are slightly looser.
        PCB is very high quality as expected from Krizz.
        The 2.4GHz wireless connection is rock solid and instantaneous, unlike bluetooth that takes time to sync.
        Can change from 6 button to 3 button configuration using a button combination, very useful.
        Battery life is incredible.

        This is my main Genesis controller now, it replaced the original which was not an easy goal for a third party controllers.
        The best thing is it actually feels and responds like the original controller.

        Well done Krikzz.

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        Incredibly Functional

        This paired with a Genesis/Mega Drive Model 1. an OSSC, properly shielded SCART and Mega Everdrive X7 is a match made in heaven. SMS compatibility and 6 or 3 button is fantastic, feels just as responsive as wired controllers to me. My d-pad was slightly askew but they've said they'll ship a straight one soon so that's fine with me, it doesn't really affect functionality it's more of an OCD thing and I'm sure they'll sort it out for the next batch if they haven't already. Buy one you will not be disappointed!

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        Great controller

        Great controller, Playing NHL 94 with It & response time is excellent, no lag. Awesome!

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